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With a dual love for both web design and graphic design, London based digital design company, ZeroScale, are passionate about bringing your ideas to life and creating hand-crafted, responsive and mobile-ready websites, that when paired with their stunning graphic designs will ensure that you always meet your targets.

With every project, ZeroScale test the boundaries, pushing the latest web technologies as far as they will go. This ensures that their clients benefit from smart, fully functional websites that are capable of working across all platforms – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 19/05/2016


ZeroScale – Services

ZeroScale may specialise primarily in web and graphic design; however this is just the tip of the iceberg of what they have been able to achieve in the last 10 years.

They also offer a whole host of other services, including the production of promising creative strategies; hosting, and web and mobile applications.

Web Design

ZeroScale proudly caters to all elements of web design and its subsequent services. From offering clients use of their open-source, easy to use WordPress content management systems to their promise of unique website templates; ZeroScale can help you to develop a great looking, highly responsive website that will work for you.

Bespoke Designs

Carefully crafted from scratch by their award winning designers these designs are original, memorable and inspiring.

Templated Web Design

Ideal for those with a budget or a timescale working against them; ZeroScale are able to offer a range of responsive templated web design solutions that are available at a fraction of the cost.

Content Management Systems

From the opportunity of being able to work on your own customised system, to using world favourites, WordPress and Joomla, ZeroScale’s developers can build and develop any functionality to suit your site’s needs.

Ecommerce Solutions

Clients can easily add an online shop to their site, with the reassurance that ZeroScale will not only keep it all running smoothly but will implement the highest security measures.

Graphic Design

ZeroScale houses a team of award winning designers who are more than ready, willing and able to craft a whole host of designs for your website. From full brand identity and logos to custom event designs; clients can easily check out their portfolio on their website and witness the full scope of their skills.

Logo Design

In an age where every business is striving to standout, ZeroScale’s Designers can help you to stay in the lime light and ensure your identity is never forgotten.

Full Company Branding

ZeroScale supplies a variety of business branding packages. From letterheads to company vehicles they can help company’s to achieve the impact they desire.

Business Card Design

ZeroScale know how to help businesses to successfully promote themselves, and their beautifully designed business cards are just one element of this process.

Custom Design Projects

Need something unusual? ZeroScale love a challenge and can handle all sorts of graphic design projects.


ZeroScale’s team are trained in all aspects of marketing, and know how to help your business to recognised by your target audience. Through a combination of search engine optimisation, link building, promotions and article writing; they can help you to broaden your audience reach and increase site visibility.

Search Engine Optimisation

ZeroScale strive to improve your visibility on Google and Bing, by integrating well-researched competitive keywords that accurately describe your business and your service offerings into your site content.

Link Building

ZeroScale only use quality back links from relevant content sources to increase brand recognition across the internet and get potential customers buzzing about your services and promotions.

Article Writing

With the help of a team of talented writers, ZeroScale can offer your site high quality, well-written articles and press releases that will not only successfully promote your site, but can be used offsite and onsite to improve site rankings and business credibility.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more… ZeroScale can show you how to properly market yourself on top social networks so you can reach greater audiences and keep your business at the forefront of customer’s minds.

AdWords & PPC (Pay Per Click)

This cost effective advertising strategy is just one of many tricks ZeroScale can implement to maximise website exposure whilst keeping your costs down. By first analysing your website and competing market, they can formulate a plan that can effectively advertise/promote your plan.

Your website is an invaluable part of your brand identity – make it as good as you can!BUILD YOUR IDENTITY

ZeroScale – Benefits

Beyond the obvious talents of their web and graphic designers, ZeroScale can offer customers a number of perks that can greatly increase your success and profitability.

Online and Offline Marketing

Unlike many top design agencies, ZeroScale have not limited themselves to online marketing. In fact, thanks to their graphic experience they can also offer customers beautifully crafted business cards, and designs for your vehicles.

Breadth of Choice

Experience has afforded ZeroScale the opportunity to offer potential customers a variety of package options. From their bespoke and templated web designs to their branding, logo designs, online/offline marketing and PPC packages; you can easily pick and choose across their offering and tailor your package to suit your business needs and budget.

Cost Effective Solutions

At every corner, ZeroScale strives to offer customers cost effective solutions so you can stay on budget, yet still benefit from a variety of marketing opportunities. Their PPC package and templated web designs are just two examples of where they aim to assist customers of all budget sizes.

Visual Examples

With every service offering, customers can quickly find out what to expect as ZeroScale offers a collection of examples for your viewing pleasure. Paired with their case studies and range of design and graphic portfolios you can easily identify the right route for you.

ZeroScale – Previous Work

No project is too big or too small if you take into account the variety of ZeroScale’s recent clients. With Meningitis Research Foundation, Wastelandski, Luxx Coty, IMG and Chizu Media under their belts they are not afraid to tackle designs across differing industries and themes.

Zeroscale – Verdict

ZeroScale are clearly passionate about their work, and go above and beyond to reassure you of their talent thanks to their templated examples and portfolios. Whether you need a simple re-design or the whole marketing package, ZeroScale can easily assist you both online and off, and ensure that your website achieves the rankings and visibility it deserves.

Add into the equation the breadth of their service offerings, and businesses of all sizes can benefit from their support and advice, whilst keeping to a budget.

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