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Yoyo Design is an multi-award winning digital design agency that knows how to establish long-standing relationships with their clients. Fun, passionate and close-knit, at their core they are creative and this can clearly be seen within their outstanding web designs, intuitive web developments and strategically planned online marketing solutions.

Yet what is most prominent about Yoyo Design is how much they love their work. Browse their case studies and it becomes clearly evident that they are committed to delivering consistent results, and improving your public image.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 22/06/2016


Yoyo Design – Services

Web design, digital strategies, marketing, branding, user experience and web development – Yoyo Design may have only been in business since 2008; however have got it all sorted.

No matter your business or web design needs, their team of 12 can kit you out with all the latest technologies, designs and systems so they can guarantee that every element of your site is original, unique and profitable.

Exploring their services further:

Strategic Insight

From the start Yoyo Design will work closely with your business in a bid to understand you, your competitors and your goal from all angles. Through interviews, competitor benchmarking, research, workshops and assessing your brand position, they can help you to devise creative strategies that will enable you to hit the ground running and hit your goals fast.

Digital Marketing

Establishing a professional online presence has never been easier. Harnessing proven content marketing strategies, SEO, social media tools and online advertising they can boost organic traffic, increase site visibility and ensure your message is delivered effectively.

  • Content Marketing Strategies – Yoyo is no fool to the importance of copy and from day one will develop a content plan where you’ll release content that is relevant, useful and guaranteed to encourage repeat visitors. At the same time, they can help you to become authoritative within your chosen industry, leading to stronger Google rankings.
  • SEO – the first step to boosting your search engine rankings is implanting strong SEO strategies, and Yoyo Design can help to get you there. They understand the ever evolving algorithms of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and can help your business to handle these changes with ease. More importantly, through careful monitoring and analysis of search engine criteria, they can help your website to stay on top.
  • Social Media – Yoyo Design can help take your reputation to a whole new level. By first harnessing your existing analysis and social media data; they can build on your social media campaign and help you to get the most from your budget.
  • Online Advertising – the designers art Yoyo Design are well equipped to create static and animated web banners, MPUs, eye blasters and home page takeover ads to capture the attention and focus of your target audience.

Digital Design

Yoyo’s team are committed to creating beautiful, functional interfaces that are designed to deliver an engaging customer experience. From assisting you with improving user experience to handling your brand development, website design, prototyping and illustrations, you can receive the full digital package.

  • User experience (UX) – this unique design process can help you to identify customer pathways and factor these discoveries into your web design. Yoyo Design can help you to navigate this technique so in the long run your website stands out, communicates your message effectively and allows your customers to efficiently connect with your products/services.
  • Art direction – Yoyo can quickly align your art direction to match your business and customers across various marketing materials. Whether you need help with your existing guidelines or want to develop your brand from scratch, Yoyo will first analyse and understand your market, before creating innovative and realistic solutions that will overcome every design challenge.
  • Brand development – Yoyo recognises the importance of projecting the right message and image to your clients. That is why, they will work alongside you to evolve your existing brand or create something completely new, so the true nature of your brand can be readily unveiled and showcased to customers and the media.
  • Rapid prototyping – using Flash, Yoyo Design are able to quickly build prototypes of websites, microsites and applications so they can assess how they look and behave. This is a great way to check the functionality of your site as well as test out interaction models.
  • Website design – Yoyo know how to take your web design and give it the legs to jump to a multi-device experience. They specialise in building responsive websites that can boost performance and user experiences, guaranteeing positive engagement with customers.
  • Rich media – ranging from video to AJAX to HTML5 to Flash animations, Yoyo can easily plug rich media into your existing site to drive specific products/services and ultimately help you to make the most of your website screen space.
  • Illustration & 3D visualisation – with Yoyo Design, they can help you to go that extra mile and stand out from the crowd by creating bespoke icons and illustrations that will strengthen your brand; keep your site looking original and unique, and will take your services to new impressive levels.

Technical Services

From your first consultation, Yoyo Design’s developers will strive to build scalable solutions that can not only be harnessed across multiple platforms, but will make your business life easier.

From assisting you with your technical development to supplying bespoke content management, e-commerce solutions, internet applications and systems integration; Yoyo can cater to your every technical need.

  • Content Management Systems – specialists in Microsoft .NET Sitecore and Umbraco CMS, both of these powerful CMS’s are flexible, easy to learn and can bring additional dimensions to customer experiences. At the same time, both can be tailored to suit your business needs enabling you to add, edit and delete content/images from your site without external help.
  • Bespoke Websites – Yoyo provide full end-to-end build capabilities for a number of application platform including desktop websites, tablet and mobiles. With their support you’ll receive full back-end architecture and development services, allowing for greater flexibility and functionality. They are also adept at Microsoft .NET, ASP, PHP and Java.
  • eCommerce Solutions – Yoyo can get your online store up and running in no time, thanks to their back-end capabilities.
  • Internet applications – promotional banners, interactive maps, e-brochures, games… Yoyo can bring motion and intrigue to your website and essentially bring it to life.
  • Mobile and touchscreen – with more and more people turning to their mobile for internet access, it is important that your applications are responsive and are designed to work across devices in a variety of scenarios. Yoyo can help your website to get there.
  • Systems Integration – their team can easily consolidate and link up complex IT systems to ensure increased security and reliability. Even 3rd party proprietary middleware, message queues, XML web services and JSON REST services, can all be analysed and integrated into your website.

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Yoyo Design – Benefits

Unlike many web designs agencies who have a one size fits all motif; Yoyo Designs don’t do off the shelf solutions, but treat every client as an individual. This is emphasised further by the fact that they regularly establish long term relationships with their clients and were named 4th Elite Agency in The Drum’s 2014 Census.

Combined, Yoyo Designs have got a lot to offer clients.

Track Record

This team are going from strength to strength, with their case studies and client base growing ever more impressive. The fact that they have recently taken on Universal Music and RNLI as their clients is proof that their designs and strategies work.


Named as one of The Drums Website Design Finalists in 2015, this is just one of many awards this team of designers has garnered during the years, proving your site is in safe hands.

Content Management Systems

Yoyo aim to offer their clients only the best, and at the core of this is their impressive range of powerful content management systems. Offering you the flexibility to manage and keep your own website up-to-date with fresh content and imagery; you can instantly save on having to hire an agency to handle your site.

Full Package

From their stunning web designs to their in-depth online marketing strategies and workshops; Yoyo are ready, willing and able to support your site and business within all facets of your business goals. Not only are they willing to train you on how to use their systems; they can tailor your package to suit your needs.

Bespoke designs and treatment

All too often web designers apply the same site structure and designs to countless businesses; however with Yoyo you’ll never have to fear this happening. Not only do they believe in treating every client as an individual; browse through their web designs and you’ll soon discover that every design is unique, original and has been tailored to strengthen the businesses brand.

Yoyo Design – Case Studies

There are not many web design agencies that can boast that their portfolio is full of well-known clients; however Yoyo Design can make this declaration with ease.


yoyo design mcafee moodia

Working with their friends at Stream 20, together they created several responsive landing pages (rendered for viewing on mobiles, tablets and desktops) to promote one of McAfee’s product ranges. Within these pages, they offered a feature-rich desktop experience full of animations and long page scroll techniques.

MD Events Group

yoyo design md events moodia

Experts in planning, organising and delivering meetings/events across the globe, MD Events contacted Yoyo Design’s for a brand refresh and website redesign so they could better reflect the development of their products/services to other sectors (from pharmaceuticals to corporate events and destination management).

The end result was a vibrant, colourful rebranding and a web re-design that better showcased their true potential and helped them to stand out against their competition.


yoyo design montarosa moodia

This American consultancy firm approached Yoyo Design for a redesign and web development to match the company’s expansion whilst still exuding professionalism. At the same time, Yoyo ensured the website’s structure was clear and easy to use, to better assist MontaRosa’s usual time-poor audience.

Yoyo Design – Verdict

This talented web design agency certainly knows how to tick all of their customer’s boxes. Whether you need a simple website redesign or need assistance with your marketing, branding and content management systems; their team of specialists are ready, willing and able to help you as much or as little as you want.

We especially love the strength and variety of their case studies. Not only are many of them big brand names, but Yoyo easily lives up to its reputation for producing stunning, original designs as seen by their extensive portfolio.

So if you’re looking to revitalise your image and ensure your website gets seen by all the right people, we recommend giving Yoyo Designs a call and witnessing their creativity at work.

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