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As leading specialists in WordPress design and development, WP Design have gone above and beyond to supply their clients with fully optimised, conversion-centred websites since 2008. These sites are custom made and built to generate sales, boost business credibility and achieve higher search engine rankings.

With WP Design’s support, clients can learn how to manage their website content and work on it in-house even if they have no previous technical knowledge. More importantly, thanks to the versatility of WordPress, WP Design are able to build a range of websites, including brochure, e-commerce, lead generation and memberships sites.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 26/08/2016


WP Design – Services

WP Design know the key to success is developing a strong online presence. To achieve this, their team of talented designers do more than produce gorgeous websites; they work alongside skilled writers to launch Google AdWords and SEO campaigns that will naturally draw in readers and turn them into credible conversions.

Among their many services, WP Design offer the following:

Web Design

For nearly a decade WP Design have listened, researched and taken the time to understand the needs of their clients, in order to produce inspirational web designs that are compelling and effective at drawing visitors in.

They believe in helping you to build your business by increasing sales, boosting site visibility and thoroughly showcasing the expertise of your business. That is WP Design ensure that every one of their web designs is conversion centred (by strategically placing contact forms, phone numbers and CTA’s.

You can also benefit from pages dedicated to showcasing case studies, portfolios, products/services and blogs – all of which help to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust.

Responsive Web Design

With more and more of us turning to our mobiles and tablets for internet access, ensuring your website is capable of optimising itself for different screens is essential.

WP Design can help you to achieve this and more, no matter the device. Whether it’s mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – your website is capable of offering optimal content viewing and ease of navigation.

And this is great news for any business as Google instantly boosts the rankings of mobile friendly web pages and in turn increases business visibility, sales and conversion rates.

Similarly responsive web designs allow you to track user journeys, conversion paths, funnels and re-directions in one place instead of you having to monitor 2 separate sites.

Digital Brand Guidelines

WP Design’s can help you to improve your brand guidelines by revitalising your logo, researching fonts, defining your colour scheme, designing illustrations and establishing a grid system.

By paying attention to the details they can ensure that you portray your public image and values, clearly and consistently, and make the right impression.

WordPress Development

Harnessing the lasting versatility of WordPress, the development team at WP Design are able to take this #1 CMS and ensure that their clients can easily manage and maintain their own websites with no prior coding knowledge. In fact, clients will be able to walk away with the ability to build pages and add blog posts without any further need for a web developer.

Alongside building your website on this revolutionary CMS, WP Design can also help you to extend site functionality by offering you plugins. These are built and configured to handle CRM integration, social media feeds and specialised SEO plugins, so in turn you can benefit from increased user engagement and leads. However, these may come with additional costs.


You can ensure high website rankings with WP Design’s support. All of the WordPress websites they create come equipped with the ability to let you edit meta data and descriptions, as well as further optimise your website by assessing keyword densities, image file names, data structure and sitemaps. All of these attributes can affect your site’s visibility on search engines.

The WP Design team will ensure all of these areas are optimised, and at the core of this are their WordPress plugins, which they integrate and develop. Samples of these include: paid membership plugins, advanced download manager (using WP-Filebase Pro), Salesforce CRM integration, WPML (WordPress multilingual plugin integration), secured client portals, and customised YouTube & Vimeo WordPress theme development.


Attracting the right visitor is always a top priority for a business. One of the easiest ways to get yourself in front of them is to rank highly on search engine results pages for keywords relevant to your customers. Luckily, WP Design takes the time to understand your business, your brand and your long term business objectives, so they can create lead inducing SEO campaigns that will boost your authority, strengthen brand visibility and increase your traffic/leads.

Alongside researching your business and most popular search terms for your niche, their SEO team will also assess any pre-existing pages to review your HTML code, meta-tags, alt-tags and keyword placement in order to bump up your search engine ranking.

Similarly, they will help to establish link building amongst reputable sites and will optimise your copy for relevant search terms without keyword-stuffing your page as this can have detrimental effects. Instead they will use only the most relevant words, terms and phrases to help you to successfully connect with your customers.

WooCommerce Development

Specialising in WooCommerce Development, WP Design are able to offer you custom designs and development that have been tailored to meet your needs. They can help you to build customer trust – using key elements integrated into the design – and encourage purchases by providing sensible navigation, multi-layered security, SSL certificates and DDoS protection.

Similarly, they strive for consistency across their shop front by not only harnessing user-orientated designs, but by keeping your online store interactive. This is achieved by reviewing user-flow charts and testing every interface.


Paired with their competitive SEO tactics, and their writers can ensure that your products/services reach the right people. By creating clear, concise and enticing copy and impacting headlines, WP Design can highlight all of your benefits and retain users attention.

WP Design does not believe in keyword-stuffing but strategically places every keyword to maximise brand and site visibility, whilst showcasing your businesses personality and strengths.

Hiring a professional web agency can kick-start your online strategiesWANT TO WIN MORE BUSINESS?

WP Design – Benefits

WP Design work hard for their clients, endeavouring to provide them with all the tools they could ever need to make a success of their website. This level of commitment couldn’t be clearer than in their list of benefits. Trust in their team and you will be rewarded with:

Timeless designs

WP Design knows how to make your web site memorable – all of their web designs are original, unique and based on hours of detailed research into your business and industry. Every element of your design is strategically chosen to optimise your results, encourage easy navigation and keep visitors invested in your business.

Case Studies

Although they don’t outline the exact work they’ve done, WP Design have got a long list of impressive case studies that clearly demonstrate their talent and versatility. Even at a glance it is clear that they have worked across a number of industries and know what does and doesn’t work.

Responsive designs

In this day and age it is essential to have a website that displays on all platforms. WP Design can immediately offer you this reassurance as every one of their designs is mobile friendly and built to maintain consistency across your brand and business identity. There is no risk that they’ll get your mobile site confused with another business.

Intuitive CMS

WP Design have taken full advantage of WordPress’s seamless usability. By harnessing this #1 content management system, you can easily manage all elements of your website (addition, editing, and deletions) and benefit also from their WooCommerce development.

Complete package

Whether you’re just starting out and simply need a website or you require long term SEO and copywriting support to assist with your existing site; WP Design can help you to achieve all your goals and more.

In fact, they can help you as little or as much as you want, as you can tailor your package to suit your needs. However, we have to admit – given the talent of their designers, writers and developers, you’ll want the whole thing.

WP Design – Case Studies

WP Design’s have certainly made their mark on the industry given the breadth and diversity of their case studies. Admittedly, we would have loved to see more detailed case studies outlining exactly how they helped clients – currently their website only lists names, industries and home-screen shots – however there is no denying that they are very talented.

Web Design Portfolio:

  • Skilled Careers (Recruitment)
  • Reach Cambridge (Education)
  • Fathom Consulting (Finance)
  • 1000 Londoners (Media)
  • Miles Strategic (Finance)
  • Bond International (Technology)
  • Reston Waste (Construction)
  • And many more..!

WP Design – Verdict

No matter your business size, WP Design can lend you a hand and help you transform your online presence. Right from the start they’ll work hard to revitalise your brand and clearly reflect it across your website, marketing and logos – making sure that you remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

We especially love the beauty and flexibility of their web designs. Each one is unique and doesn’t fall prey to duplicating WordPress templates. Instead you can trust that your website will be bespoke and memorable.

Similarly, their clear expertise in marketing (email, SEO, copywriting etc.) and development, means clients can pick and choose the package they want and benefit from years of experience.

So if you’re looking for a digital design agency who pushes all the right buttons, fill in the form at the top of the page and Moodia will be in touch to discuss your needs soon.

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