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The international team of WordPress experts, Wholegrain Digital, may have only started out in 2007, but over the last 11 years they have continually grown a list of top end clients.

By putting their clients first and working exclusively with WordPress, Wholegrain Digital are able to utilise WordPress’s Multisite and WordPress Multilanguage tools to produce real business solutions. Solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs as well as be optimised to successfully showcase your products/franchise across the world.

And thanks to the global diversity of their team, whose talent is spread across 8 countries, your business – no matter whether it is large or small – can benefit from a personal and wholesome experience.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 27/06/2016


Wholegrain Digital – Services

Wholegrain Digital believes in delivering greater peace of mind; in supporting your business to get the most out of WordPress.

Alongside offering their clients theme and plugin development, they can also provide you with code and security reviews, long term maintenance and the reassurance that your website will always remain up to date.

WordPress Web Design

It is easy to see that Wholegrain Digital are experts in the art of WordPress. They can produce stunning, unique themes for your business with ease, whilst ensuring you remain original.

And this is an impressive fete, given that many agencies fall into the habit of re-jigging the same designs and templates for multiple clients. Wholegrain Digital thankfully do not.

WordPress Web Development

With a strong team of web developers at their back, Wholegrain Digital can handle all of your web development needs and more. Instead, they will build your site from the ground up and ensure it is fully functional and easy to use.

Content Management System

This #1 CMS is currently used by over 70 million websites across the globe and no other company has got a better handle of this system than Wholegrain Digital. Their team of experts have spent years honing their skills within this system to enable clients to experience the full benefits of this interactive, intuitive program.

With their support clients can learn how to manage their sites independently, so they can add, delete and edit their text and images with ease. Alternatively, they can take full management of its maintenance, and ensure your site always stays at the top of its game.


Wholegrain Digital can save you the hassle of having to scope out a quality hosting provider, by acting on your behalf and dealing with all your hosting problems.


Wholegrain Digital regularly post podcasts about how to achieve a healthy business. During these posts clients get to watch renowned entrepreneurs, executives and employers as they divulge the secrets to establishing a wholesome business.

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Wholegrain Digital – Benefits

Wholegrain Digital may only specialise in WordPress designs and web development, but within their field they can offer customers a whole host of benefits:

Case Studies

With Rightmove, M&S and many more top names under their belt, Wholegrains’ impressive portfolio is a testament to their talent and capabilities. And this is vastly reassuring to potential clients, as they can witness the breadth of their skills first-hand before hiring them.

WordPress Themes

Many agencies fall prey to utilising the same themes with minute changes every time; however with Wholegrain Digital this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every web design they undertake is original, bespoke and tailored to meet the exact needs of their clients.

Web Designs

Beautiful, modern and responsive, each and every one of their website designs is unique and unforgettable. More importantly they are able to tailor their designs to accurately project the professionalism and goals of your business, no matter how big or small it is.

Content Management Systems

Intuitive, easy to use and tailored to your needs, Wholegrain Digital has taken this #1 CMS and have optimised it to your full advantage.

Wholegrain Digital – Case Studies

Wholegrain Digital have achieved a lot of over the last decade and have certainly earned their title as being the original WordPress provider in London. Looking at their case studies alone, their team have gone above and beyond with every project.

Jon Egging’s legacy

wholegrain digital jon egging moodia

Wholegrain Digital was approached by Jon Egging’s family to help create a website that honoured the passion of their work with young people, whilst raising awareness of their Blue Skies Youth engagement programme.

Working with Emma Egging, they developed a custom WordPress theme for The Jon Egging Trust, whilst also providing them with a detailed business strategy, website design, Multisite, Woocommerce shop and events calendar.

Starlight Express

wholegrain digital starlight express moodia

This world famous musical reached out to Wholegrain Digital seeking help bringing their website up-to-date as well as dealing with social media. Through re-designing their site, they made it easier for customers to book whilst highlighting their social media channels to help improve engagement with a new generation of fans.


wholegrain digital method moodia

This San Francisco company specialises in the production of non-toxic, biodegradable natural cleaning products. They contacted Wholegrain Digital with the hopes of developing a website for the UK and other countries that was compatible with multisite installation.

Using WordPress Multiuser, WordPress website development, Multilanguage website, hosting support and maintenance; Wholegrain Digital’s team worked fast to convert the provided theme into a multiuser installation, before ensuring customers across the world could read and understand the content.

In addition they supplied a competition landing page, Facebook and social walls, and an interactive store locator.

Other top clients include: Rightmove, Lenovo, Unicef and M&S.

Wholegrain Digital – Verdict

Wholegrain Digital has got a lot to shout about – top end clients, beautiful designs, easy to manage websites. They are not afraid to take on a challenge and this shines through in their portfolio.

Admittedly, they don’t provide any online marketing services, so clients would need to seek SEO, content and branding elsewhere; however the quality of their WordPress designs makes this easy to overlook.

Similarly, the versatility of their CMS guarantees ease of use and a level of control that is financially beneficial in the long term as clients can maintain their websites themselves.

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