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Founded in 2005, The Web Kitchen have grown to house a team of dedicated project managers, designers and developers who are committed to the creation of exceptional websites.

From day one, clients can immerse themselves within the diversity of Web Kitchens creative, technical and strategic skills, and benefit from outstanding website designs and web development; easy to use content management systems, and long term guidance on SEO, eCommerce, social media and mobile websites.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 07/06/2016


The Web Kitchen – Services

With The Web Kitchen clients can experience the perfect balance of online marketing resources and beautiful web designs. To give you a clearer picture take a look at their services below:

Website Design

Unlike some top digital agencies, The Web Kitchen don’t only aim to make your website look good. They believe website design should encompass detailed sitemaps where pages are easy to find and are laid out within a logical structure (i.e. not overcrowded). To achieve this, they incorporate tried and tested web design processes, where at every phase they consult closely with clients to get their full approval before proceeding.

Website Development

From the very beginning, The Web Kitchen works closely with their clients to help formulate detailed site maps and functionality specs that will ensure you achieve your own unique identity.

Once confirmed, they will then turn your ideas into intricate wireframes that clearly illustrate how every section of the site works, before finalising layouts, branding ideas and page designs, and translating them into an approved Content Management system. From here, your site will undergo a series of tests and amendments, before it is launched for all the world to see.

Content Management Systems

The Web Kitchen strives to provide their clients with a choice of intuitive content management systems that are flexible, easy to use and will enable you to easily add, delete and modify your content.

Content Management Systems they offer include:

  • WordPress – a friendly blogging platform that is ideal for small sites which require regular blog posts, articles and news updates. It comes with an easy to use interface with endless possibilities for development.
  • TYPO3 – this is an open source, flexible Content Management System that is ideal for enterprise websites and intranets. Its interface is incredibly intuitive and can manage hundreds of pages, whilst at the same time being compatible with an extensive list of extensions and plug-ins which make anything possible.


The Web Kitchen knows what businesses want and proof of this is clearly evident in their choice of e-commerce platforms. Magento, Prestashop and Woo Commerce… each of these platforms can be tailored to suit your requirements; comes with inbuilt reporting tools and Google Analytics (that will allow you to assess the behaviour of your clients); contains promotional tools (coupons, customer groups, time periods etc.), but most importantly gives you full control of your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

The Web Kitchen recognises the importance of a strong marketing strategy, and their expertise in SEO clearly highlights this belief. All of their web developers and designers are experts on the principles of SEO, enabling them to design, structure and build your website in such a way that Google bots can easily crawl your site, index your pages and boost rankings.

Social Media

Always with their fingers on the pulse, The Web Kitchen recognises the value of social media and its ability to share information online. As part of their strategy, with every project they aim to integrate top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – into your proposal to boost client interaction, and ensure the two-way passage of posts and comments between clients and their website.

Mobile Websites

With more and more users relying on their mobiles to access the internet, The Web Kitchen has taken all this on board and have gone on to develop purpose built, bespoke, easy to use mobile sites that quickly highlight key information for users, whilst being accessible across all mobile devices and platforms.

Thanks to their savvy designs and developer knowledge, clients can benefit from the knowledge that all of their customers are viewing the same website.

At the same time, they can benefit from: still being able to download icons to their mobile homepage (linking you straight to the site), and not having to download regular updates. Instead their mobile sites can be updated immediately.

Print and Branding

Their in-house creative team has years of experience with print design and brand creation. Thanks to long-standing relationships with top print designers, they have worked on a number of top projects, including: Wellington College, King’s College Taunton and Glenfarclas distillery.

Film and Photography

Committed to producing first class results, The Web Kitchen has established a strong reputation from working with top film producers and photographers. By using these relations and combining them with your needs, clients can benefit from the highest standard of photography and videos.

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TWK – Benefits

There is no denying that The Web Kitchen at every hurdle surpasses expectations and aims high. From their mobile conscious web designs to their incorporation of the latest marketing techniques; their expertise can bring a whole host of benefits to your web design build:

  • Case studies – the best web design companies aren’t afraid to showcase their capabilities and The Web Kitchen are one of them. Potential clients can easily browse their assortment of clients and can quickly gage if they are the right fit. However, given the versatility of their skills; their breadth of their knowledge and the variety of industries they have worked for, medium to large sized businesses will be in safe hands.
  • Mobile friendly sites – all of their sites are mobile friendly, and appear under single, consistent designs which are essential in this day and age for capturing user interest and keeping your brand recognisable.
  • Marketing – online or offline, The Web Kitchen is ready, able and willing to take on your web design and offer the full package. From simple re-designs and development support, to SEO, social media and printing; they are equipped to handle all elements of your long term marketing strategy.
  • Unique web designs – with every business more readily relying on the internet to promote their business, it is important to be unique. Every one of The Web Kitchen’s web designs are unique, original, modern and contemporary – the perfect combination.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface – thanks to their choice of Content Management Systems, you can tailor them to suit your needs and benefit from being able to independently manage your site, content and article publications.

TWK – Case Studies

The Web Kitchen have worked on a number of top end websites assisting them from simple web designs to developing full marketing strategies.

Fast Track

the web kitchen fast track

Reputed to rank the UK’s top-performing private companies across seven annual league tables; The Web Kitchen helped Fast Track with their web design, development, SEO, CMS and mobile website requirements to ensure easy accessibility and uploading of company profiles to their league tables.

Bancroft’s School

the web kitchen bancroft

Situated in Essex, this independent HMC School for 7-18 year olds required a re-design, development, SEO, CMS and a mobile website. First working to identify the schools brand, The Web Kitchen simplified their lion crest and added it as an animation to the logo on the sites homepage. At the same time, they used this graphic device throughout the site to give the website the perfect blend of history and modernity.

London Cardiovascular Clinic

the web kitchen london cardiovascular

A private client that caters to high net worth individuals, their website not only had to highlight their team of leading practitioners, but also translate the high quality of their service. To achieve this, The Web Kitchen adopted Responsive Design into their website build as well as supplied development, SEO and CMS. In addition, the site contains subtle animations and beautifully captured photography.

TWK – Verdict

The Web Kitchen certainly earns high marks for their collection of case studies, stunning web designs and choice of marketing tools. Whether you’re looking for a simple re-design, or need help with your branding, social media or mobile designs; from start to finish their team with breathe technical knowledge and strategic expertise into your project.

Medium to large sized businesses would especially benefit from The Web Kitchen’s support as they know how to deliver high class designs and competitive results, without sacrificing on your brand identity.

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