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Web.com specialise in the creation of affordable small business web designs. They also offer businesses the chance to build their own websites from scratch.

Whether you’re interested in using their website builder to make your own website, or are comfortable employing their talented designers, you can be confident that you are in safe hands. For nearly 20 years web.com have helped 3.4 million active customers take complete control of their site builds and test their own creative juices with no need for prior technical knowledge.


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Web.com – Services

Web.com certainly knows how to open doors for their clients, offering up opportunities rarely afforded by other design agencies. Besides providing you with the tools to browse their templates and build your own site, Web.com also offers a range of services to improve your online presence, including: management services, hosting, e-commerce payment processing, SEO, PPC, lead generation marketing, email marketing and advertising on top social media site Facebook.

You can read more about these services below.

Web Design

Web.com gives customers a choice. You can choose to harness the talent of their well-established designers and let them create stunning, modern sites that are easy to maintain. Or, you can tailor their services to meet your budget and gain access to hundreds of carefully crafted, contemporary templates that have been tailored to suit different industries.

In fact, you can easily search through their website templates for the perfect one, before utilising their development tools and management systems to build your own website without delay.

Email Marketing

Web.com knows that one of the easiest ways to help your business to grow is to connect with potential customers and have partnered with Constant Contact to help you establish credible email campaigns. All you need to do is pick one of their many mobile responsive templates and then customise it (using Constant Contact drag-and-drag editor) to match your business goals.

Additional features include: tracking and reporting (can track email performance in real-time and comes as a mobile app); contacts management, mailing list building and be social media sharing.


Web.com can help drive targeted leads to your website with the help of their paid search experts. With this service clients can benefit from one-on-one consultations; keyword research; ad creation; qualified leads (driven through email, landing pages and form submissions); ongoing campaign optimisation and access to Google.


Web.com goes above and beyond to get your website ranking. At the core of this service are a team of dedicated SEO experts who will develop and execute proven strategies to improve your SEO ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In fact, by taking advantage of their SEO service, you can enjoy monthly meetings with an SEO expert to review your strategy, develop links and optimise your site. This expert can edit your code (repairing broken code); initiate content optimisation (to boost site visibility on search engines) and supply you with monthly progress reports.


Finding a business to host your website no longer has to be a daunting experience thanks to the advice and support of Web.com’s team.

They offer a vast collection of hosting packages that can provide you with the features and the tools you need to build your website. You can also benefit from: disk space; unlimited data transfer; high capacity email storage; open source applications (blogging, content management, forums, chat tools, free domains, email, FTP accounts and access); site restore automatic backup; programming languages (from Ruby and Python to PHP5 and Perl); 1-click install WordPress blog and guaranteed uptime.

Open Source Applications

Web.com offers a wide array of open source applications that can be customised to help maximise efficiency and user engagement. These applications include: blogging tools, easy to use content management systems, forums, chat tools, galleries, e-commerce solutions and project management.


Gget the domain you always wanted with Web.com’s domain extensions.

.com, .org, .info, .net, name, .tv, .online… these are just a handful of domains that you can use to offer your business the perfect name and web presence. Web.com will even help you to come up with the best domain name by providing you with a range of tips and also help protect your business from spammers, hijackers and telemarketers, to ensure that you have the utmost levels of security and privacy.


Whilst Web.com’s services are tailored towards small businesses, they have got all the tools to help you create an e-commerce website and begin selling your services/products online.

With their support you can benefit from free premium designs, powerful marketing tools, secure shopping carts, real-time payment and shipping options.

Their team will even go as far to provide you with the tools to achieve this all on your own and walk away with a professional looking store that is search engine optimised and utilises affiliate marketing.

Their e-commerce packages include:

  • E-commerce Express – 20 products, site builder, unlimited web storage, business email addresses and 2.5% transaction fees.
  • E-commerce Standard – 500 products, email auto-responders, submission of products to Google, business email addresses and a 1.5% transaction fee.
  • E-commerce Pro – unlimited products, option to sell digital products, affiliate management program and SSL certificate.


Web.com focus solely on this specific social media network and as such have become experts at helping clients maximise their social presence and ROI. Their team can help you to build a page, boost your following, generate conversations, and increase site visibility by specifically targeting your chosen audience and establishing relationships.

They also utilise Facebook’s advertising facilities to post content, get your business in front of fans and trigger increased interest and engagement.

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Web.com – Benefits

With more than 3.4 million active customers still seeking their support, there is no denying that Web.com is in it for the long term. Their mission is to create premium websites that will stand out from the crowd whilst benefiting from their SEO, PPC, content and digital marketing support.

Some of their many benefits include:

Complete control

We aren’t just talking about their CMS where you can readily update your site with ease. Web.com’s website builder tool allows you to effectively manage your budget whilst creating the site you want. You can browse through hundreds of carefully crafted web designs and templates, and then transform them into cutting-edge designs.

Set-up wizard and library

With no prior web design knowledge, you can learn how to build your own website, thanks to their online videos. Each video is dedicated to walking you through the process, so the site you launch is functional, optimised and easy to navigate.

Premium designs

The available Website templates have been purposefully designed to handle a variety of industries whilst ensuring that your site and your brand remain unique.


From automated emails, real-time desktop alerts and the opportunity to promote digital products, Web.com utilises Joomla and Drupal to offer you complete peace of mind and ease of use when maintaining your website.

Digital marketing

SEO, email, PPC… Web.com can ensure an exceptional user experience that will retain clients and broaden site visibility. Every element of their easy to use interface and keyword optimisation, can strengthen your site and keep traffic flowing.

Customer support

Long after your website is up and running, Web.com will continue to work with you to optimise your website and strengthen customer traffic.

Web.com – Case Studies

Sadly Web.com’s site lists no case studies nor does it showcase their existing portfolio. Instead, they have chosen to focus more on allowing you to browse through their templates and create your own user experience.

Web.com – Verdict

Web.com are perfect for any small or budget restricted company that is seeking a complete website re-design without breaking the bank. With hundreds of templates to choose from and the option to build your own website independent of their designers; with Web.com you have got the freedom to transform your website into everything you want it to be and more.

Admittedly, we would have liked to look through an existing portfolio or read customer testimonials, as their presence is always a reassurance for potential clients; however they quickly make up for this loss by allowing you to view all their existing templates – of which there is a lot!!

So if you are looking to revitalise your website or you’re a freelance professional seeking to showcase your work, we strongly recommend contacting Web.com. From their website builder to their marketing tools (SEO, PPC, emails etc.), they can support you throughout every development of your website and keep your business on top.

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