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It is impossible not to be impressed by this web design agency’s clientele. From PlayStation to CAT to O2, Raw Net have worked with some of the biggest businesses in the country and their client base is still growing.

Yet, even if you’re not a big brand company, Raw Net’s team of commercially driven digital specialists can still help you to steal market shares from your competitors and create stunning web designs.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 24/06/2016


Raw Net – Services

For more than a decade these award winning designers have been developing their skills to offer their clients a whole host of benefits that will bring your ideas to life. These include:

Web Design

Built of a team of designers with decades of experience, these creative minds know how to create a quality user experience through exceptional digital designs. Utilising their production team, Raw Net begin first by building a detailed wireframe of your customers journey, before compiling your desires together to create modern, contemporary web designs that are easy to navigate and will maximise site recognition.

Digital Brand

Raw Net can offer you a fresh pair of eyes to help review your brand and strategise how best to drive your business forward. Through detailed consultations, Raw Net will work with you to create a brand your customers can relate to – that is professional, consistent and forward-thinking across your entire digital brand landscape.

This includes, your social media pages, photography style, your tone of voice, graphical treatments and your brand guidelines.

UX Design

This type of web design has become fundamental due to its seminal nature. Using this tool, they can help you to create meaningful experiences amongst your users, by following a user-centred design whilst at the same time exploring your business goals. From here, Raw Net’s team will collaborate, prototype and validate ideas amongst users, staff, management and customers to ensure you achieve optimum results from your design.

Digital Illustrations and Typography

Raw Net can help you to escape the hindrances of stock photography by offering your web design bespoke pieces of artwork/illustrations. Making use of pens and pixels, their talented digital illustrators can bring originality and individuality to your creative, whilst working alongside their designers to seamlessly incorporate this artwork into your design.

Common illustrations include icons to fully illustrated websites that can fully communicate your business message.

Ideation Sessions

The guys at Raw Net will work alongside you during their dedicated ideation sessions to help generate, communicate and develop new ideas for your website and business.

Digital and Business Strategies

As leading specialists in commercial digital design, Raw Net know all the tricks to developing a solid digital strategy that will continue to win new business for your company. By harnessing UX, Creative, Technical, Social and Marcomms, their proven team can produce financially viable solutions that can even help multi-million start-ups.

At the same time, Raw Net can help you to nurture prospects and keep your sales up by establishing credible lead strategies that will enable you to build valuable prospect pipelines.

Digital Marketing

Keeping on top of the latest trends and new tech will never be a problem with Raw Net. They go out of their way to incorporate all the latest techniques into your digital marketing strategy so you can achieve the results you seek. More importantly, they take the time to access your business objectives and goals, so the tools they use suit the needs of your business.

Content Creation

In a world where every business is seeking to lead their marketplace, it is important to know how to stand-out. Raw Net can help you to captivate the attention of your target audience by carefully crafting content that is appealing to the communities most valuable to your business.

From adverts to posts to newsletters, reports and editorials, their team of writers will strategically distribute this content and ensure that your message always gets across.

Social Media

Imagine being able to navigate social spaces, fully aware of how to use this medium to optimise and generate positive returns from your investment? Raw Net can help you to harness this medium with ease, whilst providing you with support with strategic planning, research, training, crisis management, content, campaigns, lead generation, distribution, attracting new customers, monitoring, reporting and handling data and platforms.

Similarly, their marketing team can show you how to tell your story the right way, ensuring your content/posts are released at opportune moments across social media channels.


The best way to succeed on the web is to ensure that your website is visible and easy to find. Raw Net’s team of specialists can help you to identify your goals and objectives; plan effective marketing strategies (that boost traffic and search engine rankings), and manage your SEO and PPC budgets.


At the core of Raw Net’s team are a group of in-house developers who can ensure that your final deliverables always fit the needs of your business. Concrete5, Symphony or WordPress (when creating in PHP), you can harness these content management systems and experience the freedom of being able to manage the day-to-day maintenance of your website independently.

Editing, image cropping, permissions and tracking – you scan take full control without having to sacrifice on quality.

Alternatively you can experiment with their bespoke integrated systems and take advantage of their Ruby developers.

Web Application Development

Custom built using either waterfall or agile project management methodology; Raw Net can easily build apps to increase revenue and fulfil your business needs. These apps often pay for themselves!

Some examples include: booking systems, asset management, CRMs and business tools.

Multiplatform Apps

Raw Net have created apps for both B2C and B2B markets catering to iPad sales tool kits, video players and offline content, to help heighten browsing experiences and improve downloads and user engagement.

E-commerce Platform Development

From the very start Raw Net will work with you on your projections, basket values and features to ensure the right resources are integrated into your e-commerce platform. Utilising the likes of Magento, Shopify and SquareSpace, they will build a platform that is responsive to your ROI demands.


This exclusive, budget saving service packages up all of Raw Net’s expertise and delivers them to you at a fraction of the cost of having a full scale project. Comprised over 1 to 2 days, these sessions can hasten the execution of your project, producing a tighter more efficient brief.

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Raw Net – Benefits

Raw Net stands out from the crowd thanks to their years of experience and breadth of expertise. Looking at their portfolio alone, it is easy to see the numerous benefits they can bring to your project.

  • Extensive portfolio – if you are in any doubt about the quality or standards of their web design, then their extensive portfolio will soon put you at ease. Within one compact page you can witness the breadth and diversity of their expertise in action as well as be treated to in-depth case studies outlining what they did to help clients.
  • Foundry – this added service is certainly a bonus for clients as it can greatly help to hasten the development of your project and get your objectives, goals and business needs out there on the table before you even start.
  • Full package – web design, web development, CMS and content creation… Raw Net can cater to your every marketing need.
  • Business/web strategies – Raw Net go beyond designing your website to actually helping you to devise credible business strategies that will improve the ROI of your business.
  • Clients – with PlayStation, CAT and O2 within their portfolio, their impressive client base is enough to spark interest and trust. This is further backed by the quality of their designs which they are not afraid to showcase.

Raw Net – Case Studies

As we have already highlighted during the course of this review, Raw Net have accomplished a lot and have garnered a rather impressive list of clients.


raw net playstation moodia

Assisting them with their real-time and in-moment social content, Raw Net helped to boost community involvement amongst players by completely updating the way they engaged online. Some of the challenges they undertook was: conceiving and delivering pieces of content in under 2 hours; improving support and feedback across channels, and strengthening organic reach by boosting brand awareness during national events.

These were achieved by monitoring their social media and news feeds for hot topics, before developing a bespoke CMS that would alert stakeholders to new content, which they could then leave feedback for, approve or reject. Once approved this content was then unleashed onto the desired social platform.

Other times Raw Net assisted PlayStation include: the Metal Gear Solid Week Campaign where they launched content and attracted 1360 new followers; 20th Anniversary at E3 where they built hype around the gaming expo; GIFs and videos, and illustrations.

Managed 24/7

raw net managed 24-7 moodia

For this client Raw Net used rich media content to drive user engagement, but also completely updated the way Managed 24/7 communicated with existing and potential clients online.

Other clients: Woodland Trust; Berkeley Group; 02, Premium Tours; CAT, McDonalds etc.

Raw Net – Verdict

Big, medium or small, Raw Net are equipped to help businesses of all sizes to re-design their websites or establish promising marketing campaigns. Admittedly their own website is not the easiest to navigate and there is a lot of to-and-froing; however the strength of their portfolio and the beauty of their web designs is enough to make you overlook this.

We especially love the passion and time that they invest into each and every one of their clients. It is clear from their Foundry offer and workshops, that they are ready, willing and able to support businesses throughout their entire design journey and beyond.

So if you are looking for professional, modern and contemporary web designs, Raw Net are the agency for you.

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