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A London based web design and development agency, Pedalo has been assisting clients across the charity, not-for-profit, arts & media and business & e-commerce industries to create memorable websites, for more than 15 years.

They believe in making brilliant websites and pairing them with effective digital design solutions that can make a real difference to your long terms success.

Alongside offering digital strategies; consultancy; user experience (research and design); Drupal and WordPress website designs and builds; responsive web designs and site maintenance; Pedalo also employ a whole host of talented designers and developers to ensure clients receive real value for their money.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 01/07/2016


Pedalo – Services

Pedalo have long since established themselves as specialists in Drupal web development, Drupal integration and Drupal support; yet the guys at Pedalo have also proven themselves to be talented at complete re-developments, site builds and keeping your business on top.

Just a handful of their services include:

Web Design

Websites can no longer be eye-catching; they need to be easy to navigate and centred around your users. Luckily, the designers at Pedalo can design and build your website from the top down, ensuring you achieve your overarching goals and give your users a supportive experience.

Every one of their web designs are mobile friendly, branded, user focused, optimised for SEO and E-commerce transactions; are easy to maintain and are accessible to all audiences.

What we especially love about their web designs is the fact that no two organisations are the same, and neither are their designs. All are unique and have been tailored to offer you the best possible solutions. At the same time, their developers can customise your functionality to create personalised open source modules and plugins.


Specialising in Drupal and WordPress, they can help you to update your website; handle your CMS/functionality and hosting issues, and improve your level of service. By first performing in-depth health check audits, their team of developers can report and provide you with a plan of action to revive your content management systems and improve ease of use.

  • Drupal – the developers at Pedalo will handle all your maintenance and upgrades (to both your CMS and modules); can keep you on budget; can manage all data back-ups and supply software security updates.

User Experience

Committed to understanding all human elements that could make or break your website, Pedalo employ intensive user experience research and designs to help develop credible UX designs. Key to achieving this is investigating audience behaviours, attitudes and emotions towards products and systems, as well as performing UX expert reviews; user journey mapping; competitor benchmarking, card sorting, wireframe designs; information architecture analysis, customer journey mapping, and stakeholder interviews/workshops.

Digital Strategies

Pedalo can help you to see beyond the day-to-day running of your website and consider your long term business goals and digital strategies so that they are in synch. To achieve this they take stock of your digital assets so they can identify areas for improvement.

Maintenance and Support

Pedalo strives to keep adding value to your site by going beyond your technical build and establishing your strategic direction. By supplying you with a dedicated accounts manager, they can provide you with a lifetime of support by helping you to handle your day-to-day queries; create clear digital project briefs; plan road maps; monitor your KPIs, benchmarks and objectives, as well as create long term strategies that can improve website performance.

A better website design will attract more visitors, boosting your salesDESIGN + TRAFFIC = PROFIT

Pedalo – Benefits

Whilst Pedalo may specialise more in the creation of charity and not-for-profit websites; there is no denying that their designers go above and beyond to produce outstanding web designs that fully reflect your businesses needs and mission.

Amongst their many benefits you’ll find:

Professional Web Designs

As we’ve already mentioned, unlike many other top digital design agencies, Pedalo’s primary focus is the creation of charity websites. As such, the need for memorable, bespoke and professional web designs is essential. Luckily, Pedalo achieves all of this with ease by offering charities and organisations from across the globe, the promise that all of their designs are unique.

Drupal and WordPress specialties

Whilst others might find it limiting to work only with these two systems, we disagree. Their designers and developers have spent years mastering their skills on Drupal and WordPress to eliminate the need for templates, and instead ensure you receive a website that is incredibly easy to manage.

Maintenance and Support

All too often businesses are left to fend for themselves once their design is built. With Pedalo, clients will never have to endure this loss of support, but can instead benefit from the creation of long term relationships, maintenance, updates and support.

Pedalo – Case Studies

Pedalo have got a lot to be proud of, especially when it comes to their extensive portfolio and range of case studies.

Some of our favourites include:


A worldwide organisation renowned for its work helping people to recover from war, crisis and disasters; Care International contacted Pedalo to help them with their online presence and eliminate the disjointedness of their 2 existing non-mobile websites.

With the help of Pedalo’s designers they merged their 2 static, non-responsive websites together to create one mobile-friendly Drupal website that contains: accessible content; strong call to actions; optimised donation funnels; an improved events area; simple registration forms; internal ads, landing pages (tied in with Google AdWords) and online payment gateways, and can provide visitors with a better user experience.

Since its creation, the new website has witnessed a 67% increase in visitors, a 32% increase in page viewings and a 53% rise in mobile sessions.

The Fostering Network

pedalo fostering network moodia

One of the UK’s leading fostering charities, they sought out the support of Pedalo’s designers to help improve user journeys and engagement; revive their dated website; add more value to client memberships; showcase their work and fundraising endeavours; personalise content on the member zone (by learning user preferences and displaying information accordingly), and create a virtual magazine.

Pedalo helped them to achieve all this and more by creating a new site structure, optimising their site navigation and complementing it with a brand new design.

Since the sites creation, The Fostering Network has witnessed the following positive improvements: 58% increases in membership purchases and a 4% boost to new user registrations.

Dementia UK

pedalo dementia uk moodia

Specialising in one-to-one support and advice for people living with dementia; they came to Pedalo looking for new branding and designs; flexible content templates; a new FAQ tool and online fundraising optimisation.

Built in WordPress their newly developed website is user friendly (to both visitors and their admin team); features a new design and flexible content template; is responsive and mobile friendly, and comes with search options, a newsletter sign-up and a news section.

East Thames

pedalo east thames moodia

A registered housing provider and social regeneration charity; for 11 years Pedalo has helped this company with their online digital strategies. In addition, Pedalo has supplied them with a complete website redesign, improved user experience, a revised information architecture, wireframes, online housing tools and community resources.

Pedalo – Verdict

There is no question that the web designs Pedalo produce are perfect for enticing support and encouraging visitor engagement within charitable events. Specialists in both Drupal and WordPress, their team have been able to take their knowledge of these CMS systems and ensure that their clients walk away with a fully responsive, mobile friendly website that can handle surges in visitors and strengthen brand awareness.

Admittedly, their service offerings are focused more towards design than marketing; however should you ever need advice, guidance or support when creating digital strategies, their team are more than happy to help during their consultation sessions.

So if you’re a charity, business or not-for-profit organisation and need help establishing a wider global reach, Pedalo might be the company for you.

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