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For nearly 11 years Neoteric UK have been helping e-commerce businesses to become recognised brands with an internet presence that is second to none. As a result, they have helped over 5,000 clients to achieve their goals, promote their products and achieve full optimisation.

From brainstorming ideas to developing your brand and content, Neoteric UK pride themselves on being able to produce creative, handcrafted websites that are eye-catching, stylish and definitely going to produce results.


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Neoteric UK – Services

Neoteric UK offers an impressive array of services that – when paired with their conversion optimised designs – will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Included among their services are:

Web Design

Neoteric UK go above and beyond to develop websites that accurately reflect your company’s expertise and branding. They know that there is no time to spare when a potential client lands on your page, which is why you can expect Neoteric websites to quickly highlight the benefits and project your sales pitch instantly.

Their web design services include:

  • Responsive web designs – this essential design technique enables users to benefit from a better navigational experience across all platforms and devices. Tablets, desktops, mobiles… Neoteric UK’s talented designers will design your website to automatically respond to a user’s browsing environment and adapt to their needs.
  • Mobile websites – Neoteric UK embraces the cry for responsive mobile designs by creating flexible websites that will ensure easy navigation, a smooth browser experience and credible re-directs. More importantly, you’ll instantly be able to match their mobile websites to your desktop one, as their designers strive for consistency across your brand.
  • Website re-design – if your existing website is in dire need of a revamp Neoteric UK can help you out. They utilise years of experience to identify what will and won’t work for your re-design, whilst listening to your brand identity and reviewing your products, market and competitors. Using this information Neoteric are able to create visually powerful, contemporary designs that will get your business noticed for all the right reasons.

Digital Marketing

Neoteric UK has spent years developing and honing the skills of their team so that they can implement promising marketing strategies that will cater to the needs of your business, and help you achieve high quality leads and sales.

At the same time, you can enjoy 24/7 support, branding advice and use their in-house resources to help create your own unique identity.

YouTube Marketing

With more than 6 billion hours of video shared on YouTube every month, it is now considered the world’s second largest search engine.

Neoteric UK can help you to harness this medium within your digital marketing strategies and extend your audience reach substantially.

Web Strategy

Having a beautiful website is no longer enough to succeed in the online business world. Neoteric UK have recognised this problem and over the last decade have developed a range of strategic web packages that can be tailored to your business, while also helping you to build a strong infrastructure.

At the same time, their team can show you how to succeed in boosting site visibility, effectiveness and profitability.


Alongside innovative YouTube marketing techniques, Neoteric UK can help you to harness all the perks of search engine optimisation, so that you can extend your customer reach, increase site visibility and rise through search engine rankings.

The Neoteric team will carefully research, assess and compile a list of competitive keywords for your site that will bolster traffic and help you to engage with the right audience.

Part of Neoteric UK’s SEO strategies include: monitoring, creating content, managing site maps, blogging and HTML, optimising and reporting. They even offer multilingual SEO (to strengthen your global reach) and video SEO (similar to YouTube marketing – they can stream your videos to right audiences across the world).

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Neoteric UK knows how to increase sales without you having to part with a penny. By examining your on-page bounce rates and identifying the reasons for why customers are leaving, they can fix and eliminate this problem, ensuring more sales in the long term.


You can quickly improve your ROI and encourage the right visitors to buy from your website with a little help from Neoteric UK’s Pay Per Click (PPC) agency.

Committed to directing traffic to your website, their PPC agency is renowned for its wealth of experience, well-written content and ability to get you top rankings on search results for your chosen keywords.

In other words, they know how to draw your customers in and entice them to click through to your site.

Social Media

With the support of their established SEO professionals, Neoteric UK can help your business to take social media networks by storm and find out what people are saying about your products.

Instead of aggressively targeting potential customers, their experts utilise unique social media techniques to make your target audience come to you, while working hard to get your business recognised on a larger scale..

Email Marketing

Neoteric UK can help you to create personalised, branded, focused B2B email marketing campaigns that are designed to boost business awareness and encourage more click-throughs to your website. At the same time, they can help you to communicate your message, trigger conversions and ensure that your emails go directly to your clients’ inbox without being a nuisance.

Blog Marketing

Engaging with new and existing customers will never be a problem with the support of Neoteric UK’s skillful writers.

By establishing a business blog, this powerful marketing platform can help to keep your clients updated, informed and interested in your business. It can also be easily managed by their team of writers who know how to recognise the needs of your clients. More importantly, Neoteric UK can produce compelling copy that will help to increase web traffic to your website and keep your readers captivated.

Affiliate Marketing

This no-risk marketing technique is a fantastic way to promote your website and boost business awareness, without wasting a penny. Monitored by the team at Neoteric UK, affiliate marketing allows other website owners to promote your business and direct traffic to your site, in return for a commission once the visitor has converted into a sale.

In other words, you won’t have to pay out until they’ve guaranteed you a customer.

Banner Campaign

Clients can benefit from both branding and click-through campaigns that are designed to maximise business visibility and attract visitors to your site. In fact, Neoteric UK will manage the whole thing by working closely with your business to ensure the campaigns you create are clear, concise and beneficial to potential customers.

Microsite Strategy

This unique strategy allows you to concentrate a search engines focus on specific keywords that you want to rank high for. This is achieved by Neoteric UK purchasing domain names that include your keyword before creating microsites dedicated to them. By doing so, they can drive traffic to your main site and strengthen your search engine rankings.


With 5,000 satisfied clients under their belt, you can trust that Neoteric UK know how to navigate all the complexities of trading online and will work with you to turn your e-commerce dreams into a reality.

Among their e-commerce solutions, you can benefit from:

    • Multi-channel e-commerce – This service allows you to sell your products via other retail channels as well as on your own site, and involves the Neoteric UK team supplying you with a cloud-based integration platform to increase your reach.
    • M-commerce shop – This type of site allows you to access the billions of dollars that are being spent via mobile devices. Here, Neoteric UK will ensure that your products/services are accessible on mobile devices so you can readily keep up with your competition.
    • Magento e-commerce – this powerful platform contains everything you need to ensure your business runs smoothly online, including giving you full control of your product listings, orders and invoices.
    • Loaded commerce – otherwise known as CRE loaded, this is one of the best opensource shopping cart software packages on the market as it is built on a framework of OSCommerce, but is much easier to customise and maintain.

NRetail Web Shop – this advanced online retail solution comes with a range of advanced tools to assist setup and manage your online shop.


Designed to give you full control of your website, Neoteric UK’s content management system enables even the most non-technical of people to make important changes to their site including adding, editing and deleting content/images.


Otherwise entitled Customer Relationship Management, Neoteric UK have built a credible CRM system so you can securely store all your clients’ details and gain quick access to it whenever you need it.

A professionally designed CMS can make managing your website easier than easy!WORK SMARTER NOW

Neoteric UK – Benefits

For more than a decade Neoteric UK has been assisting clients from a diversity of different industry backgrounds, and with each passing year their skills, talent and experience has enabled them to offer their clients a diversity of benefits.

Responsive web and mobile designs

From desktop to your mobile, all of Neoteric UK’s web designs are highly responsive, meaning no matter where users are accessing your website from, they can benefit from one clear consistent image of your brand and business.

Stunning web designs

One of the best features about this web design company is their ability to create bespoke, original web designs that project your brand message clearly and efficiently. There is no mistaking the time, effort and skills that go into their designs. Similarly, the fact that their team will readily consult with you throughout the entire design process, means you can feel confident you are getting the website you want.

Case Studies

If any part of you doubts their capabilities, then browsing through Neoteric UK’s long list of case studies can set you at ease. Within each case study they clearly outline their involvement and how they helped, as well as supply a visual of the finished product.

Quick response codes

From taking customers directly to your website to sending them coupons and showing them where you are; these impressive codes can be accessed across all platforms and devices, ensuring maximum traffic to your website which is always a must when working online.


Neoteric UK offers a range of e-commerce solutions and support systems to ensure positive results and sales across your site – an invaluable tool, especially if most of your business will be conducted online.

Neoteric UK – Case Studies

Neoteric UK have every right to be proud of their websites. To date they have helped over 5,000 clients to attain the websites they want, and are well-equipped to keep on producing positive results.

Satisfied customers include:


neoteric uk wafflemeister moodia

This UK-based bakery specialises in the creation of homemade Belgian waffles. They approached Neoteric UK when they began plans to expand globally. After discussing their needs, Neoteric UK recommended using PHP or MySQL for Wafflemeister’s platforms before supplying a range of designs and model layouts.

As part of Neoteric UK’s service, Wafflemeister received secure hosting, a platform developed in PHP/MySQL/Ajax, a secure SSL connection and weekly backups of data.


neoteric uk loreal moodia

Leaders within the cosmetic and beauty industry, L’Oréal came to Neoteric UK seeking an e-commerce framework that could handle large quantities of sensitive data whilst maintaining their global brand. To help them achieve this, Neoteric UK set up a Magento platform that was interactive, user friendly and easy to customise. They also supplied hosting, a secure SSL connection and ensured the site was PCI compliant.

Park Grand Kensington

neoteric uk park grand

This 4-star hotel contacted Neoteric UK to help them achieve a more competitive edge online as well as boost traffic and increase conversions. To help them compete with the likes of the Hilton, Neoteric UK performed a complete overhaul of the Kensington’s website content before strengthening their brand personality and launching PPC ads.

They also produced a series of landing pages for PPC campaigns and continued to refine them to ensure maximum visibility. Keywords were similarly researched and tested to identify best options.

As result of this hard work, the Grand Park Kensington website now pulls in 80,000 unique visitors a month.

Neoteric UK – Verdict

With an impressive range of clients under their belt, covering many industries, Neoteric UK has got a lot to offer businesses. No matter your business size they can help you to strengthen your brand, revitalise your website and benefit from stunning designs and SEO/PPC campaigns.

Neoteric UK can offer clients the means to increase site traffic and conversions, while ensuring that all of their carefully designed websites are built on easy-to-use content management systems that allow clients flexible and creative control.

If you are looking for a reputable web design agency that will take the time and effort to turn your e-commerce dreams into a reality, then Neoteric UK are worth considering.

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