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You need a website for your business – you just might not know it yet…!

Everybody says you need a website, but is that really a good enough basis on which to make a major business decision? Perhaps, but to make it even clearer for you, we’ve prepared a list of reasons why you need a website.

Below, we’ve gathered 11 of best reasons around why your small or medium business needs a website. We’ve even broken down how it can make you both more profitable and more competitive.

So, ‘why do you need a website’? If you’re still unsure, then read on:


1. A website is more effective and less expensive than brochures

You could spend tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds designing, printing and distributing brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral. After all, they are vital to getting the word out about your company, right?

Wrong. Printed materials are slowly going the way of the dodo and most physical marketing materials now include website links or QR codes to direct you back online.

This means that a well-designed and maintained website can do exactly the same thing for you, and at substantially less cost. Better still, visitors can easily share their website with friends, family and co-workers. When was the last time someone photocopied your brochure and passed it on?

2. A website will consistently bring in customers

There are nearly 2½ billion internet users today, and 9 out of 10 have made online purchases or otherwise done business through a website in the last year.

As smart phones and mobile internet shopping become more and more a part of people’s daily lives, the demand for companies to keep pace is ever-increasing. Heck, if your business doesn’t have a website then you can kiss goodbye to an outrageous amount of potential customers.

For this reason – and this reason alone – your business needs a website, ideally a mobile-friendly one, to open the door to this huge base of potential customers!

3. A professional website creates a better first impression

Why do you need a website? You need a website to show your company in the best possible light, take ownership of your brand and how it is perceived.

Competition is increasing across the board, and everyone – customers, partners and even potential creditors – will look at your website to get a sense of how professional and valuable your business is. Will they be disappointed or impressed?

Does your website show that you are a reputable and trustworthy business? Does it live up to your brand values? Are products or services easy to find. There really is a lot to consider and the importance of a digital first impression cannot be understated.

Simply put, you need a website because it is easy to access, can convey your brand and offerings directly to customers and – if done right – can mark you out from the crowd as there is just so much choice available to consumers these days. Don’t miss out on potential sales – get a professionally designed website today.

4. A website lets you enter new markets quickly, easily and cheaply

Whether you are starting a new business or moving an established business into a new market, you need a website because it will let you get your name and products in front of a huge number of new customers without the expanse of adding a new location or a major advertising campaign.

Think about it – you could potentially make an instant impact in a previously untapped market, without the need for expensive marketing campaigns. If your website is impactful enough and your products are what your customers need, then referral and review-driven traffic will help to kick-start your sales.

If giving your business a global reach isn’t a good reason to need a website..then what is?!REACH MORE CUSTOMERS

5. Your website is working even when you aren’t

A good website is like your most valuable employee – it does the hard work for you and that’s exactly what you need it to do.

You need a website because it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Without rest. This makes perfect business sense because not only can you continue to sell as you sleep, but it helps you to potentially break into global markets in different time-zones.

Want to sell your products to an American market, but are based in the UK? There’s no need to worry! As long as customers can find and access it, your e-commerce website will take care of everything.

Once online, your website will work diligently without supervision or any additional effort from you. You don’t even have to trust a night manager with the keys to the shop.

6. A website has massive potential for social media marketing

People today don’t just use Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to chat; they use them to shop. With almost 1.5 billion users on Facebook alone, this highlights a potentially huge market for you to try and crack.

Obviously having a Facebook page for your business is important, but you should use it as a conduit to drive traffic back to your actual website, rather than selling directly through Facebook. Add to this the high click through rate for Facebook ads with a CTA (2.85x higher than non-CTA ads), and you can see that there is a lot of traffic for you to try and drive back to your website!

However, whilst having a social media presence for your business is wonderful, you still need a solid and engaging website to keep visitors on pages once they have clicked through from Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Without a website that makes a positive impact in the lives of potential customers, you may struggle to make the market impact that you want to, no matter how successful your social campaigns.

7. A website allows inexpensive yet effective customer support

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running even a medium-sized business is offering excellent customer service and support.

As mentioned earlier, having a website means having a business presence 24/7. With the right contact details available, your website can handle the majority of customer inquiries without any direct or immediate human intervention.

You could even include an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to help out any customers who have a common question. Not only does resolve the customer’s issue, but it helps build their trust in your business and is more likely to keep them on your website with a view to converting.

Think about all of those customer-pleasing positives, and then realise that you haven’t done a thing – your website has!

8. Having your own domain means a more professional appearance

You need to have your own website in order to have an email address that instils confidence.

Consider this from a customer’s point of view – are you more likely to trust someone working for a company if their email address is along the lines of Or are you more likely to be trusting if their work email address came from a Gmail or Hotmail account?

You’d be more inclined to trust someone with a professional looking email address than a free to register one. That’s just a fact.

Having your own website on its own domain gives you a lot of freedom and can help build a professional look for your business. As your website will mostly be running under its own steam, having little things like domain email addresses can really help to give customers everything they need to trust your company.

9. A website lets you compete directly (and successfully) with large, multinational corporations

In the digital world, you don’t need to spend as much as the big boys to play in the same league.

All you need is a professional, well-built website whose content has been optimised for the target audience. It’s that simple. But remember, being simple doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be easy.

While your business might not be able to purchase front page ad space in a newspaper, if your website is well designed and the content is bang on, then you could appear on the first page of a Google search – the modern equivalent of front page news – making you instantly findable by billions of potential customers.

Free promotion, added trust and more customers? With a high-ranking website, you can have all three with no need to worry about more established names.

10. A website’s marketing possibilities are endless

There are hundreds of new marketing channels now, and more are opening up every day. We’re not talking about social media either. The entire e-commerce side of the internet is awash with ingenious ways to market your product.

E-commerce, M-commerce and social marketing are just the beginning. Thanks to CSS and HTML5, the opportunities to create viral marketing campaigns on your website are almost unlimited. From interactive games to pseudo-movies, and retro-styled design elements to virtual reality shopping environments, your website is a breeding ground for creativity.

But how do you take advantage of this? Well, for starters, you need a website!

11. A website lets you influence (as well as sell to) your market

If your market research is sound, your testing above board and your website set up correctly, then it will potentially be seen by thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of the exact people to whom you want to sell.

Remember that your website is a bit like a shop window for your products. So as long as you know your niche and market place, then you can create or hire a team to design a website that reflects your expertise.

Developing thought leadership though your website is the perfect way to raise your brand visibility, your reputation and encourage the kind of engaging, daily interactions that can impact and shape your market.

You need a website to put yourself at the front of the pack and be an industry pioneer, rather than being stuck behind, following outdated ideas.

Convinced you need a website now? Here are your next steps

That wraps up our list of the 11 essential reasons why you need a website. Still not sold? Well, we don’t believe! After all every business can take advantage of the opportunities the web presents in different ways.

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