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Moove have accomplished a lot in their 6 short years. Starting out with two friends looking to make a difference in the marketing world in 2010; they now employ 2 Creatives, 8 Developers, 2 Project Managers and have established 3 hubs in London (Creative), Czech Republic (Development) and Romania (Development).

And with an impressive 200 completed projects under their belt, this innovative digital agency stays true to its promise that it can AND will help you to establish credible business solutions that will move your business forward.

From developing digital strategies to handling analytics and SEO, creating bespoke web/mobile UI Designs, building web applications and managing web development – Moove are able to offer the whole web design package.


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Moove Web Agency Rating
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Reviewed by Moodia: 20/05/2016


Moove – Services

Moove offers a wide range of services that contribute to their core mission of creating cutting-edge web designs. To give you a clear idea of what Moove are capable of, below is a sample of their diverse range of services:


  • Digital Strategy
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Content Strategy

The first element to Moove’s business offering is helping clients to develop credible digital strategies that will enable them to stay ahead of the game within the digital world. Working alongside their clients, once they have established the company’s long term business requirements, Moove then performs a series of SEO and marketing research – comparing analytics across competitive keywords – before compiling their research together to create compelling SEO/content strategies that are designed to last.


  • Web/Mobile UI Design
  • IA and UX strategy
  • Wireframes & Prototypes

Specialists in WordPress, Moove are also able to offer clients the finest in web and mobile UI compatible designs, as well as proven IA and UX strategies. Their use of wireframes and prototypes means clients can experiment with the layout of their websites before committing to a final design.

Similarly, their use of prototypes ensures a more gratifying user experience as they allow clients to witness Moove’s theories and design suggestions in action.


  • WordPress Development
  • Web Development (Portals, Intranet, Web Apps)
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

With development hubs in both the Czech Republic and Romania, Moove are able to fulfil client development needs without delay, whilst also offering clients a breadth of experience and expertise.

The fact that they offer clients both WordPress and web development assistance, means you can’t go wrong by entrusting them with your website. Not only can Moove introduce portals and staff/client intranets; Moove can provide lasting and professional ongoing developments, enabling clients to regularly customise their website to handle changing consumer needs.

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Moove – Benefits

Moove arguably are the complete package. From strategizing SEO and content plans, to building websites and handling the long term web development demands; they can cope with all aspects of your marketing ambitions and turn them into a reality.

Here are just a few of their benefits:

Supportive from start to finish

Moove work hand-in-hand with their clients to personally tailor and customise their digital marketing plans to match client requirements. Then, using this knowledge they are able to help you design, build and establish a fully functional, modern website that they’ll continue to support for as long as you need. This is especially helpful in regards to web development and the maintenance of your client portals and intranet.

Work history

Moove are people of their word and the proof of their professionalism can be easily seen through their easy to access case studies. Here, potential clients can quickly explore the breadth and diversity of Moove’s capabilities as well as get a chance to see their modern designs in action.

Past clients

Moove have proven themselves to be quite a formidable force in the last 6 years with more than 200 completed jobs in their arsenal. Having worked with a number of big time clients – 02, Toyota and Lexus – there is no doubting the quality of their work.

Web design

customisable, bespoke and available with the option to integrate client/staff intranets and portals; Moove prove why WordPress and IA and UX designs are so versatile.

Moove – Case Studies

Living by the motto ‘game change is a product of collaboration’, there is no doubt that Moove is committed to fulfilling their tag line with every job.

Every project is viewed objectively to ensure the right team members (from across all 3 of their hubs) are assigned to the job. Then by taking the time to fully understand their client’s business objectives and goals, Moove are able to work alongside their clients to fulfil their needs and ensure that they launch their website with significant business advantages.

The fact that their website is overflowing with case studies, including O2, Toyota, Lexus, Pokerstars, JLL and IG, as well as tonnes of visual proof; makes it easy for us to believe in the opportunities their beautiful WordPress websites and custom web applications can provide.

Moove – Verdict

There is no denying that Moove have got a lot to offer to both new and established businesses.

From start to finish, everything they do is delivered with care, passion and precision. So whether you are looking to revitalise your website or are in search of a long term maintenance provider; with Moove you can trust that they can help to strengthen your digital, SEO and content strategies; can revolutionise your web design, and can establish lasting web development assistance to help maintain the functionality of your website.

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