Committed to smart web design and e-commerce development, Liquify Web Design are a London-based web design agency can help to make your website beautiful and appealing.

Whether you need a basic WordPress-based brochure website or a CMS solution, Liquify Web Design can help grab the attention of visitors and turn them into paying customers for your products/services.


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Liquify Web Design – Services

Determined to help you to maximise your market impact, Liquify Web Design utilises all the latest web technologies to produce unique, bespoke websites. Their impressive range of services includes:

Business Website Design & Development

Liquify make use of information architecture specialists, marketing analysts, graphic artists and web development gurus to utilise their expertise in order to create fresh, modern web designs that are tailored to giving visitors the best experience possible and encourage conversions.

E-commerce Website Design & Development

Ensuring that every site is optimised for mobile, Liquify’s e-commerce websites make it easy for visitors to find your products online and purchase them. Utilising the best e-commerce platforms, advanced SEO, SSL, order management and social media integration, Liquify Web Design can also offer e-commerce development services such as Shopify development, Magento, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce.

Blog Design & Development

User friendly and visually pleasing, Liquify Web Design can transform your blog into a world-beater by giving it a visual refresh. It’ll not only look good, but will contain well-written content that is easy to navigate and supported by great imagery and social media integration.


Liquify Web Design provide clients with intuitive and easy to use Content Management Systems that make it quick and easy to update your website. This agency also goes one step further by offering long term development and maintenance, in which you benefit from periodic coding updates, security improvements and housekeeping measures (that will help you to meet your objectives and retain existing clients).

Design and Development

Liquify Web Design can proudly claim to have access to a very talented design and development team with skills spanning multiple platforms. The team at Liquify are more than competent in the following: HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery and other frameworks.

Graphic Design and Logos

Liquify Web Design recognises the impact a strong logo design can bring to a business, boosting brand recognition both online and offline. So if you need to attract some new customers and want to make a splash, check out Liquify’s design work for a brand facelift.


SEO is essentially best practice when it comes to web design these days, so it’s no surprise to find that the Liquify team are dab hands at this notoriously tricky online skill. Liquify Web Design can create innovative content writing strategies that will boost traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings and improve online sales.

Social Media Marketing

Liquify Web Design aim to create a two-way communication between your website and your social media audience. From creating engaging blog posts to building your presence on social media networks, Liquify can provide you with the campaigns, strategies and research to effectively harness social media.

Services include: creating/redesigning your company social pages, online press release distribution and link-building, monitoring and participating on online forums and discussion groups.


Liquify use research, testing and industry knowledge to devise effective PPC campaigns that will promote your business and engage the right audiences, at the right time.

Liquify do all the hard work for you: from intensive market research to designing and implementing your PPC campaigns, their team will keep you on budget and on track to achieve impressive conversion rates.

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Liquify Web Design – Benefits

No matter your industry and requirements, Liquify can help you to transform your website dreams into a reality, while also supporting you with marketing and social media matters too.

Some of the best benefits on offer include:

Unique designs

Unlike many web design agencies who fall prey to templates and repetitive designs, Liquify Web Design go to great lengths to ensure each and every one of their designs is unique. By performing intensive research into your business, competitors and industry, Liquify can tailor each design to make sure it represents your brand as honestly as possible.

In-depth case studies

If you are in any doubt about the capabilities of Liquify’s web designers, then browsing through their detailed case studies can help. Not only do they explain the agency’s exact involvement with the project, but it is also possible to view the finished product, meaning you can determine on your own terms whether or not they are the right fit for you.

Easy to use websites

Thanks to their use of WordPress, Woocommerce and Magento – businesses can easily manage and maintain their own websites without any prior coding experience. Instead you can add, remove and edit your content and images from any device that can connect to the internet.

Clear pricing

It is not very often that web design agencies openly disclose their prices, however Liquify Web Design are up front about their billing costs from the start, providing average costs for their websites, e-commerce and logos, as well as hourly rates. This is great news for businesses on a budget, as you can plan ahead and organise your expenditure.

Liquify Web Design – Case studies

The guys at Liquify have turned their hand to website creation across multiple industries and with each they have succeeded at producing stunning web designs and logos. Here are the pick of the bunch:


moodia liquify bebride

BeBride is a wedding dress rental company that contacted Liquify Web Design for help creating an e-commerce website. Hoping to both rent and sell bridal dresses over the internet, BeBride required a website re-design and some development work to improve on-site functionality.

Liquify helped them to achieve all of this by developing a custom Shopify theme that worked across all devices.

Services: web design and development; Shopify development; e-commerce development; SEO and blog design.


stretcher ads liquify

Seeking a responsive web design as well as social media development, this advertising software company reached out to Liquify and were rewarded with a custom WordPress theme design and development.

Services: web design and development; WordPress development; SEO and blog design.


liquify aqualillies moodia

A water entertainment company in LA, Aqualillies contacted Liquify looking for a creative web design that would capture and hold visitor attention. Liquify were quick to help by creating a custom WordPress theme design, accompanied by a blog. They also assisted with their gallery design, ensuring that the whole re-design was responsive, simple and sexy.

Services: web design and development, WordPress development, SEO and blog design.

Liquify Web Design – Verdict

With an impressive client portfolio expanding beyond the UK, Liquify Web Design are well versed in the art of web design, development, e-commerce and social media. Whether you are seeking a complete re-design or require help with your branding, CMS and online presence; Liquify Web Design can help with every aspect of your site creation.

They can even help to revitalise your logo or create offline marketing materials for your customers.

However, what we love most about this particular web design agency is their honesty about their prices. Not only can you gauge their costs, but they also clearly outline what you’ll get for your money, which makes budgeting even easier.

So if you are looking for the full web design and marketing package, we recommend giving this agency serious consideration.

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