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With offices in London, Cape Town and Australia, Lilo is an award winning web design agency that knows how to offer cost effective web design solutions that will ensure you stay on time, on budget and maintain a competitive edge within your chosen industry.

From web design, web development, e-Marketing and SEO to Flash animation designs, branding, usability, application development and e-Commerce solutions; you can easily harness their team of web designers, developers, analysts, strategists and project managers, and transform your website into a money making machine.

With every project, Lilo takes the time to meticulously track the whole process, harnessing decades of expertise and experience to not only offer you the finest in digital solution services, but web designs that are current, brand-focused and engaging.

At the same time, you can also take full advantage of their consultations and best business practices advice, to offer your business the complete package.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 23/06/2016


Lilo – Services

Creative thinkers, end-to-end specialists, problems solvers, partners (not just suppliers)… these are just a handful of the ways Lilo see themselves, yet we have to confess that they fit these descriptions perfectly.

Not only are they capable, committed and in a position to offer their clients 24/7 support (due to their offices across London, Cape Town and Australia); from the off, Lilo ensures new and prospective clients are fully aware of their skillsets within:

  • Application and data design (data normalisation and optimisation, performance turning, and logical/physical design etc.)
  • Programming languages and tools (C++, Java, .NET platforms, XML, PHP etc.)
  • Database platforms (MS SQL server, Oracle, MS Access, MY SQL)
  • Internet/intranet development (HTML, Vbscript, Javascript, ASP, Dreamweaver, DHTML, JSP etc.)
  • Design software (Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign etc.)
  • Network & System (Windows NT/2000/03, SMS, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Mac 0S9/X etc.)

Yet these are just the tip of the iceberg of what clients can expect.

Since, establishing themselves in 2001, Lilo have gone on to provide the following services:

Web Design

Sometimes words are not enough. Luckily, Lilo can ensure that your message is clearly visible within their designs.

Specialising in fresh, unique and fully functional web designs, Lilo strive to make your website an online extension of your business, enabling you to achieve a global reach that will far surpass your expectations.

They can help you to engage with your audience, allowing your brand to shine and your customers to see you exactly how you want them to. So whether you need CMS design, Flash design or branding design, Lilo can help you to make a positive and lasting impression.

Lilo achieve this by finding the right balance between original aesthetics and functional strength, but also through: improving user accessibility; legitimising your brand; ensuring your website is not over-designed or too complicated; keeping content and typography clear, and creating original and thought-provoking designs.


Lilo understands the importance of branding and the role it plays within online advertising. That is why they strive to create more than an effective brand, but offer you long term branding strategies so you can confidently: reinforce customer brand awareness; deliver your message clearly; highlight your businesses benefits; express your vision; communicate with your target market; cultivate user loyalty and increase product exposure.

Logo designs, brand overhaul or you simply need a new branding strategy… Lilo can help to improve your public image as well as supply you with a range of comprehensive online branding services.

Flash Design

Lilo prove that a moving picture can speak a thousand words, thanks to their flash design capabilities.

Whether you want to add one simple motion to an existing visual or you want your entire website to give the appearance of being in motion; Lilo can easily incorporate animations, interactive buttons, picture slide shows, multimedia movies and scrolling text into your design.

In fact, they can immediately help to strengthen your ad campaigns; combat sluggish periods and ensure your site is visually impacting.

Web Development

With every website, Lilo strives to add value and give your site a solid backbone. One of their key methods for achieving this is through web development. By entrusting your web development to their team of experts, you can benefit from improved functionality, increased usability, clever/easy to use designs and the latest technologies (to handle both complex and simple business requirements).

More importantly, you can harness a range of web development services, including: ecommerce development, CMS development and development of online applications.


Lilo utilises the latest e-commerce design techniques to transform your website into a promising, interactive sales platform where visitors can easily shop, benefit from improved functionality and experience the knowledge of knowing that their payments are passing through secure payment verification gateways.

Small scale or large, they can help you to easily streamline your online transactions; lower your overheads; improve your global exposure; boost sales and profits; give you greater administrative control; manage your reporting, but most importantly, Lilo will supply you with tools capable of selling and tracking your products.

Additional benefits: will supplement your business by harnessing their Google Analytics Service and activating e-commerce tracking.


Like most content management systems, Lilo aims to drive your business forward by giving you the control and the flexibility to add, remove and edit your website wherever there is Internet access.

They currently offer 3 types of CMS website design and development solutions:

  • Standard CMS – allows you to add a block of content using a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Complex CMS – contains all the functionalities of Lilo’s simple CMS, but has greater functionality and speed to aid user experience. This CMS also offers advance previews and edit options, allowing you to alter and test web pages in privacy.
  • Open Source CMS – this CMS reduces the need for expensive site maintenance, instead allowing clients to completely manage their own content.

Lilo also offers their own custom CMS (LILO CMS) that contains technology backed by Windows. Here, clients can utilise Lilo’s administration interface and experience complete control of their website and admin needs.

Online Applications

If you’ve got an idea, Lilo will put your theories into practice. Utilising affordable web browser interfaces, Lilo’s online applications make it possible for you to more effectively manage your software and current databases, review potential customers, and examine their core needs, before you even make contact.

Internet Marketing

Lilo know all the tricks for increasing your businesses online visibility, optimising your site across search engines, and improving brand familiarity.

From SEO, PPC, E-marketing and customised content targeting to social media optimisation, blogging and reporting (through Google Analytics); Lilo’s dedicated team of experts can quickly show you how to implement these techniques yourselves or can manage them on your behalf.


A great looking website is no longer enough, and the guys at Lilo are more than aware of this reality. That is why they will go above and beyond to create competitive SEO internet marketing solutions, so you can confidently engage with your users; boost traffic to your website and benefit from sustained online business growth.

By optimising your web content through careful keyword selection and market research, you too can make your website search engine friendly, visible (to a larger audience base) and competitive.


Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and ensure they remain informed of all your business promotions and campaigns. From direct response marketing to indirect marketing components; e-Marketing can help you to more efficiently reach your target audience; develop recipient lists (containing customer names and email addresses), but more importantly can help you to judge the success of your campaigns.

Thanks to its in-built reporting system, you can track who clicks and opens your emails, and measure the performance strength of your campaigns.

Google Analytics

You can easily keep track of what’s influencing your sites visibility thanks to Google Analytics. This reporting system allows you to narrow down your competition; identify phrases to target; monitor your sites growth, and with Lilo’s support, can help you to fine tune your site and bring it to its full potential.

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Lilo – Benefits

Taking into account Lilo’s range of services alone, it is easy to see why this web design agency are so popular amongst small to large sized businesses. Whether you need a simple re-design or need online marketing support; their team of experts are more than equipped to take the challenge and will do so with a smile on their face.

Just some of their many benefits include:

  • 24/7 Support – whilst most web design agencies are restricted to 9am-5pm, thanks to Lilo having offices in London, Cape Town and Australia they can readily support your website at all times of the day.
  • Consultations – from day one, you will be regularly consulted on the progress of your web design, eliminating any causes for confusion. Instead you can feel confident that they will be able to translate your brand to the screen.
  • Full Online Marketing Package – having a beautifully designed website is no longer enough. Your website needs to be able to effectively communicate your message across the web. Luckily, Lilo offers a whole host of online marketing strategies that will not only make your site search engine friendly, but will enable you to engage with your target audience via email, social media, PPC etc.
  • Content Management Systems – not only can you choose from their range of CMS systems and tailor them to meet your business needs, but every single one of them gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your own website, no matter where you are. As long as you can access the Internet, you can update your website anywhere.

Lilo – Case Studies

Lilo have got an impressive list of clients under their belt, which they are clearly proud of. And this is great news for you as with case study, you can clearly identify their involvement and witness the breadth of their design skills and capabilities.


lilo dlg moodia

A financial advice and insurance company, DLG came to Lilo for a web design that would set them apart from their competition. Utilising PHP, HTML and CSS, they created a fully functional, fresh, uncluttered website that was easy to use and maintain.

Deliverables: web design and web development

Mont Rochelle

lilo mont rochelle

A wine estate and hotel, Mont Rochelle pride themselves on offering a top class service. They came to Lilo seeking a website design that would effectively promote their services and facilities, as well as showcase their online brand. Lilo achieved this by highlighting their 3 main service divisions and showcasing their luxurious accommodation and imagery.

Deliverables: creative direction, website design, production and flash development

Technology: Javascript, sIFR and Flash

Lilo – Verdict

Charity, film Production Company, insurance providers… Lilo’s case studies alone prove they have a strong understanding of most industries and their design requirements. Browse through their case studies and you’ll soon discover that every one of their web designs are unique, original and modern.

Admittedly, they are a missing a few popular services – content creation, printing etc. – which will leave them at a disadvantage against other competing web design agencies. However, given the breadth of their experience, and their long standing commitment to creating comprehensive and proven marketing strategies, with Lilo your business is in safe hands.

At every hurdle, their team will consult and communicate their ideas, ensuring your brand identity remains strong and visible. This combined with their 24/7 support, and no matter the time of day, Lilo will readily be on hand to help – no matter the size or demands of your website.

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