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Lighthouse London may consist of only four individuals, but this experienced team have spent the last 8 years transforming client ideas into powerful digital designs.

Specialising in web design, product development and prototyping, Lighthouse London can help businesses of all sizes to market their services, bolster online visibility and engage with your visitors.


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Lighthouse London – Services

Harnessing their knowledge of branding, web design, development and prototyping, the team at Lighthouse have not only developed a range of skills, but have combined them to create three unique headline offerings – MVP, Prototype Sprint and Website – that can fulfil all your requirements.


This particular package is split into seven distinct stages that cover the entire scope of your web design.

  • Scoping – this initial stage helps the lighthouse London team to identify the right features for your website. They will find the right balance between power and simplicity, so that your users can enjoy your website.
  • Wireframing – once your site features have been determined, Lighthouse London will flesh out your product and develop wireframes to help test out ideas and find the right design/layout.
  • Design – next the team will create a user interface that is intuitive to use and navigate, but will also work across all platforms and devices.
  • Development – at this stage, Lighthouse London will tailor their scalable, cutting edge development tools to match the needs of your business.
  • Analytics – Lighthouse London offer on-going analytics support, measuring how people are using and engaging with your site, so you can make adjustments where necessary.
  • Support – long after your website is finished, Lighthouse London will continue to help you to meet user demands so you can add/remove/modify features and keep your website at the top of its game.

Prototype Sprint

This package takes a different approach to your web design and development, by following a slightly tweaked five-stage process:

  • Workshops – comprised of exercises designed to explore user wants and needs, Lighthouse London use this information to solve on-site problems and improve the user experience.
  • Sketching – designed to produce rapid idea generation – by putting you against the clock and forcing you to think outside the box – these workshop sketches can bring new perspectives and ideas to your project.
  • Prototyping – Lighthouse London will create a demo for you to offer to your customers, allowing you to test out features and watch their responses.
  • Design – developing the prototype, Lighthouse London will add ‘a lick of paint’ to your site design in order to make it more attractive and generate better feedback.
  • User Testing – install your website prototype onto your phone, then test and introduce your ideas to the world.


Similar to most web design builds, this package is built around:

  • Research – through a series of interviews, phone calls, surveys and more, Lighthouse London will research your business, industry, user needs and competition, so they can create the perfect website tailored to your business.
  • Wireframing – using Lo-fi, interactive templates to showcase your sites layout, content and basic functionality, these wireframes will help you to focus on what goes where before you have to consider design and colour schemes.
  • Design – Lighthouse London understands that your site needs to look great, so they incorporate fresh digital designs – based on user needs and expectations – so you can view your website in the best possible light.
  • CMS & E-commerce – Lighthouse London supply all the development tools you could ever need to keep your site, products and content updated. In fact, their simple tools will allow you to take complete control of your website and what goes on it.

Core Services

Whilst Lighthouse London place a lot of focus on their three key offerings, as a web design agency they naturally offer all the common core services as well which, you can easily mix and match to suit your needs.

Among their core services, you can benefit from their expertise in branding, apps, development, user testing, design, content strategy, prototyping, research and support.

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Lighthouse London – Benefits

One of the most refreshing things about this web design agency is the number of options you have. Whilst their packages are each useful in their own rights, the fact that you can hire them for their core services too, means your business doesn’t have to miss out.

Interchangeable package

MVP, prototype sprints, website… each of these packages has got a lot to offer. However as we’ve previously mentioned, the fact that you can also choose from their core services means your business can also tailor the package to suit your exact needs. This ensures that your website receives optimum support across its design and development stages (as well as with your content and marketing needs).

Beautiful web designs

Modern, fresh and original, it is easy to see that Lighthouse London takes pride in its web designs. None of their designs are built from templates, but are instead based on carefully thought out wireframes, prototypes and demos.

Previous work you can trust

Each one of Lighthouse London’s case studies highlights all the benefits they’ve bought to the project, as well as clearly showcases their talent as designers. Through these case studies you can quickly work out if they are the right fit for your business.

Wireframes, demos and prototypes

To say that Lighthouse London takes every care to make sure your website is functioning at optimum standards is an understatement. The fact that they take so much time to build wireframes, prototypes and demos, means you can enjoy increased confidence in their ability to improve visibility and site engagement.

Lighthouse London – Case Studies

Lighthouse London may be a small web design agency, but in the last 8 years they have established themselves as an agency to be taken seriously.

Among their many clients, Lighthouse have supported the following brands:


lighthouse london hg2 moodia web design

This luxury travel brand contacted Lighthouse London with the hopes of starting afresh and fixing mistakes. As a well-established guide to luxury travel, they wanted to reinvigorate their website.

To achieve this, Lighthouse consolidated the site onto one domain (using a new customised CMS) and made sure it was mobile and desktop friendly. They also improved the navigation and user experience, introduced bigger and better maps, strengthened brand awareness and properly showcased Hg2’s content.

Kamm & Sons

lighthouse london kamm and sons moodia web design

This spirits company wanted to freshen their brand in preparation for the roll-out of a new product. Kamm & Sons wanted to pitch themselves right and offer visitors a website that is classy, enticing and unique.

To help them achieve this mission, Lighthouse London used their existing rich imagery to inspire their design, while making sure visitors were aware of and enticed by the family –owned business’ story and history.

Up All Hours

lighthouse london up all hours moodia web design

Specialising in helping parents during those first few months of parenthood, Up All Hours contacted Lighthouse to help resolve problems with their original website.

By interviewing parents and creating prototypes, Lighthouse were able to offer users a great user experience that was uncomplicated and easy to use. The Up All Hours logo was also redesigned and the website was designed to be mobile responsive and fast to load. As a result, Lighthouse managed to increase site speed 10x.

Lighthouse – Verdict

The team at Lighthouse may be small but they have got the expertise, talent and resources needed to help launch visually impressive and structurally sound websites.

Their wide choice of core services, means companies can tailor the package to their individual requirements while also benefiting from a suite of options. Likewise, Lighthouse London’s dedication to testing, prototyping and supplying demos means visitors are guaranteed an exceptional user experience.

So if you are interested in getting to the roots of your business and truly understanding your visitors, we recommend giving Lighthouse London pause for thought. With their support you can enjoy all the perks that increased brand awareness, traffic and search visibility offer.

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