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Established in 1996, KD Web have spent the last 20 years honing their skills to become a leading top digital design agency specialising in web design, web development, mobile design and SEO.

They aim to deliver innovative digital designs with every project that will not only fulfil your requirements but ensure that your site is memorable, unique and equipped to handle increased traffic, conversions and sales.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 23/09/2016


KD Web – Services

All KD Web projects are completed by their in-house team of highly qualified, experienced staff.

More importantly, you can be sure that they’ll take the time to get to know and understand your business, brand, products and customers, so that their designs reflect your mission statement.

Web Design

KD Web’s work ethic is driven by a ‘your customers in mind’ approach, and this ensures that each and every design not only meets your target demographic’s needs but is user-friendly and eye-catching too.

All web design concepts are fully wireframed and prototyped to ensure that the end result is a fully functional, results-focused, easy to navigate website. Designs are also fully mobile responsive so that your site is consistent across all devices.

Added extras include long term support to fix bugs, landing pages, health checks and traffic analysis.

Web Development

KD Web websites are hand coded, which means you can expect a robust website that performs without any hiccups that may be caused by other applications. The web development team pair all of their development code with the latest web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MySQL – to guarantee improved functionality and fluidity.

Services include: mobile, tablet and desktop web development, responsive websites, Ajax, CMS development, open source platforms (Drupal, TYPO3, Magento and the Cake PHP framework) and bespoke modules.


Content management systems (CMS) make it easy to manage online content and update your website with just a few clicks. KD Web ensure that the backend of their designs are simple to use by using popular CMS platforms that give you the freedom to manage your website the way you want to.

As an added bonus, KD Web’s own CMS is reliable and scalable, which makes it ideal for growing companies looking to make an impact online. And by making content so easy to manage, you’ll see an immediate boost to productivity.

KD Web aim to customise your CMS platform to suit all of your business requirements, and thanks to their love of open source, they can add modules and functionality to meet your specific needs.

Open source platforms: Drupal, TYPO3, Magento, WordPress and the Cake PHP framework.

Benefits: ability to edit, create and delete pages; add and remove whole sections; change your website structure; upload documents and control users.

E-commerce Web Design

KD Web’s aim to is turn one-time visitors into reoccurring conversions, thus boosting your online revenue.

By creating beautiful web designs in Magento, a powerful open source, e-commerce focused CMS, you’ll be able to tweak your website as you need to, whether that’s with the latest offer or a new product line.

KD Web offer a huge suite of e-commerce options:

  • Fast magento hosting
  • Full data and multisite integration
  • Mobile commerce
  • Inventory managements
  • Filter/search functions
  • Product categories
  • Multiple option products
  • Product customisation
  • An advanced administration control panel
  • SSL/HTTP secure payments


UK hosting, domain names and email accounts, KD Web can handle it all and keep your data secure and backed up.


KD Web can help you to conquer search engines by embracing the strength and versatility of SEO. By carefully integrating keywords into your content, SEO can quickly help to boost product/service visibility across Google, Yahoo and Bing searchs.

The KD Web team can help get your website in front of the right audience by analysing customer behaviour, researching industry keywords, optimising your website and making sure it stands out against your competitors.

SEO clients: NHS, Pfizer, CAPITA

Services include competitor and market analysis, onsite SEO (including site content and structure suggestions), offsite SEO and conversion optimisation.


Designed to increase sales and maximise your ROI, these tailored-advertising campaigns utilise AdWords in order to get your adverts placed in front of the right audiences. KD Web have the experience to research, implement and manage your PPC campaigns so you can benefit from maximum returns at minimal costs.


Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is a highly effective way to increase traffic to your website while also improving the visibility of your site, product and landing pages. SMO blends social media and SEO to strengthen your SEO endeavours.

By analysing customer behaviours on social media and understanding what they are searching for, this helps KD Web to better target your audience and boost traffic.

Services include social media engagement, analytical reports, social media strategies, tracked social dashboards and Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Analytics and Conversion Services

KD Web take their deep understanding of user journeys and marketing to drive traffic to your website and transform them into conversions. Within their analytics services you can benefit from: advanced Google Analytics setup; Google analytics training; custom dashboards, alerts and reports, cross channel reporting, tag management, social tracking, call tracking and IP tracking.

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KD Web – Benefits

With a breadth of experience across a wide range of industries, KD Web have developed some impressive skills over the years, which in turn can offer you incredible benefits.

Cutting Edge Web Designs

Unique, original and designed around your goals, KD Web aim to create great-looking web designs that fully represent your brand. The team create everything by hand and don’t rely on templates. Websites are designed with your customers in mind, so you can trust that your new site will help to boost online traffic and sales.

Strong track record

Whilst KD Web’s case studies are not overly detailed, they do offer a range of screenshots that succinctly showcase the skills and talents of their designers. This is great news for prospective clients as you can get a great idea of the KD team’s versatility and skill sets quickly, before deciding whether they are the right fit for the job.

Full service agency

KD Web don’t solely rely on their incredible designs to support their clients. They also offer a diverse range of services that can give you the edge in a busy market. Whether you are a start-up looking to launch or a company seeking a re-design, KD Web can handle the job, as well as assisting with web development, digital advertising and the creation of a long-term online marketing strategy.

KD Web – Case Studies

The KD Web portfolio pairs screenshots with a quick overview of the services provided. Although these case studies are not too detailed, they are split into distinct categories – web, SEO, mobile and branding – so you can quickly compare their work to your own personal needs.

Web Portfolio

kd web equilibrium

Exquisitely designed to deliver a strong ROI, all of KD Web’s designs are beautiful and original.

  • Equilibrium – supplying products for horses, Equilibrium came to KD Web looking for a mobile responsive web design, web development and intuitive CMS.

SEO Portfolio

kd web nightingale hammerson

KD Web are committed to delivering tangible results, as witnessed by their SEO portfolio.

  • Nightingale Hammerson SEO – KD Web helped this business to witness a 15% increase in visits month on month and 100 unique visitors a day. At the same time they supplied them with CMS (TYPO3), hosting and support, SEO, web design and web development.

Mobile Portfolio

kd web london bridge

Recognising the need for mobile friendly applications and websites, over the years KD Web have built an impressive portfolio.

  • London Bridge Hospital – this London based health provider contacted KD Web looking for an interactive app. Alongside the app, KD also supplied the client with a new CMS, hosting and support, mobile web development, SEO, web design and web development.

Branding Portfolio

Focused on helping their clients to develop a memorable brand, the team at KD Web use their skills to create graphics and branding that help make some of the biggest names on the market stand out.

  • Fox – KD Web created a number of impressive graphic designs to revolutionise the appearance of Fox’s website and how customers view their brand.

KD Web – Verdict

KD Web can rightly be proud of their work. Not only can they offer their clients the full package – beautiful web designs, innovative development, online marketing and long term support – but you can see real results of their hard work in their online portfolio.

Their track record, paired with their experience across a such a wide variety of different industries, means that they have the versatility to handle any job.

If you’re searching for a web design agency that is committed to giving you the best website for your customers, then we definitely suggest keeping KD Web in your considerations.

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