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Established in 2007, JBi Digital is a web design agency based in West London.

Initially only offering design and development services, JBi have expanded their portfolio over the years and now embrace a much broader set of digital skills. Today, JBi Digital is a full-service, integrated agency that can help clients establish a solid and memorable online presence.

JBi Digital specialise in creating sites that not only look great but possess commercial appeal too. This focus on tangible results and figures that can be measured, analysed and acted upon mark the JBi team out as something different from other London web design agencies.

By slowly embracing a full-service approach, JBi Digital have turned themselves into digital connoisseurs – as much as a consultancy as they are design whizzes.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 08/03/2016


JBI Digital – Services

It all started with web design services but today, clients can choose among a bigger range of solutions. Some of the most prominent services included in the JBi Digital portfolio are:

Website design

If you need to increase traffic and reduce bounce rates, then JBi are the agency for you. By embracing user experience (UX) principles, JBi can craft you a website that improves customer engagement and retention, whilst also looking great.

Responsive mobile design

JBi Digital specialises in responsive UX design solutions that are known for catching and keeping a customer’s eye. With responsive design becoming increasingly important in a mobile world, JBi will help you interact and engage with your visitors wherever they are.

Web development

If your site doesn’t work properly, then you can expect to lose viewers and subsequently SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. JBi’s team ensure quality, error-free web development that is both functional and attractive. With the back-end working like clockwork, you can focus on creating great content for your visitors.


With an easy to use, functional content management system (CMS) in place, it makes running, managing and updating your website that much easier. JBi can develop a bespoke (and thus more expensive) CMS or they can build your site around an existing platform, such as WordPress or Drupal.

eCommerce development

As with most things, eCommerce is becoming more and more mobile-centric. But if your site isn’t converting like it should then JBi Digital can help. The full-service agency team can trim the fat where needed, tighten up the back end databases and reinvigorate your online store, so that you can get back to what’s important – selling your products to your customers in a manner that is easy and efficient.

Social media marketing

In a world where every opinion counts and the customer is always right, social media can make or break many companies. This makes it imperative to have an effective strategy in place to maximise and control your exposure. JBi can support your own efforts and advise on tactics to boost your ROI.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If your website isn’t optimised for the latest Google Algorithm, then your online visibility will diminish. JBi can help advise on the best steps to take to get ranking again.

Pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns

They might be three little words, but ‘pay per click’ campaigns can often lead to big things. Offering potentially instantaneous and measurable results, PPC campaigns can be difficult to get right and score the best ROI. JBi are masters of this tricky concept and can help you squeeze more conversions into the sale funnel.


Great content wins visitors. It’s as simple as that. Gone are the days of websites hoarding keyword heavy copy and spamming their page with supposedly relevant links and ads. With digital users, businesses and search engine providers putting an ever greater focus on great content, it’s important that you deliver on this front. JBi and their associated writers can help craft copy that engages and compels.

Digital strategy planning

Whether you’re thinking global success or local campaigns, JBi Digitla have the experience to guide you to success. A laser-focussed digital strategy will be much more effective for your business than a haphazard one that tries to do too much at once.

Hosting management and data migration

Site security and stability play a large role in your online success, and both options depend heavily on the type of hosting you use. JBi not only advises on the most suitable hosting service for your business, but offer a selection of fully managed hosting options too, all of which include data migration support when needed.

Technical support

The JBi team have decades of experience and are at home in the digital world. There’s no-one better placed to solve your query or support you in your online ventures than JBi Digital.

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JBi Digital – Benefits

JBi have made a point of specialising across the whole digital spectrum, so you can expect a wide range of benefits for your business too:

Proven experience

JBi have developed a stellar reputation in the web design market, having honed their skills over many years with clients such as CNBC, BBC, Rolls Royce, NHS, Isla, Gas Safety Trust, the NHS and many others. Working with such diverse clients has helped JBi to develop a wide range of skills and an understanding of an equally wide range of industries.

Bespoke end product

JBi put a real emphasis on meeting each client, understanding their business and approach, and then working collaboratively to best capture your message and mission. This approach ensures every project and website design is unique and tailored to the client.

Comprehensive solutions

As mentioned above, JBi started out solely focussing on design and development. Now a full-service agency, they provide a long list of solutions that can be combined and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Specialised process

JBi Digital embrace two methods of project management: waterfall & agile. Both offer distinct benefits. If you want a traditional work flow in which each step flows smoothly into the next with a final review before completion, then a Waterfall project might be best for you.

Agile management focuses on short bursts of work followed by feedback and discussion before progression, which can help the project remain on the right lines. Agile is ideal for more complicated projects. JBi are expert practitioners of both and will maintain absolute transparency throughout any project you collaborate on.


Costs may be determined by project, but this doesn’t prevent JBi from maximising your ROI. By listening to their expert advice, you may realise that you want something totally different to what you envisioned, or may want to take a different, more cost-effective approach.

JBi’s growth and subsequent broadening of their skill-base ensures there are many upsides to working with them. Having moved into a more consultative approach to web design, JBi are able to expertly manage any project within London or beyond.

JBI Digital – Verdict

Overall, JBi Digital is a highly reputable web design company that utilises a wide range of skills to offer a fully integrated service. Since their foundation almost a decade ago, JBi have cemented their place in the upper echelon of London web design by working with a large number of top tier clients, including Channel 4 and William Hill among others.

If you are looking for modern and cost-efficient web development solutions, you couldn’t ick a better partner than JBi Digital. This agency truly understands the importance of knowing their client and the team are happy to schedule a preliminary appointment to answer any questions you may have as well as dispel any doubts. This is the best way to determine if JBi is the right agency for your business.

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