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“Where can I find some great inspirational website designs?” is a question asked by many people looking to create a new new website or re-develop an existing one. But far too often people get caught up in what might catch their own attention, rather than thinking about their users.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled the following collection of inspirational website designs. Think of them as the first stepping stone towards your ultimate web design inspiration – no matter the size of your business or your web design needs.


Inspirational Website Designs For Small Businesses

One of the hardest tasks small businesses face is battling against the ‘big dogs’ of their industry. With a big company comes the promise of a stronger reputation and greater professionalism, so as a small business you need compete against this and stand out.

One of the first steps to getting noticed is an unforgettable website design.



Although not the smallest of small businesses, TRNK’s inspirational website design is a perfect representation of what all small businesses should try to aim for.

Immediately the background of this design achieves 2 things:

  • Without using words, visitors can see at a quick glance that the site deals in homeware, furniture and decorative pieces.
  • Second, through the choice of background imagery, the visitor quickly becomes emotionally involved as the photography is all taken from a visitors point of view (e.g. head height when sitting at a table)

This clever ploy not only tells customers exactly what the company sells, but also helps to keeps visitors on the page for longer, increasing the chance of a conversion.

What is also appealing about this design inspiration is its minimalist use of content. Their copy is concise, to the point and can be viewed at a glance. This leads to an engaging and inspiring website design that isn’t too overwhelming.

Andrea Brugi


As a small business you’ll more than likely find yourself competing against larger companies who have greater resources and budgets than you. For that reason, it’s even more important for you to make yourself stand out – and that’s exactly what the Andrea Brugi site manages so successfully in several key ways:

  1. The design is unique, original and speaks for itself. Yet it also encourages you to take a closer look. The way the wood is piled up, alternating between wooden plates, chopping boards and ordinary pieces of wood, immediately projects the message that all of their products are handcrafted.
  2. It is simple and lets the imagery do all the hard work, quickly letting you know what the site has got to offer: handcrafted homeware and kitchen products. Add to this simple, concise menu options (either ‘Products’ or ‘Cart’) and you’ve got a streamlined, customer-centric site with no fluff.
  3. Use of animation – the movement between products helps in finidng what you want and quickly. Andrea Brudi products may take a while to craft, but their online presence is all about simplicity and ease of use.

Inspirational Website Designs For Medium Businesses

As a medium sized business you have the immediate advantages of a larger budget, a more established customer base and the resources to experiment with your design inspirations.

Yet you still need a competitive edge in order to keep up with the big players in your sector. To keep customers coming back, have a look at the following inspirational website designs:



The Katz website oozes class, using elegant fonts alongside aspirational imagery of existing projects to entice visitors into exploring what is on offer. A rolling background image highlights different services and help establish Katz in the visitor’s mind as both professional and capable of handling bigger, wealthier clients – clearly their target market.

Bespoke photography combines with clean and clear layouts that help guide any visitors around the site without too much confusion. The calibre of clientele is reflected in the noir colour palette and high-end photography, whilst copy is precise in giving anyone reading the essential details they need in easy-to-understand terms.

This is a great example of site catering for its customers. Katz doesn’t try to pander to everyone because not everyone requires their services. The lesson here? Remember who you want to read your site or buy your product and then create the site for them.

Checkland Kindleysides


At Moodia, we are big fans of websites that make the most of using imagery and text together, which is probably why we love Checkland Kindleysides’ inspiring web design. They’ve managed to highlight their unique selling points on top of an image of eye, reinforcing the underlying message of their ‘insightful’ copy – that they pay attention to detail, can see things differently and know what looks good. All subtle implications, but cleverly conveyed through the right choice of landing page image.

The use of a video background adds some much needed motion and variation to the homepage and further strengthens the concept of paying attention to details. The black and white palette is stark and to the point, making it easy to find the menu and impossible to miss the branding.

This web design is inspiring for its simple yet enticing aesthetic – to the point yet difficult to look away from.

Inspirational Website Designs For Large Businesses

Yes, larger businesses have bigger budgets, greater flexibility to experiment and more resources. However, they too must compete for the attention of their desired web traffic, just like anybody else. It just means they can be more adventurous in how they go about it.

As a large business, there is an automatic expectation from clients of professionalism, class and money. Their website cannot be simple or plain. It needs to have an attractive presence. So, just like small and medium-sized businesses, large businesses also need to find the right web design to inspire their potential visitors.

Remy Martin


One of the main things we love about this particular website design inspiration is the clever use of videography. The Remy Martin landing page splices together numerous looped video clips to create a unique and attention grabbing visual. It feeds in perfectly with their ‘one life/live them’ tag line and also draws focus to a clickable ‘Call To Action’.

The fuzzy video draws users in to find more and draws them into the buying cycle; it is a simple yet effective method. Under this header image, the site is clean and crisp with smart, readable fonts and a liberal use of high-end photography. Each of which drills home the message that this is a classy product for classy people.

The Remy Martin website also makes smart use of menu imagery, with product photos appearing as you rollover links, helping anyone browsing to quickly find what they need. The site is focussed on its products, designed for a specific clientele and helps users get where they want thanks to some smart and inspiring design work.

Inspirational Website Designs For eCommerce Businesses

The goal of every ecommerce website is to quickly and efficiently showcase their products and encourage visitors to browse through the rest of their catalogue.

That means ecommerce companies need to be clever with their imagery choices, so their homepage doesn’t become flooded with image after image, and endless product descriptions.



This inspirational website design is clever in two different ways.

One, not only does Oakley draw your eye with vivid and colourful imagery, but the clever positioning of the sunglasses – as well as their shape and colour – helps to create the impression of movement and action – which is exactly their goal.

Designed to elevate your performance, these glasses have been deliberately positioned like this to emulate a sense of motion, whilst also showcasing their stunning designs.

Secondly, there’s no overcrowding – either from products or content. Instead, Oakley have chosen to keep the page simple by utilising a mega drop-down navigation menu that allows visitors to easily browse the rest of their products at their leisure.

Find Your Own Website Design Inspiration

As you can see, it doesn’t matter how big your business is when it comes to designing an eye-catching and inspirational website design. All that matters is an understanding of your target market and a willingness to sometimes push the boat out.

Just remember to avoid overcrowding (both with images and content) and aim to make your site original, unique and able to deliver a clear message within seconds. Do that and your own site could one day become a source of inspiration for others.

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