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The multidisciplinary team at ID Studios understands what it takes to transform brands, grow your business and help you to boost business profitability. From their eye-catching websites to their clean code; ID Studio has acquired a strong reputation for producing quality work having worked on the likes of The Foundry, Donky and Edge Sports.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 17/05/2016


ID Studios – Services

ID Studio has certainly got a lot to shout about. With services ranging from design and mobile strategies to offering clients assistance with their branding, coding, web development and content management; ID Studio regularly proves that they are the complete package; that they are ready, able and willing to support businesses all the way to the finish.

To help give a clearer picture of the breadth and diversity of their services, take a look below:

Website Design

Staying true to their moto that ‘design is at the heart of everything’, with every project they undertake, ID Studio treats it as an individual challenge, entering with no preconceived ideas or designs.

Instead by creating an end user experience that maximises website/app conversions – whilst maintaining client brands – they are able to offer clients aesthetic designs that are intuitive, user friendly and will ensure you have a clear, competitive edge.


ID Studio recognise how important branding is to your corporate identity and overall public image, so whether you’re looking to reinvent your brand or create a new one; they are more than equipped to help. In fact, they can ensure that your brand accurately showcases who you are as well as your services; your products and how you are different from your competition.

User Experience

Before ID Studio undertakes any project, they create detailed wireframes containing the sites entire architecture to enable clients to visualise their site map and features, as well as enable themselves to view the site from an end users perspective.

By doing so this helps to eliminate any potential issues and instead ensures a smoother website build and a faster turnaround.


ID Studio is able to create clean, responsive HTML5/CSS3 mark-up that is usable across a multitude of platforms and renders seamlessly on smartphones and tablets.

Website Development

Whilst ID Studios’ preferred development framework is Laravel – as it allows them to implement open source platforms and frameworks – they are flexible and are quite happy to work with whatever solution best fits your circumstances.

Content Management

ID Studio support a variety of open source systems including WordPress, Magento, Concrete 5 and Processwire, meaning clients can instantly benefit from the ability of being able to manage their website in-house (including product management, article publications and editing text). ID Studio also offers their own bespoke content management system that has been developed from the latest Laravel and Yii frameworks which they use on specialist projects.

Ecommerce Development

Whether your business is large or small, ID Studio are able to develop a customised ecommerce experience allowing for vouchers, wishlists, advanced product configuration as well as third party warehousing and accounting.

In fact their ecommerce development is unrivalled. Not only do they have extensive experience of integrating a variety of payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe and SagePay), they can tailor your solution to meet your business requirements.

Mobile Design

ID Studio embrace mobile design, and aim to ensure that their websites are not only responsive but will work flawlessly across smartphones and tablets. At the same time, their apps are fully equipped to handle iOS, Android and Windows phones.

App Development

With a dedicated team built up of mobile UX/UI design specialists, ID Studio is able to promise clients stunning native apps across iOS, Android and Windows phones.


ID Studio are able to remove the clutter and give clients detailed assessments of their inbound marketing efforts. By analysing your content, SEO, social activity, brand mentions and inbound links, they can tell you what’s working; what needs to be improved and what to avoid.

Search Engine Optimisation

On top of trying to improve client rankings, sales and revenue; ID Studio strives to boost site visibility and drive traffic to your website that converts. This is attained by developing link building strategies; producing powerful content and implementing the right social triggers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Social Media Strategies

By first exploring your customer’s desires, behaviours and how they perceive your brand, ID Studio are able to create content that will get your audience talking and responding to your social media interactions.

Email Marketing

ID Studio recognise the effectiveness of this low-cost, high return medium, and can help clients to initiate strategies and email campaigns that will quickly improve, maintain and grow customer relationships and product interest.

Content Marketing

The need for engaging content has never been more important within the online marketing world. Fortunately ID Studio are more than equipped to help your boost traffic, audience engagement, conversions and profits by assessing audience responses and creating content that is too good for your audience to ignore.

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ID Studios – Benefits

As you can see, every one of their services has the means to provide endless benefits for your website. No matter the size of your business, ID Studio can easily handle your design, development and marketing need.

Yet if you’re still not sure, here are a few of their top benefits:

Responsive Design

Unlike other digital agencies who are happy to develop 2 different sites at a time (one for laptops/desktops and one for tablets); with every website ID Studio creates, they incorporate responsive design that ensures your one website is compatible across all platforms.

This leads to quicker development, greater savings and easier maintenance.

Digital Promotion

ID Studio go above and beyond when it comes to helping their clients. With every project they take the time to carefully study your business, your products, your competitive landscape and long term goals, before creating credible digital engagement strategies that will revitalise the relationship between your brand and your customers.

From their planning capabilities, to its implementation, to the reports they compile; you’ll soon know which strategies are and are not working.

Realistic Goals

Their goals/promises are not unattainable. From the start ID Studio creates realistic short term and long term goals that are based on extensive research into your business, your competitors, your industry, your traffic, your social activity and your targets.

Cost Effective

At every corner, ID Studio aims to save you money by creating cost effective solutions. From their use of responsive design (ensuring that your website is compatible across various platforms) to their wireframes (which eliminate design/development mistakes before they happen); ID Studio can ensure heightened efficiency and faster website development without you having to sacrifice on quality or waste your money.

ID Studios – Case Studies

If you are in any doubt about ID Studios capabilities, then their case studies are sure to set you at ease. Not only do they outline the goal and objectives of each company, but they also succeed in showcasing their work.

Donky – secure OTT Network and transformed existing site into a modern, contemporary website.

Edge Sports – website design and application development.

FEV Photography – helped with photography showcase.

Faceshift – faceshift real time motion capture website design.

ID Studios – Verdict

If you’re looking for company that can handle your entire web design as well as your long term marketing ambitions, then ID Studios are the agency for you.

From the start, you will be met by a team that are dedicated to the successful planning and implementation of your re-design – who will take the time to research and understand your brand before creating credible digital and marketing solutions that will instantly improve the rankings, content and social visibility of your company to potential customers.

They are the complete package, so whether you are looking for a simple redesign or need the focus of a team who can handle your web development, email marketing and social media strategies; ID Studio can help.

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