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Built of a collective mix of creative, strategic and technical experts, iCentric have come a long way from their early days in 2003 where they consisted of a small design and web development team.

In just 15 years they have succeeded in expanding their business to contain an array of digital marketing service offerings – SEO, paid advertising management, email marketing, hosting, video production and service level agreements etc. – and have taken their own original Fivesuite CMS (the first of its kind) to go on and launch their latest award winning software iCentric in 2012.

Combined, it easy to see how this intuitive web design company managed to win Barclays Innovation award in 2014. They are one of the first companies to embrace the simplicity that CMS affords customers.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 28/06/2016


iCentric – Services

With a number of awards under their belt, and many more on the horizon, iCentric works hard to offer their customers the best in web design experiences. From their initial consultations and strategic planning, to the production of wireframes and visual design concepts; every step of the way they strive to bring your designs to life whilst striving hard to achieve your KPIs.

Their many services include:

Web Design and Creative Services

In an age where branding and quantifiable results influence site rankings, iCentric enables businesses to find the perfect balance between stunning website design and brand recognition. All of their designs are original and bespoke, and are not based on templates. Instead you can choose from their responsive or adaptive mobile/tablet designs and boost user engagement immediately, as users will be able to use your site across a multitude of platforms.

Add into the equation their use of guided navigation, future-proof architectures and outstanding user journeys and experiences, and iCentric’s web designs will ensure your brand aspirations are clearly reflected, but are received with class.

Their web designers are also equipped to handle all your video, animation, illustration, logo, branding (guides included), printed literature and marketing needs.

Web Development

Based at their UK offices, iCentric’s web development team will complete all of your work in-house, ensuring that your CMS requirements are attended to immediately. Whether your site can be powered completely by CMS, or you need a full, bespoke requirement; their team are more than equipped to handle the job and can offer you a whole host of CMS solutions, including their very own iCentric platform.

iCentric is designed to allow you to manage multiple websites from one dashboard as well as has full e-commerce built in; has a library for you to store all your digital assets, and can help you to manage your email campaigns and social media channels.

Their team can also develop applications from scratch; can extend the functionality of existing platforms and can modify software to operate the way you want it to.


iCentric’s marketing team know how to subtly market to your customers without being obvious or overbearing. With the support of their marketing team, they can help you to build your brand online, boost your visibility, generate leads, grow your customer base and increase your sales. This achieved by producing an initial plan; optimising your use of digital media channels (search engines, email campaigns, telemarketing etc.); setting out your KPIs and supplying regular reports on your sites performance.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Experts in PPC, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing (including templates and content), social media management and marketing, PR monitoring, analytics and conversions rate optimisation; iCentric can help you to find the cheapest and most efficient way to market your product via digital channels and boost brand awareness and visibility.

Their team will provide you with everything you need to track and measure your sites digital activities, whilst helping you to analyse this data and modify your strategies.

Consultancy Services

iCentric offers a range of consultancy services ranging from needs analysis (allows them to categorise requirements), specification (site maps, flow charts and functionality), user testing (using navigable prototypes of the website to judge user engagement and interaction with the site), experience management (identifies the different requirements of different users), site audits (identifies issues with usability and navigation) and service level agreements (helps your business to come up with budgeted costs for hosting, maintaining and upgrading your website).

Combined these services can help you to make better informed choices about the website and how to maximise your results.

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iCentric – Benefits

At a glance, it is easy to see that this web design agency has got the best interests of their clients at heart. From their range of tailored marketing services to their consultancy and unique web designs; every client is treated as an individual and as such will receive bespoke strategies.

Near the top of their benefits list are

Unique Web Design

iCentric refuse to fall prey to regurgitating the same templates for every client. Instead their talented team of designers will take your CMS, business objectives and customer needs into consideration in order to create stunningly sophisticated web designs that accurately reflect your brand and your message.

Track Record

Not only are their web designs unique, but iCentric have got a long list of satisfied customers – and case studies – to spur reassurance amongst potential clients. Browse through their case studies, and immediately you can witness the diversity of their design skills and their ability to produce intuitive and responsive designs that are memorable and accessible across all platforms.

Responsive Design

iCentric have embraced the demand for mobile accessible websites, and can offer their clients a number of ways to get their website seen, recognised and clicked on by prospective clients. Their sites are incredibly easy to use, allowing customers to navigate quickly and without delay.

iCentric platform

This integrated digital system allows businesses to perform all of their digital activities on one single platform as well as manage their website, digital assets, social media and e-commerce with ease. This easy usability cuts out the need for external management and can allow you to maintain, edit and improve your website independently.


The time, effort and detail that goes into their consultancy service offering is exceptional. At every stage of your journey they are ready, willing and able to support your web design journey, enabling you to accurately judge your customers wants and movements so you can modify your web design to produce optimum results.

iCentric- Case Studies

An agency’s portfolio is a fantastic way for businesses to judge the quality of their designs and services; and for iCentric their long list of case studies immediately works to set potential customers at ease.

Even at a quick glance, it is easy to see that they are talented and capable of producing original, modern designs that customers are unlikely to forget.


icentric weetabix moodia

This popular cereal provider required help with their creative design, web development and digital marketing. To help them overcome this, iCentric worked with them to design and build their main website; created a CMS and product catalogue; designed product micro-sites and campaigns; developed email campaigns; supplied hosting and service level agreements; co-ordinated TV campaigns, and supplied SEO support, monthly reports and analysis.


icentric porsche moodia

This well-loved car company enlisted iCentric’s help with creating a bespoke intranet portal design and development. By building them a tailored management system that allowed them to record, track and manage vehicle repairs whilst remotely auditing workshops, their equipment and technicians; iCentric were able to strengthen their brand and reputation.

Other clients include: Discovery (website, CMS and digital marketing) and London Luton Airport (creative design, website development, marketing and support services).

iCentric – Verdict

With top brand businesses such as Porsche and Weetabix in their portfolio, it is little wonder that iCentric has won so many awards. The quality of their work and designs speak for themselves.

Admittedly, there are a few elements missing from their offering – content and printed materials – however overall, iCentric is a strong web design agency capable of supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We especially love their original designs, unique iCentric platform (that allows the management of multiple websites in one place) and detailed consultancy offerings; as together they can offer clients the complete support package.

So if you’re looking to redesign your site or make CMS a core part of your development, we strongly recommend this promising web design agency.

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