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To describe the team at i3Media as multi-skilled is an understatement. They take their specialist knowledge in web design, development and SEO, and perfectly integrate them into their PPC, social media and digital marketing services so you can benefit from a contemporary and beautiful digital experience.

At every hurdle i3Media challenges their industry to offer you well-executed strategies that work hard to make your business shine and excel. With a strong reputation for assisting charities, multi-channel e-commerce businesses, local authorities and the government, you can rely on i3Media to deliver top results.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 17/08/2016


i3Media – Services

With a proven background in creative, technical, marketing and mobile services, i3Media can offer you an all-in-one digital experience. You can pick and choose from the following services:


Committed to developing fresh and dynamic solutions, i3Media goes above and beyond to increase site visibility and brand awareness. They design with business growth in mind and so will actively research your industry, current trends and competitors to ensure that your brand stands out in a crowded market-place.

Web Design

Anyone can create a website, but can they make an unforgettable one? i3Media strives to create memorable digital experiences that will immerse your clients into your brand and capture their long term interest. Their designs are beautiful and bespoke, with a clear focus on the effective communication of your message.

Backing a beautiful front-end with intelligent interfaces and back-end solutions, you can walk away with a stunning website that turns visitors into conversions and perfectly showcases you, your services and your products.

Graphic Design

i3Media creates effective graphic designs and logos to visually grab your customers and ensure that they see exactly what you want them to see, when you want them to see them.

Content Management Systems

Capable of being tailored to the size of your business, i3Media offers a range of scalable CMS that can be modified to meet your business needs, no matter if you’re a start up or a larger enterprise.

Built on a WordPress platform, i3Media make it easy for you to take control of your website and effectively manage content, images and everything inbetween.


For more than a decade, i3Media have been supporting businesses of all sizes with their specialist e-commerce solutions. They can help your business to not only start selling products online, but can support your future growth with their structured and organised frameworks.


With more than 50% of web visits being made via mobiles and tablets, it is essential for any business to have a responsive and mobile-optimised website. i3Media offers two mobile packages – responsive and dedicated – where the use of snap point resolutions can enable you to resize your website to the size of the device it is being viewed on.

  • Responsive web design – mobile compatible to boost user experience, this design solution allows potential customers to view the same consistent web design on any device.
  • Dedicated mobile design – perfect for larger websites with more traffice. This solution is designed and developed as an entirely separate site and is able to deliver content quickly.

Digital Marketing

Committed to creating connections and digital experiences that are easy to engage with, i3Media aoffer a variety of digital marketing solutions that can help you reach the customers you need to.

  • PPC – i3Media can optimise and manage your paid adverts to give you instant exposure and traffic boosts. They use intensive keyword research to increase click through rates and improve your ROI.
  • SEO – utilising their in-depth SEO knowledge i3Media can apply well-thought out content strategies to your website that can boost your presence in search engine results pages.
  • Social Media – i3Media offer creative, engaging and effective social media solutions that can broaden your reach and authority within your chosen industry. Their team can either monitor your account from the side-lines or plan the entirety of your business’ social engagement; both options will get your brand message communicated clearly and efficiently.

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i3Media – Benefits

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, i3Media believes in establishing long term relationships with their clients. Unlike many agencies, they will only work with clients who they know they can help and as such take great care when selecting their business-partners. By doing so they are able to offer a fully-focused, one-on-one experience.

Benefits of working with i3Media include:

Beautiful front-end design

As specialists in both graphic and responsive web designs, i3Media are well versed in creating stunning websites. Their talented team can help make your website stand out with an original, contemporary design that is unique among your competition.

Responsive web design

Having a responsive web design doesn’t just help your website look good on different screen sizes, but also ensures consistency across your brand. Thanks to their use of snap point resolutions, your website will automatically resize itself to suit the device.

Previous work

When picking an agency, you want a business who can do what they say they can, and are backed by the proof of their skills and design talents. i3Media should immediately put you at ease, as the proudly displayed case studies on their website are a great showcase of their talents.

Full service

These days you need more than a pretty website to get noticed. You need an intuitive interface that users can navigate easily, as well as a behind-the-scenes CMS that makes website management a simple task. i3Media can help you to achieve this and more. As experts in SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media, i3Media can confidently market your website, boost traffic and increase visibility.

i3Media – Case Studies

To help you make an informed decision when choosing a web design agency, we’ve picked our favourite case studies from the i3Media website:

Allens Caravans

Established in the 1960s, this caravan business contacted i3Media with the hopes of making their business stand out from the crowd and becoming the most trusted provider in their niche.

i3Media started by developing a brand new digital marketing strategy, before reinventing Allens Caravans’ online presence by supplying them with: UX-led design, a fully responsive brochure site, a dedicated mobile site, content migration, SEO driven content, search engine marketing and new social media strategies.


As specialists in both men and women’s apparel, this influential brand approached i3Media seeking a face-lift for their website. By embracing UX focused and responsive designs, i3Media supplied Supremebeing with an e-commerce platform tailored to all platforms. i3Media also provided Supremebeing with SEO content strategies that have helped to move their brand forward.

Artificial Lawn Company

These leading providers of artificial grass hired i3Media’s expertise in order to develop a new website that utilised UX design, content strategies and a more robust CMS. The result was a beautiful, fully responsive, mobile website that acted as a bespoke e-commerce platform. Ongoing support ensured that there were no issues.

i3Media – Verdict

There is no disputing the skills or the passion of i3Media. They have spent the last 10 years honing their skills so that they can offer clients the full package: gorgeous web designs, easy to use content management systems and all the marketing tools you could ever need.

We’re big fans of their case studies as they act as a great showcase of their team’s skills. So if you are interested in revitalising your website; need help with your digital marketing or want to improve your audience reach, then i3Media can offer you a helping hand and more.

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