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Content is the silent salesman for your website. It immediately lets customers know what you have to offer and also demonstrates your worth to search engines. In a nutshell, content is king, which is why a great website content writer is worth his or her weight in gold!

In this article we’ll look at:

  • What a website content writer is
  • Whether you should write your website’s content yourself
  • How much it might cost
  • Where to find great content writers


What is a website content writer?

The role of a professional website content writer is to produce all of the copy for your website. They write engaging copy for landing pages, product descriptions, metadata as well as any other content you need writing.

Recruiting a website content writer is a smart move. Search engines are looking for natural and well written content that provides value to users and helps to position your brand as a thought leader in your sector. After all, it doesn’t matter how amazing your products and services are, if your website is littered with spelling mistakes and unreadable paragraphs, you aren’t going to connect with your audience!

Understandably, this takes time, which many small businesses don’t have. Outsourcing the task to a professional will save you both time and effort. For example, a 500-word landing page may take you a week to complete, but a website content writer can probably complete the job in a few hours.

Should I write the content for my website?

One of the most common mistakes small and medium sized businesses make is in neglecting their website content because they want to keep their costs down. They believe that hiring a professional content writer will be too expensive and as a result they try and tackle the job themselves.

Unfortunately, writing exceptional content is not as easy as it looks. Contrary to popular belief, not everybody can produce engaging and well-written content. Sure you can come up with a few lines about your website, but that doesn’t automatically make you a professional content writer.

You can spot amateur content a mile off; it will be poorly constructed, filled with unnecessary adjectives and stuffed with keywords. Gone are the days of black hat SEO where you could manipulate your rankings to the top of Google by mentioning your keyword 200 times in one paragraph. Nowadays, businesses can’t get away with stuffing keywords into their content and waiting for the traffic to roll in. Behaviour such as this will land you with a Google penalty, which doesn’t bear thinking about.

As you’d expect – and like everything else in the digital marketing landscape – crafting content that appeals to both your customers and search engines is no easy feat. So rather than risk your online integrity and visibility, you should consider hiring a professional website content writer, or copywriter, to take care of all of the written content on your website.

How much does website content writing cost?

Content writers usually work on an hourly rate, which generally starts from around £10ph and increases depending on the experience of the writer. If a writer is a specialist in a certain subject or niche, then you may need to pay upwards of £50-100ph to secure their services.

Some freelancers may charge a daily rate, which can prove beneficial for larger projects, but can sting you if the work is turned around in a couple of hours.

Other writers might request a fixed rate for longer projects, e.g. writing copy for an entire website. It really does depend on the individual, so it’s always best to get a quote before you commission any work.

Note: Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

8 best sites to find great content writers

The internet allows you to connect with amazing content writers from around the globe, it also helps those blessed by the pen to turn their talents into a moneymaking business. Below, we’ve have compiled a list of 8 best websites to find content writers.

People per hour

website content writer people per hour moodia

PPH boasts one of the largest online freelancing communities. Upon registering, you can post a specific job or buy a service advertised by a freelancer. Freelancers have to prove they are some kind of professional, such as showing evidence of their degree qualification, so you can expect higher quality content.

You can view freelancer credentials, portfolios and reviews from other buyers. Fees are paid directly through the website to promote security and you can build up your own profile as a good seller.


website content writer freelancer moodia

Freelancer is a straightforward job board that allows freelancers to get stuck in with large scale jobs. It includes a variety of freelance opportunities including copywriting, design, programming and many more.

Many freelancers use this site to commission huge projects, which is perfect if you are looking for a copywriter to write your entire website.


website content writer upwork moodia

Once again, this is an all-round freelancer website for a number of different talents, but you won’t find a shortage of wordsmiths available. Writers on Upwork tend to accept a lower price for content as there are so many job postings, which could be useful for smaller businesses.


website content writer copify moodia

Copify helps you find content writers from a network of approved professionals. The site is purely for content writers which makes it easy to find and work with the freelancer of your choice.


website content writer gumtree moodia

You can go back to basics by setting up your own advertisement on Gumtree, and form your own working relationships with a network of freelancers in your local area. Although, doing it this way means you will have to organise pay with them directly through a processing service, such as PayPal.

Content Mart

website content writer content mart moodia

Content Mart provides you with access to thousands of freelance content writers, and unlike many other sites, doesn’t charge any commission so your payment goes straight to the freelancer. You also get the opportunity to chat with the users to ensure they are right for the job.


website content writer reddit moodia

There are hundreds of subreddits for freelance web content writers looking for work. You can post an ad for free and engage with the writers directly through the platform before commencing business.

Constant Content

website content writer constant content moodia

Looking for premium quality content? Then Constant Content is the site for you. Experienced content writers have been known to charge £100 for one article.

Next Steps

Content isn’t something that you should cut corners with. These websites make it easy to secure the type of freelancer that you require for a great price, so there really is no excuse for poorly executed content.

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