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Committed to ensuring that the world quickly sees and hears what makes their clients special, Graphic Evidence have spent more than a decade making it their mission to produce powerful branding, beautiful websites and inspirational marketing materials to ensure you shine.

From day one, their highly creative design and branding team will work hard to help your business to find its personality and then translate this brand into extraordinary, unique and innovative web designs.


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Graphic Evidence – Services

When Graphic Evidence puts their focus to something, they commit to it whole-heartedly, resulting in a wide array of services that can benefit your business in any number of ways. Included are:

Web Design

Graphic Evidence never regurgitate templates or generate substandard designs. They strive to make your website special, unique and memorable.

More importantly, Graphic Evidence are passionate about delivering websites that are more than simply stunning designs, but exciting experiences where you are able to successfully inform and inspire users, capture their attention and guide them through your site with ease.

To achieve this, the talented designers at Graphic Evidence utilise:

  • Creative web designs – Graphic Evidence know how to turn users into repeat visitors. Every single one of their web designs is created to attract, engage and inspire your audience by harnessing the finest design techniques, layout options and visuals.
  • CMS websites – Graphic Evidence’s use of content management systems offers the immediate perk of allowing you to manage your own website on your own terms – editions, posts, deletions and images – as well as make it work for your business.
  • HTML email designs – Grab user’s attention with impactful land engaging email designs, which can then be used to direct user’s to your website where they will hopefully convert.
  • Social Media designs – you too can stand out from the masses and connect with the right audience by harnessing these social media designs and incorporating them into your corporate marketing strategies.
  • WordPress web designs – this platform is no longer reserved for bloggers. WordPress can now support businesses of all sizes as they take to the market and strive to standout. Take advantage of this powerful medium with Graphic Evidence’s help today.
  • E-commerce web designs – selling your products/services online has never been easier and with Graphic Evidence’s help you can benefit from effective web designs that have been customised to entice buyers and boost your sales.
  • Responsive web design – accessible everywhere and on every device, Graphic Evidence make it possible for users to visit your website and witness the same consistent designs and functionality across mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

And their design talents don’t end here. Graphic Evidence are also well-versed in designing email campaigns, digital advertising and social media – essentially anything that will help to strengthen your brand and deliver your message effectively.


Since 2003, this close-knit team have honed their skills to become specialist brand creators, developers and renovators. Whether you need assistance with your business, product, event or services, Graphic Evidence will work tirelessly alongside you to bring clarity and direction to your brand, whilst maintaining consistency.

Across all elements of your business, they will translate your brand identity and not only ensure your website reaches all the right audiences; they will also ensure your branding makes an impact and inspires trust and loyalty.

Among their branding services, they can supply you with:

  • Brand strategies – Graphic Evidence can help you to build the foundations of who you are and how you want to be perceived.
  • Brand designs – Through the strategic placement and design of your logo, website and wider visuals; Graphic Evidence can help you to effectively communicate your business values.
  • Product branding – Even packaging matters. Luckily, Graphic Evidence can help you to develop creative packaging designs that strategically incorporate your brand and will encourage long lasting relationships with customers.
  • Brand naming – memorable, engaging and positive, we can ensure that your business is viewed reputably.
  • Rebranding – as your business grows, your brand will evolve too. Graphic Evidence can help you to embrace these changes and develop a brand that truly represents your company.
  • Brand guidelines – These guidelines help you to manage your brand, strengthen values and ensure consistency across all mediums.
  • Company & Corporate branding – Make an impact and get recognised with Graphic Evidence’s high-end branding work.
  • Graphic Design

    From company brochures through to packaging, graphic design is at the forefront of everything that Graphic Evidence do. Their mission is to bring imagination and flair to your designs whilst helping you to connect with and inspire your audience.

    Graphic Evidence specialise in the following graphic design mediums:

    • Packaging
    • Brochure
    • Editorial & magazine
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Label designs
    • Branding

    To date Graphic Evidence have lent their support to food and beverage companies across the world by producing delicious branding, packaging and web designs.


    Graphic Evidence carefully blends their expertise across branding and design to support your event, help you to engage with the right people and deliver your key message with clarity.

    From designing brochures to developing adverts, websites and e-shots, their team can implement strategic event branding tools that will inform your visitors and put them at ease.

    Professional Agencies can turn your design ideas into realityDESIGN MY SITE!E

    Graphic Evidence – Benefits

    Graphic Evidence have built up a strong reputation among the event, pet, food and drink sectors for producing stunning designs, marketing materials and advertising campaigns. Reviewing their skills and benefits it is little wonder that their websites have won awards.

    Web Designs

    Fully responsive, unique and devoid of duplication, with Graphic Evidence you can trust that your website is original and has been designed with you and your brand in mind.

    Their web designs cover every element of your business offering you the support of WordPress, HTML, E-commerce and social media designs that will effectively communicate your message and ensure you remain at the forefront of visitors minds.


    Harnessing all the perks of WordPress, you can take full control of your website and handle its management with ease. This CMS is incredibly easy to use, so even if you have no prior coding experience you can implement all site changes (text/image addition, deletions and edits) in-house.

    Case Studies

    If any part of you doubts the capabilities of Graphic Evidence’s creative design and branding team, then reviewing their case studies will immediately set you at ease. Every one of their case studies is detailed and clearly outlines how they helped their clients. In turn, you can view the finished product and compare their skills across industries and sites.


    They put a lot of thought into your marketing – both online and off. From your packaging needs to your marketing materials, Graphic Evidence ensure that your brand is present everywhere without overwhelming users. Instead, their marketing skills can help you to achieve a wider audience reach and develop trust and loyalty among users.


    Graphic Evidence’s design skills can offer your website a real competitive edge. Magazines, editorials, advertising, marketing, labels and packaging – you need impactful graphics? Graphic Evidence can provide them.

    Graphic Evidence – Case Studies

    There is something to be said about the strength of Graphic Evidence’s case studies. Not only do they showcase their skills, but it is easy to see how much of themselves they invest into every project.

    Radley Stone

    graphic evidence radley stone moodia

    This international property consultancy reached out to Graphic Evidence looking for a completely new brand and website to represent their business. By taking the time to define their position, goals and customer profiles, Graphic Evidence were able to convey their brand values.

    Thompson Smith and Puxon Legal

    graphic evidence tps legal moodia

    Graphic Evidence worked up a stellar new website for one of the South East’s largest and longest serving legal firms. By ignoring market conventions, Graphic Evidence produced a fresh, fun and modern website that was a breath of fresh air for users. Easy to navigate and intuitive to use, this redesign made it much easier for potential clients to find exactly what they need.

    Graphic Evidence – Verdict

    Graphic Evidence takes the time and effort to offer your business the best resources on the market. From their beautiful, bespoke and responsive websites that are tailored to your every need, to their branding, graphics and content management systems – you’ll have endless choices and opportunities to create the website you want.

    We especially love the fact that within their branding and web design services, you can pick and choose which of their options you want to take advantage of, and receive optimum results.

    Similarly, they go above and beyond to consult and listen to your needs, so the end result is a website befitting of your brand and long term goals, but that has been uniquely designed to give you full control.

    If you’re looking for the flexibility to manage your own site whilst benefiting from exceptional designs, we suggest trusting in Graphic Evidence’s extensive range of web design, branding and graphic tools.

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