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Specialising in the creation, marketing and support of high performance websites, Formulate Digital strives to provide their clients with the finest in web design, web development and marketing solutions.

You can rely on their team of talented designers and developers to delve deep into the heart of your business so that they can create top quality websites that surpass your expectations both in design and efficiency.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 19/08/2016


Formulate Digital – Services

From basic redesigns and consultations to handling your hosting, marketing strategies and PPC campaigns, Formulate Digital separate their services into 3 distinct areas so you can ‘mix and match’ with ease.

Web Applications

As experienced web developers and designers, Formulate Digital are more than equipped to handle your application needs. You can choose from the following web services:

  • Middleware development – all elements all your website will be tested before launch to ensure maximum efficiency and usability. This includes making development adjustments to improve user experience.
  • Security auditing – regular auditing of your website helps to eliminate potential glitches across payment gateways and helps you to improve site security and user transactions. By optimising your website, you can gain the trust and confidence of your customers.
  • Hosting – Formulate Digital removes the need to search for an external hosting provider. Besides designing stunning websites, they can also handle all your hosting needs.
  • Ongoing support – from design to development to technical problems… Formulate Digital can and will readily assist with any site issues once your website has been finished.
  • Technical consultancy – before they even build your website, the team at Formulate Digital will sit down with your business to discuss your options. This helps to ensure that they capture the essence of your brand and maximise your ROI.


At the core of their business, Formulate Digital are specialists in beautiful website designs, animations and video production.

All of their websites incorporate responsive design, which enables your customers to access your site from any platform they choose to – whether it is mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – without having to dramatically alter your website design. Instead, you can enjoy lasting consistency across your brand and website, and the potential for greater user engagement.

Their animations and video production facilities are equally beneficial to businesses as they can help to make your website unique, original and unforgettable.


Increasing user awareness will never be a problem with the help of Formulate Digital, thanks to their expertise in marketing. As specialists in marketing strategy, branding, SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing, Formulate can help you to target the right audience at the right time, enabling you to develop a global reach.

Not only will Formulate take the time to review your business objectives and generate credible marketing solutions, but they will also take into account your branding goals in order to deliver an impressive message that users won’t easily forget.

Similarly, their knowledge of SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing, makes them a valuable asset as they will handle it all on your behalf. Formulate will research the best search terms for your business before creating enticing site copy, content, ads, posts and emails that will capture the interest and attention of readers.

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Formulate Digital – Benefits

Formulate Digital may be a small digital design agency, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in drive, expertise and experience.

They can offer you the following benefits:

Responsive web designs

All of their web designs are fully responsive and designed to work across all platforms. This removes the need for separate mobile websites and instead enables you to promote consistency across your brand.

Engaging and unique designs

With expertise across a variety of different industries, all of Formulate Digital’s web designs are original, bespoke and designed to best promote you in your sector. From aesthetics to navigation, Formulate take into account your target audience’s needs and search patterns, in order to produce a fully optimised website.


There is no doubt that top notch marketing skills can help you to achieve optimum site conversions and user engagement. Formulate are some of the best online marketers around and can help to boost site visibility in a number of ways, including ads, emails and newsletters.

Track Record

Formulate Digital provides detailed case studies of their work to help you decide whether they are the right agency for you. At the same time, you can easily explore the range of their design skills and better understand how they can help your business to shine.

Formulate Digital – Case Studies

Formulate Digital has got an impressive list of clients under their belt and here are our favourite examples of previous work that they have produced.


formulate digital grolsch moodia

This famous Dutch brewery approached Formulate Digital seeking help with their HR and ‘on-boarding’ portal for potential employees. To help them achieve their goals, Formulate Digital created specs and detailed wireframes, before designing and building their portal in HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, they used an open source CMS to give Grolsch full control over the management of their website.

The 3D Measurement Company

formulate digital 3d company moodia

This high tech company contacted Formulate Digital looking for help with their online presence. They wanted it to accurately reflect their high-tech and high-spec service. To help them achieve this, Formulate Digital implemented a WordPress CMS alongside a freshly designed, bespoke and responsive website. They also supplied high quality shots and photography.

Miller Brands

formulate digital miller moodia

This UK company reached out to Formulate Digital with the hope of modernising their online presence. To help them showcase their high-end alcohol brands, Formulate Digital created a HTML5 framework which they integrated into a Drupal CMS. Not only did this enable the use of on-page rich media, but their choice of CMS made it easy for Miller Brands to regularly update their website at the click of a button.

Formulate Digital – Verdict

With a strong background in web design, development and marketing, Formulate Digital can help small to large sized businesses to successfully promote their business and make users take notice.

Through detailed consultations and assessments of your brand, they can help to create credible marketing strategies that will boost site visibility and bolster your rankings. Add to this bespoke, fully responsive designs and you can be certain that your website is going to get recognised for all the right reasons.

The fact that they also offer security auditing and hosting, means they are committed to supporting your website at each and every step, which makes them a valuable partner.

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