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With more than 12,000 completed website designs under their belt, bOnline consists of a professional team of talented web designers who are committed to helping small businesses establish credible online marketing solutions.

From re-designing your entire website, to supplying your business with a range of customisable marketing tools; bOnline utilises Cloud technology to help you bolster sales, promote your brand and manage your content on a single dashboard, so you can successfully achieve the same web presence as large companies.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 10/08/2016


bOnline – Services

bOnline believes that small businesses deserve the chance to have a strong web presence and not fall prey to expensive yet basic websites that can prove detrimental to their success.

Instead, their exceptional team go above and beyond to deliver cost effective solutions that are right for your individual business needs.

Some of their services include:

Web Designs

Beautifully designed to project your brand message; bOnline utilises HTML 5 and CSS3 to optimise your website (for use on all devices), while ensuring they keep to your initial design brief.

Every step of the way designers will consult with you over your website, spending on average at least 300 hours on each design to make sure they are superb.

At the same time, the bOnline designers will also teach you how to use their editing tools, so you can walk away with complete control of your website. Pair this with extensive tutorials and email support, and bOnline can help take your website to the next level.

Local SEO

bOnline recognises the importance of local SEO for small businesses and have developed a range of SEO tools to keep you ahead of the competition.

Using a combination of SEO Wizard and Health Checks (to review the performance of your website), bOnline make it easier for you to manage your online marketing while still achieving strong rankings within local searches.

  • SEO wizard – can help you to set up your site and keep track of your marketing efforts (by running your own health checks).
  • Insights Dashboard – on one single dashboard you can manage your business activity, access essential statistics at any time and utilise Google Analytics to monitor your visitor demographics, visit duration and real time tracking.
  • SEO adviser – you will receive your very own adviser who will recommend which keywords to target and integrate into your copy, whilst reviewing your page titles and descriptions to make sure you’re optimised across your whole site.
  • Google My Business – bOnline will set up a Google My Business account that will benefit your SEO locally.

Domains and Email

If you’re serious about making your business shine, then bOnline can provide you with professional domain names and email addresses that will ensure that your business gets noticed. You can even include your domain name as part of your email address.

To help you make all the right impressions bOnline offer a ‘Start-up’ package where clients can get:

  • A domain name
  • 2x business email addresses
  • 5GB of free email storage
  • Spam and virus protection (inbound and outbound)
  • A 12 month contract with 1 years ownership of your domain name

For an additional £5, bOnline will give an extra 10 email addresses.

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bOnline – Benefits

When it comes to choosing a web design agency, you want to feel confident in the service that they are providing, and bOnline is able to offer this reassurance in spades.

Take the following benefits – each manages to showcase bOnline’s talents and inject confidence in their web design capabilities:

Web Design, SEO and Logo examples

Not only can potential clients browse through bOnline’s array of case studies and witness first-hand the versatility of their design skills (when applied to a project); bOnline also offers a whole host of web design, SEO and Logo examples.

Within these examples, you can explore the differences between featured, lite, professional and premium quality designs – which is great news for those on a budget, as you’ll be able to see a difference between designs before you invest.

Stunning designs

Lets get this out of the way: bOnline’s design examples are both modern and visually stunning, allowing you to gain an idea of the sort of website your industry niche may require. More importantly, every one of their designs is easy to navigate, helping to maximise user engagement.

Pricing options

Very few agencies feel comfortable showing their pricing options. If anything they like to keep it a mystery until they snag your interest. With bOnline you can witness honest, upfront prices that will prove invaluable when considering the level of service your budget can afford.

Case Studies

If any part of you is unsure about whether bOnline is the right design agency for you, then browsing through their case studies should help. Here you can witness the full effects of their design talents and judge whether they are the right fit for your business.


Awards always a confident booster for clients, as agencies have had to prove themselves to leading authorities in order to win them. bOnline has succeeded in winning a number of prestigious awards over the years – 25 to be exact – including three National Business Awards (for excellence in business achievement and innovation) and the BVCA Award. The company have also appeared in The Sunday Times ‘TechTrack 100′.

Full package

Web design, development, SEO, PPC, content and even broadband – bOnline covers all bases and more, ensuring you benefit from a richer, fuller and more supportive client relationship.

bOnline – Case Studies

From in-depth case studies to website visitations, it is easy to see that the team at bOnline are exceptional, talented and know how to make your brand shine.

The Dental Centre

bonline the dental centre moodia

A private practice in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, this family run dentist came to bOnline for a new website to replace their existing one as they required more flexible customisation and design options.

bOnline’s team used their extensive in-house design services and SEO tools to create a professional website that The Dental Centre could easily edit and keep optimised.

As a result, this small business website now attracts more visitors per day and ranks top for ‘dentist in Colwyn Bay’.


bonline aroma moodia

A family run takeaway in New Malden that decided they needed a new website in order to reach more customers after the launch of their second branch.

Aroma worked with bOnline’s DIY website builder to create their site, using many of bOnline’s existing restaurant designs to help develop and customise their own unique website.

They also utilised bOnline’s built-in SEO capabilities, which has led to them attracting almost 1,000 visits per month.

bOnline – Verdict

What we love about this web design agency is that they give their clients a choice. They can either use bOnline’s templates, examples and DIY tools to make their own website or they can enlist the help of bOnline’s highly talented team.

At the same time, the fact that potential customers can browse through samples and look at case studies, is an instant confidence booster as they can see their design skills in action, as well as recognise their extensive experience across a number of different industries.

Another bonus for clients is the range of packages on offer. At every opportunity they strive to save small businesses money, by allowing them to tailor their package options and utilise as much or as little of bOnline’s help as they want.

So if you’re a small business looking to revamp your website, or even have a go at building a website yourself; bOnline can guide you throughout the entire process and equip you with a range of marketing tools, designs and video tutorials.

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