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Passionate about helping your brand and business to grow online; Bond Media is an award winning, ideas driven web design agency whose business focused ideas will help your website to shine.

From the very beginning they will listen to your brief, discuss your needs and formulate ideas that will make your project unique. In turn, they will take your ideas and produce stunning design concepts and wireframes that will not only WOW your visitors, but will boost site functionality and move your website in the direction YOU want based on your feedback.

Traditional website design, Magento e-commerce or animations… with Bond Media you can help your business to soar.


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Reviewed by Moodia: 23/06/2016


Bond Media – Services

Bond Media approach every project at one speed – all-out, full-on and efficiently. From day one you’ll be treated to a team who are dedicated to translating your vision into reality whilst supplying you with a whole host of services: web development, print design, branding, illustrations, packaging design, web applications, flash design, e-commerce platform development and online marketing.

Web Design

Bond Media certainly knows how to help you to make the right first impression. Not only are they dedicated to producing web designs that will develop your brand; boost your corporate image and ultimately turn visitors into customers; all of their designs are unique, easy to use and utilise modern technology.

With their web designs you can benefit from:

  • Business imagery that is synonymous with your business name
  • Clear, simple, intuitive designs that are uncluttered and easy to navigate
  • Well designed, sophisticated websites that exude professionalism and trust
  • Brand development across online and offline mediums

Magento E-commerce – Web Design and Development

Bond Media have many talents, but one of their biggest areas of expertise lies in their Magento E-commerce builds.

Their team of experts are ready, willing and able to develop impressive, user-friendly Magento e-commerce websites that are accessible across national and global markets; will strengthen revenue streams and visitations, and is simple and easy to navigate.

At the same time, their designers are committed to offering your customers clarity, simplicity and the ability to voice their opinions (reviews, discussion boards, blogs and forums) so they can optimise customer user experience.

Mobile Website Design

With over 4 billion mobiles in active use across the globe, making your website mobile friendly is essential. Luckily, the designers at Bond Media know how to make your website look stunning even on the smallest of screens.

Through careful planning, they can ensure that your website looks equally impressive across multiple platforms, whilst taking the time to develop new, clean interfaces and useful features (‘call us’, ‘find us’ and interactive maps) that can immediately help to broaden exposure and encourage instant site interaction.


Beyond their gorgeous designs, Bond Media goes above and beyond to ensure that your website is easily found, returned to and remembered. By harnessing search engine optimisation and modifying your code and site structure; they can immediately boost internet awareness and visibility, whilst ensuring that your company brand/message is received loud and clear.

If anything Bong Media’s SEO strategies act as full-scale advertising campaigns enabling search engine spiders to easily find and crawl over your site so the right kind of traffic is directed to your website.

Yet what we love most about their SEO offering is the fact they don’t adopt flash-in-the-pan approaches. They aim to create strategies that will trigger long term maximum business growth, with minimal costs.

Social Media Optimisation

Bond Media can help you to convert those countless customer bases across social media websites and transform them into customers. By harnessing media, applications and devices, their team can easily add social media optimisation to your marketing armoury and ensure your audience is fully aware of your brand and your product launches.

Just some of the platforms they utilise include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, MySpace and YouTube. Using these networking sites, they can encourage viral contact; develop dialogue with potential customers; pass on information; stay on trend; implement long term advertising and PR, and help you to reach a wider audience, all whilst helping you to develop your corporate identity in a really in-expensive way.


If your brand needs a wake-up call or simply needs to be better communicated to you audience, the guys at Bond Media are more than happy to help. They designers can help you to achieve the distinctive edge you need to stand out from the crowd and be picked by potential customers.

Online or off, they prove themselves to experts in this field utilising their graphic designs to mould, reshape and expand your brand whilst implementing bespoke strategies (SEO, social media optimisation and internet branding) that will enable your reach to achieve global proportions.

Down to your colour choices, brand logo and the presentation of your printed and electronic communications; they can design email templates, create business cards and even write your letters and blog posts, so across all platforms you present a unified identity.

Print Design

Bond Media prides themselves on their ability to produce exceptional results and have become leading experts in all elements of offline design. In fact, they can handle all your printed material requirements by producing stylish layouts and immersing them with striking imagery.

Some of their printed product offerings include: leaflets, brochures, letterheads, promotional materials and business cards.

Business Consultancy

If you’re struggling to turn an idea into reality, then Bond Media’s business consultancy services can help you to define and redefine your ideas, so you can identify your business goals and the resources you’ll need to get your idea running. More importantly they can help you to formulate a plan so you can achieve your revenue goals, strengthen your brand identity and handle your online and social media marketing.

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Bond Media – Benefits

If you’re still in any doubt about the perks Bond Media can bring to your business, then reviewing their many benefits can immediately help to set you at ease. From their detailed consultancy and strategic planning sessions to their exceptional design and marketing practices; Bond Media can easily provide you with the full package and more.

Big Brand Names and Promising Case Studies

It is true what they say – seeing big brand names within a portfolio can immediately spark interest and confidence in their capabilities. Yet these names – Pepsi, Baskin & Robbins and the Royal Bank of Scotland – are not their only impressive features. The outstanding quality and originality of their web designs means you can use them rest assured that your own website will be stunning, modern and befitting of everything your brand identity represents.

In fact scroll down their portfolio and you’ll witness a breadth of industry diversity and skills that can cater to all business sizes and demands.

Brand Identity

From day one they will develop and remould your corporate brand identity to match your business needs before translating them into every facet of your web design, marketing tools and audience message.

The Full Package

In this day and age having a pretty website is no longer enough. To achieve a full competitive edge you need to conquer your market in all areas – your content, your social media presence, print materials and SEO. Bond Media can provide your business with the full package and more. More importantly they are willing to tailor their services and involvement to match your demands and budget.

E-commerce Platform

One of the main things we love about this agency is that they have gone to great lengths to become specialists in all areas. At the top of this list they have developed an intuitive e-commerce platform that not only improves ease of use and customer engagement; this CMS has been designed to allow you to take full control of your websites management. Editing, adding or publishing new products or pages, you can control it all without the need for external help.

Bond Media – Case Studies

We have to admit that we are a little bit in love with the range of clients Bond Media have got under their belt. In just over a decade they have managed to work on a number of big name projects that greatly helps to boost their reputation for quality.

Pepsi Lipton

bond media pepsi lipton moodia

This separate branch of Pepsi contacted Bond Media with the hopes of creating a website that would target corporate professionals and enthuse them about opportunities. Bond Media not only managed to do this with ease but succeeded in building a site that captured the spirit of their core brands, whilst offering integrated video streams.

Site features: BondCMS bespoke development, mobile responsive and Internet Explorer 8 compatible.

Baskin Robbins

bond media baskin robbins moodia

This famous ice cream company approached Bond Media seeking a bespoke web design unique for the UK, but that would still met their global brand guidelines. To achieve this, they implemented an easy to use CMS that gave them full control to add new stores; Google Maps and all of the following features – store locator management, and a news and press section.

The Royal Bank of Scotland

bond media rbs moodia

After RBS acquired ABN AMRO Bank in 2007, they contacted Bond Media to help them connect the 2 banks via an intranet. Bond Media achieved this and much more by developing a bespoke intranet and content management system that enabled members to manage all of their content. This included interactive timelines, weekly polls, a bespoke Analytics Stats module to track usages; an Ajax Searchable contacts directory; video upload management and news management.

Bond Media – Verdict

As e-commerce platform providers and web designers go, Bond Media has got a lot to shout about. From their connections to big brand names, to their stunning web designs to their passion for each and every project; this design agency can make a real difference to your business success.

With the support of their talented web designers they can help to broaden your brand awareness and visibility; encourage traffic and sales, and equip you with a CMS that will make the long term management of your website easy, straight forward and simple.

We especially love their consultancy services, as this element can go a long way to assisting businesses of all sizes and budgets. So if you’re looking to revitalise your website, rejuvenate your web design and benefit from artistic and creative designs; Bond Media can set you on the path to success.

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