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As a photographer, there is no greater representation of your skills than your own photography website. It’s a chance to express your style and showcase your finest work to potential customers from across the globe. It’s the first port of call for many clients and for the very best photography websites it can act as a very effective form of advertising.


Best practice for a photography website


It goes without saying that you must use large, high-quality images that demonstrate the breadth of your talent. The best photography websites keep it minimal and allow the images to do the talking.

You’ll also need to ensure that the design of your website gives visitors a sense of what you do, including personal style of photography and a theme.

For example, If you’re a wedding photographer you should aim to replicate the dreamy atmosphere of a wedding. If you shoot landscapes, visitors should get a sense of adventure upon entering your page and be treated to a variety of beautiful scenery.


While your website will primarily focus on your images, it’s important to remember that it’s still a webpage and will need to contain some text for search engine optimisation purposes. This will help users to find you when they search for certain keywords.

If you haven’t already, remember to be SEO friendly when it comes to building your website by including keywords that are relevant to your business. The easier you are to find and the more targeted your content, the easier it will be for Google to index your page.

Study the best photography websites

One of the best ways to garner inspiration for your own photography portfolio is by taking ideas from the websites of other photographers.

Whether they are in a similar industry to you, or a completely different niche, there is always something new to learn and adapt to your own style.

It’s important to remember that photography is an art form, so there will never be a definitive list of the best photographer’s websites, because people value a variety of different qualities.

Below, we will take a look at some of the best photography websites around in order to give you ideas for your own online portfolio.

The best photography websites around

Tom Hoops

best photography websites moodia tom hoops

This website transports you into a dark, seductive world that is closer to a high-end glossy fashion magazine than a website portfolio. Everything about this website is focused on the images and the design layers portrait and landscape shots to add texture to the scroll.

As the website is so minimal, it takes a lot of navigation to find out how to contact him. This can work for more established names, but may not be the best option if you’re starting out and need to generate leads.

Dave Hill

best photography websites moodia  dave hill

A true testament to sticking to a theme, this photography website has a retro, yet contemporary vibe. By using multiple images stacked across the page, you can tell a story and show the depth of your talent.

Jeremy Cowart

best photography websites moodia jeremy cowart

Jeremy has the right approach; he focuses on stunning captures but doesn’t let the business side of his site go to waste. Immediately a contact form springs up, prompting you to enter your email address.

Jeremy also uses a video to discuss his projects, which is great for a visual website because it adds value to the user without overcrowding the site with text.

Once you’ve entered the site, all of Jeremy’s images are displayed in a card format with different sized images used to capture the attention of visitors.

He also has a blog where he discusses projects and his passions, this is a great way to engage and encourage visitors to return to your site.

North Landscapes

best photography websites moodia jan erik

This is a website of true beauty. The images are so entrancing that you forget where you are and what you are doing; all that matters are the photographs.

The homepage is very engaging and uses a variety of techniques to showcase the images, including a carousel and a card layout. The website also adopts a long-scroll design, which takes the user on a journey and further emphasises both the travel theme and the photographer’s sense of adventure.

Morgan Norman

best photography websites moodia morgan norman

Another online photography portfolio that could be mistaken for a high-fashion blog or magazine, this website layout exudes sophistication and class. The images are displayed in a varied card layout, which adds texture to the page, while all the important information is displayed in the header above so the user doesn’t struggle with navigation.

Ryan Michael Kelly

best photography websites moodia ryan michael

This photographer uses pops of colour mixed with black and white to make his art come to life. By displaying the images in a card design with a variety of sizes, he ensures that the eye always has something exciting to focus on.

Koen Demuynck

best photography websites moodia koen demuy

This is on of the best photography website landing pages we’ve ever seen, with a wide display that shows off images in their complete beauty. The mix of full scale images and a simple scroll method invites users to navigate through the portfolio at their own pace and get lost in the art.

Shaw and Shaw

best photography websites moodia shaw and shaw

Why not capture passing attention by immersing your audience in a surreal world like this photography websites does. By using images that fill the entire page and then purposefully guiding the user via arrows, the designers have dictated the journey that the user goes on. This shows the photography at it’s very best and gives the user a genuine feel of the style.


best photography websites moodia eli

Remember Rubik’s Cubes? This website has taken inspiration from the design of the 70’s puzzle to give users the ability to scroll up and down individual columns rather than scrolling through the entire page. This interesting concept is visually exciting and a creates a unique experience for the user.

Lisa Bettany

best photography websites moodia lisa bettany

The beauty and simplicity of this photographer’s website is superb, providing the user with a sense of tranquillity as they scroll down past the rows of stunning images. The colours complement one another, yet nothing is too bold or harsh on the eye.

Next Steps: Advice for photography websites

We hope that you are brimming with creativity after seeing some of the best photography websites around! While each portfolio is unique, they all shared the same element of simplicity.

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