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The words corporate and design don’t exactly go hand in hand with each other, do they? Corporate websites conjure up images of 2D logos, primary colours, huge chunks of text and an overall lack of imagination. However, if you check out biggest and best corporate websites currently on the net…well, you’ll be in for a surprise!

It turns out that corporate websites don’t have to be dull, plain or sensible after all!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the very best corporate websites to provide you with some inspiration for your own business website.


Corporate website considerations

Before we get into it, it’s important to remember that companies usually have strict branding guidelines, which might stipulate the use of particular fonts or colours, or even the type of images you’re allowed to use.

This can restrict a lot of designers, as they feel like they have to stick to simple designs and layouts to adhere to the guidelines. However, the branding guidelines are only there to portray a consistent message to consumers, therefore most companies will allow you some leeway as long as you discuss it with them and demonstrate how it follows on from the branding.

So, without further ado, here are 11 of the best corporate websites in 2017:

The best corporate websites of 2017

Hyper Island

best corporate websites hyper island moodia

Hyper Island’s corporate website demonstrates an effortless relationship between visuals and text. The page is bright and inviting, using large images and bold colours to attract the eye. It also contains a good amount of informative copy, which tells the company’s story.

The branding is consistently modern throughout the site, and the fonts exude a professional feel. The layout is simple yet exciting, taking advantage of a long-scrolling design that encourages the user to get lost in the brand’s story.


best corporate websites apple moodia

It’s hard to write a list of the best corporate websites without mentioning one of the most successful businesses of all time. Much like their products, the Apple website design is sleek, sophisticated and minimal.

Apple uses a carousel to display header images on the homepage, and integrates video to enhance the tech savvy feel. While the homepage is fairly short, once the user clicks on the product pages they can begin a journey through the items, courtesy of the long-scroll design.

CH. Haussmann & co

best corporate websites ch hausmann moodia

Who says that law firms have boring websites? Capturing the essence of the firm by using high quality images that have a fashion-esque style, this website reflects the prestigious yet contemporary tone of the law firm.

Innocent Drinks

best corporate websites innocent moodia

Innocent stand by their ethos of being simple, jargon free and full of goodness. Their website is exactly how you’d imagine it: simple, clean and easy to navigate around, providing the user with all the information they’d expect to find on a corporate website.

All images are lined up in blocks with simple text overlays and the branding is consistent throughout. Simple, effective and pleasing to look at.


best corporate websites pixar moodia

Pixar recreate the cinema experience with their corporate website. By keeping it simple with a black background and choosing to slide the bright animated images and screen shots from their films across the page, the magic of the cinema comes alive.


best corporate websites nike moodia

Nike’s image-focused corporate website reflects the shift the company has undergone from sports and fitness clothing retailer, to a worldwide fashion brand. Designed around simplicity and images, the website is divided into various clothing and shoe categories, which each have their own section that is separate to the e-commerce side of the website. This keeps the brand very focused on displaying the products and giving users more of an experience before deciding to buy.

Pret a manger

best corporate websites pret a manger moodia

Pret a Manger is a responsive corporate website design with a difference. It’s interactive design recreates the feeling of flicking through a menu, which their busy customers probably do before they dash out of the office to grab a bite for lunch. The colours are warming, natural and inviting, making you feel like you can almost taste lunch.

Eagle Clean

best corporate websites eagle clean moodia

The sheer novelty of this corporate website makes it one of our favourites on the list. You may think a cleaning company can’t possibly have one of the best corporate websites around, but this one defies the norm. The use of vibrant yellow catapults the copy out from the black background, while the logo is tongue-in-cheek and the video adds to the experience. Who knew cleaning could be so cool?


best corporate websites acme moodia

Immerse your customers in your world by creating an interactive corporate website like Acme did. Sounds, images and motion graphics bring the website to life and take each user on a unique journey. See it for yourself; keep scrolling to uncover the story.


best corporate websites kfc moodia

You might be surprised to find that fast food giants KFC have made the list, but trust us, we were blown away when we discovered their website! It is responsive, modern and intelligently created to enhance the user experience. The pièce de résistance is the video content they have made, giving users an insight into the Colonel’s adventures.

Red Door


This website was created to represent the Liverpool and Manchester-based bar Red Door. The bar’s website encourages customers to walk through its virtual doors, giving them a preview of what it’s like before going.

Uniquely designed to create a sense of mystery and excitement around the venue, the site uses lots of flash animation, motion graphics and retro images.

Next Steps

While the companies featured in this list may be bigger than your average SME, don’t let it deter you from being inspired by what is possible. As long as your developer has the talent, anything is possible!</p.

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