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In this article, we’ll examine the best charity websites around and highlight some of the most inspirational ideas that you can take from them.

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Common characteristics of the best charity websites

Some users may land on the website and be unfamiliar with the charity or what it does, so it’s key that your message is prominently displayed and quickly communicated. There should be a clear description of the organisation’s mission on the homepage as well as more detail on additional pages.

Here are some more common themes used by the best non-profit websites.

Responsive homepage design

Having a responsive website that automatically adapts to multiple screen sizes is essential, as people often hear about nonprofit organisations through word of mouth, and will then use a mobile or tablet to search for more information. There is also a growing trend of using a longer homepage that encourages users to scroll rather than clicking through to other pages.

Emotive images/videos

Due to the nature of non-profit organisations, the website needs to establish a personal connection with the user to encourage their support of the cause. Using large emotive images is vital to ensure that users connect with your organisation without overloading them with information. Many of the top charities also use videos to educate people on their mission, which are either animated or contain real subjects.


Many of the best charity websites use animations and infographics to bring their stories to life. This allows them to condense an abundance of information into compact, visually appealing content that’s easier to digest. Interactive animations are another intelligent tactic to explain detailed information in an entertaining way.

Best Charity Websites

So without further ado, here are 12 of the best charity websites that we’ve found across the web. Don’t forget – there are many elements and ideas on these sites that can be recreated by designers and developers, even if working on a modest budget.

Goldhirsh Foundation

best-charity-websites goldhirsch-foundation

This website is all about simplicity. It contains a lot of information, but because it’s been divided into sections the text doesn’t dominate the page. Sticking to a bright, light colour scheme and using graphics keeps it friendly and accessible.

Names for Change

best-charity-websites names for change

Truly creative and quirky, Names for Change is one of the best charity websites on the list. It separates categories into colour schemes and uses original animations and graphics to bring the story to life. The slider of how much money the charity has earned is a nice way to demonstrate the good work the organisation has done.

Change the Course

best-charity-websites change the course

This charity uses bright colours, engaging graphics and a video to persuade users to stay on the page and learn more. A study by Eyeview Digital, found that using a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% and also helps the brand message sink in.

Be Girl: EmpowerBank

best-charity-websites be girl

The EmpowerBank project is another charitable website that uses video to tell a story. In this instance, the video is in the main banner and auto plays once you land on the website. The designer has clearly thought about the user journey as the mission statement is underneath, and further information including stats and graphics follows.

National Parks Conservation Association

best-charity-websites npca

Vibrant, colourful and brimming with beautiful scenery and images of wildlife, this website is everything you’d hope for. The mission is clearly described at the top of the page, under a large banner image, with details of other projects underneath. Images and quirky graphics accompany pieces of information to break the page up with visuals.

Malala Foundation

best-charity-websites malala foundation

This website could focus on the tragedy that Malala and her family suffered, but instead it is a vibrant, colourful and happy experience that demonstrates all the amazing work the foundation has achieved for girl’s education. There is an abundance of images, animated graphics and compelling call to actions on every page.

One Drop

best-charity-websites one drop

Using an emotive image of a child as their main header, One Drop instantly grabs the attention of the user and sways them to learn more. They use video to tell their story and to demonstrate the problem, while using animated maps to establish the large scale of the problem.

He For She

best-charity-websites he for she

Using motion graphics to explain the organisation’s purpose, this website makes a huge impact within a few seconds of landing on the homepage. The dramatic colour scheme focuses your attention on the content of the site and the counter demonstrates how many projects it has successfully achieved.


best-charity-websites macmillan

Due to the nature of the charity, Macmillan has to cater for a huge number of people with different relationships with cancer, so the website needs to be welcoming and non-corporate. It does this by using bright colours, friendly fonts and plenty of images of people looking happy, strong and supported.

Invisible Children

best-charity-websites invisible children

This website definitely scores high on the cool factor, it looks amazing and entices the user to find out more. It uses a high quality video header which plays on a loop to attract the user’s attention, and is followed up by a brief explanation of the purpose, including appropriate images and graphics.

Next Steps for charity website design

The best charity websites tend to include a lot of information, so the challenge for designers is deciding how best to convey all of this crucial content without overloading the user with text.

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