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Solar Thermal

What is a Thermal Solar Heating System?

A thermal solar heating system uses heat from the sun to provide hot water to a property. Thermal solar panels are installed, usually on the roof, and these collect the heat. The energy this produces is then used to heat water stored in a water cylinder. Once heated, the water is used to provide hot water around a property in much the same way as a standard boiler.

Solar Thermal Heating Panels

Solar thermal heating panels are known as collectors and there are two main types used for household hot water systems; flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes.

Definition of "Solar Thermal"

Solar thermal energy (STE) is a technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat) requirement in industries, residential sector and commercial setup. Solar thermal collectors are classified by the United States Energy Information Administration as low-, medium-, or high-temperature collectors. Low-temperature collectors are flat plates generally used to heat swimming pools. Medium-temperature collectors are also usually flat plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use.

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