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Solar Energy Information

Generating Electricity.

The Sun provides the Earth with vast amounts of energy in the form of Solar Radiation. Humans have found many ways to take advantage of this clean, renewable and free source of energy. But how do they work?

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a collection of many Solar Cells (Photovoltaic Cells) which can be used to supply both residential or commercial buildings with cheap electricity. This is possible due to the Photovoltaic effect.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is literally energy that is produced by the Sun in the form of Solar Radiation. The Earth absorbs a large amount of this energy as heat and light every day and Solar Energy represents an environmentally clean and renewable source of power that is virtually free when a Solar Power System is installed in place.

How can we harness it?

There are many different ways of harnessing Solar Energy in use today. Ranging from the very modern Solar Technologies back to the \'passive\' methods used in ancient Greece and China.

A Definition of Solar Energy

What is solar energy?

What is Solar Energy Output?

Solar Panel Facts

The two main types of solar energy panels are solar electricity panels and solar hot water panels. Solar energy panels work by using heat from the sun and converting it into power for the home, or even for the workplace.

Solar Electricity Panels

Solar electricity systems use photovoltaic (PV) cells to capture the sun's energy which can then be used to power appliances or for lighting. The cells work best on a bright day but can still be used when there is no direct sunlight to generate some electricity.

Solar Energy means energy that comes from the Sun in the form of Solar Radiation. This energy can be harnessed by man in a number of ways such as Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters and even Solar Power Stations. But why should we? And what are the problems with doing so?

Solar Panel Technology

What are they?

Photovoltaic roof tiles work on the same principle as solar panels. However they have a major advantage over solar panels and that is that they are made the same size as large format roof tiles. This allows them to either be built into the roof on a new build or into an existing roof when it requires a repair or replacement.

How do they work?

Solar Panels in 2011

How they work

Photovoltaic Panels

About SolarWorld

SolarWorld solar panels are made in the USA and Germany to the highest standards. They have 3,300 employees and are one of the world's largest solar energy businesses.

They are 100% focused on producing solar panels for both homeowners and industry and it is all that they do, so they are truly experts in the field. Many of the people who work from them have been in the industry since the 1970s, working on some of the earliest domestic and industrial installations.

Why SolarWorld's Solar Panels Are So Good

Solar Power

Solar energy in the UK is becoming more popular since the UK government introduced the solar power Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy. Before the introduction of such schemes it was not affordable enough for the average UK household to consider any type of solar power system to generate usable power. The UK government has shown a great deal of support and understanding by offering financial support in the form of payment for all power generated by solar power organized by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

How Feed In Tariffs Work

What is Solar Electricity?

Solar electricity is the conversion of the suns light into useable energy. Systems are put in place that process sun rays either directly through photovoltaic cells (also known as PV's) or indirectly through concentrated solar power (CSP), where light rays are streamed into one area from a much larger gathering space.

How does Solar Electricity Work?

Whereby other energy sources, specifically non-renewable fossil fuels, create energy through being burned, solar electricity works in a much less harmful and non-hazardous way.

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

Environmental Advantages of Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity Systems

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