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Renewable Heat Scotland

What is a Thermal Solar Heating System?

A thermal solar heating system uses heat from the sun to provide hot water to a property. Thermal solar panels are installed, usually on the roof, and these collect the heat. The energy this produces is then used to heat water stored in a water cylinder. Once heated, the water is used to provide hot water around a property in much the same way as a standard boiler.

Renewable Heating Systems

Heating homes and commercial premises is one of the most energy hungry processes in the UK and a number of systems have been designed to provide heating and hot water using alternative and more renewable methods of generating heat. The conventional method of burning fossil fuels to generate heat has proven to be unsustainable and dirty to the environment.

Renewable Heating Systems

Solar Heating Options

There are two main forms of solar panel systems for the home, solar water heating and photovoltaic (PV). Solar water heating panels are less expensive to install than PV but the savings are less. However, if the motive of installing them is mainly to cut the cost of energy bills, there are other expenses to factor into the equation.

Insulation Effeciency

Renewable Heat Incentive - what is it?

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy

The UK government has proven its commitment to climate change by planning the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) which is set to provide grants and cash payments to households and businesses prepared to invest in renewable heat systems. The renewable heat incentive is set to be introduced in April 2011 and is thought by many to be part of the answer to the problem of global warming. By incentivizing households and businesses financially, the planned switch to renewable methods of heat generation will be easier to achieve.

Ground source heat pumps use pipes buried underground (in the garden) to extract heat from the ground. This is usually used in domestic properties to heat ... Heat Pump Association are awaiting the launch of 'The Renewable Heat Incentive' on 1st June 2011. This incentive, if passed, will ...

... the payments will still be made. Electricity generated by renewable, clean energy sources that are not used by the household but exported ... gases' build up around the earth and reflect heat back to the earth which can increase global warming. Global warming can ...

... with geothermal heating. Geothermal heating that absorbs heat from the earth's core requires very deep boreholes in the region of ... ground source heat pump systems provide a great source of renewable energy as the regeneration of the heat that will be absorbed has a ...

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