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Making the most of your conservatory

A conservatory might also be called a garden room or less likely, a greenhouse. The definition of a conservatory is a room added to your home which incorporates the outside or your garden into your living space.

A conservatory is usually a structure which is at least fifty per cent glass and will also usually have a glass or transparent roof. A conservatory or garden room is the ideal place to keep light sensitive plants.

Uses for a conservatory or garden room

Off setting the cost of building work

The price of having a garden room conservatory added as an extension to your home will of course depend on the size of the conservatory you require and the materials you require it to be built with. As an example, a three meter by three meter base built with half wall, windows and a transparent ceiling should cost in the region of £2000 to £3000 pounds. A mock Victorian garden room conservatory with the same size base, built with bricks, period windows and an insulated room can cost anything from £5000 upwards.

Patio conservatories are available from many places,some manufacturers sell direct via the internet,catalogues or a showroom.
Conservatory agents may have models from several company's in their inventory and several on display.Large garden and home centres are agents but may not have many on display.Many replacement window company's also make and install patio conservatories

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A conservatory is a cost effective and enjoyable way to add natural light and invaluable space to your home. Most conservatories can be bought and installed with the minimum of fuss.It's a great suntrap and a lovely place to relax and enjoy the view of your garden.
They can revitalise your home, creating an elegant space for work or entertaining guests.

Types of Conservatory

As with all projects, its success lies in the planning and preparation stage

English-Style conservatories are well known for their classic design and elegant looks, and are a great way to add value and unique living space to your home.
They are not usually pre-designed or built beforehand; instead they are unique and tailored to your individual tastes.
Traditional English styles such as: Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Mediterranean and Pavilion conservatory.
They provide maximum insulation thereby increasing energy efficiency. The glass room controls the air temperature inside.

Conservatory Styles and Design

Types of conservatory

A conservatory is a structure, usually constructed on the side or back of a house, which allows for enjoyment of surroundings while remaining sheltered. In the UK there is clear distinction between conservatories and sunrooms, with sunrooms having opaque roofs, as opposed to the transparent or semi-transparent roof of the conservatory.

The English Conservatory

Conservatories are rooms attached to a house that are constructed of a mixture of brick, glass and UPVC or timber. The glass used in a conservatory is one of the main aspects of a conservatory as they are designed to let as much light as possible in whilst avoiding the elements of cold weather. Classic conservatories in the UK were often designed to create a room that is able to maximize light and the sun at times when going out of the house is avoided due to the cold weather.

Types of construction

Special permissions for conservatories

Definition of "Conservatories"

Conservatory may refer to the following:

Conservatories London

Conservatories Manchester

Conservatories Birmingham