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UK Domestic Wind Turbines for Sale

A domestic Wind Turbine may seem like a good way to save money on your electricity bill and make some extra cash,selling the surplus to your energy supplier. This is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.
Most Turbines supplied for Roof mounting are not recommended by the Professional manufacturers or their installers, the major drawback being that roof tops create turbulence the enemy of the Wind Turbine. Urban installations will prove particularly difficult in the UK due to planning; health and safety; noise nuisance and other considerations. Installations in a rural setting will have a better wind flow and maybe less objections but the turbulence issue still applies

Practical Considerations

Unless your home uses very small amounts of electrical power, or power is needed in an out building remote from the house, small units less than 2.5 kwh output will not in most cases save or earn very much money. A turbine produces its rated output in a strong breeze approx 8 meters per second up to a medium wind of 10 meters per second. In a very strong wind the over speed protection will engage to prevent mechanical and electrical damage occurring. The small units mounted on a roof also come with banks of batteries a converter and other wiring. Room for this has to be found in the building, the simplest unit would be to charge a battery for lighting duties such as a 12v dc security light on an out building

The suppliers and Installers

The suppliers and Installers of domestic wind turbines state that any unit other than a Rural Mast mounted one is basically a hobby unit. Serious power outputs of 2Kw up to 10kw come at price and weight. The weight of the small units is more than most house roofs were designed to support and would need reinforcing, the large units are mast only mounted and need to be assembled and connected by registered experts. Prices start at around £2,000 for a basic unit plus batteries and installation at around £1,500. Suppliers of serious Turbines in the 6kw to 10 kw range will do a Free initial feasibility study of your site but charge in the region of £4,000 pounds to produce an in depth study such as one may need for planning permission , local council by laws, your energy supplier etc. You will need a qualified and certificated engineer to connect your new toy up to the national grid and your home most will charge around £70 per hour plus parts used this could be another £500 plus.

Where to get a Turbine

The Internet is the most likely place to buy a turbine as most of the DIY chains no longer supply the cheap units, they did not live up to their manufacturers claims. Google wind turbines and look on ebay, it would appear that most are made in China as they have a strong domestic market over in Asia.
These units are imported by several companies ranging from those on ebay that indicate diy installation okay if you're an Electric contractor but fraught with problems for the diy person, to the large units that require site surveys and heavy mountings. In conclusion It would appear that an urban Turbine is a waste of Money and a viable Rural Turbine may be more of an intrusion into the environment than you and more important your neighbours can stand.

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