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Steel Beam Prices & Cheap Steel Sections

Structural steel is steel that is specifically designed and shaped to provide support for buildings and other structures including machinery. They are designed to carry vertical gravitational forces. Steel sections describe various shapes of structural steel that can be used in the construction process and includes steel beams such as the I-beam. The cross sectional proportions of an I-beam include what is called the web, which is the vertical plane that sits between two perpendicular flanges at either end of the web. Examples of types of steel beams are universal beams (UB) and universal columns (UC). Steel beams are longer than they are wide and the exact width, length and thickness ratios help to determine the beam’s ability to resist a load. Steel beam sizes are varied according to intended application.

Cheap Steel Sections

Cheap steel sections are readily available through out the UK by various steel stockholders and suppliers. Steel stockholders stock a range of steel products and can often cut specific lengths, widths and thicknesses of steel beams according to the contractor’s specifications and deliver the finished product to site. Cheap steel section prices will vary according to the supplier and the quantity and specification of steel section required, as well as factors relating to the supply of raw materials and other economic and macro economic factors.

Steel Beam Prices

Steel beam prices are dependant upon the specifications, quality and properties of the steel beam being produced and the quantity required, as well as the distance of the site delivery. In addition to the design of the steel beam, steel beam prices are also influenced by factors outside of the design element.

Factors Influencing Steel Beam Prices and Cheap Steel Sections

It has been reported in several investigations into the factors that influence steel beam prices and cheap steel sections, that an explosion in the steel industry in one country can negatively influence steel beam prices and cheap steel sections in another country. One such report stated that due to the massive increase in the Chinese steel industry, the price of the raw materials needed to make steel increased. Prior to this, the United States lack of investment into the production of the raw material required to manufacture steel decades earlier meant that the supply of raw materials required to produce steel sections dropped. These combined factors were reported to have lifted the price of steel worldwide.

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