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Sizing a Solar Panel System

It is important to be prepared when sizing a solar panel system. Current trends are leading people to be more environmentally friendly, economically thrifty and joining the green revolution is all the rage. The act of installing a solar panel system in your home is definitely a fantastic idea and one you should take into consideration. Budgeting for and sizing a solar panel system are two of the most important steps when considering alternative energy sources.

Deciding On Your Basic Needs

Sizing a solar panel system requires both the calculation of total power consumption throughout the home as well as an evaluation of the cost in terms of kilowatts per hour your household uses. By answering three simple questions you can properly go about sizing a solar panel system for your home or office. First you should identify how much free power it is you want; would you like the solar panel system to supply 100% of your basic energy needs? If you live in an area where this is unlikely, being sure to properly justify just how much alternative energy you can manage is key. Being able to identify just how much energy you would like this solar system to support is the first step. Although this may not mean you'll obtain your desired results, it is a helpful starting point in sizing a solar panel system.

Current Consumption & Potential Solar Energy

The next step is to identify the daily energy use in your home. Most people are unaware of this, but identifying the kilowatt hours a household uses is a vital point in the process of sizing a solar panel system. The way one goes about finding this figure, is to utilize the electrical bills from the past twelve months. More often than not, the daily average is on the back of that bill. The average usage of kilowatts per home in the year 2009 was 936kWh per month. By identifying the peaking kilowatt usage and the lowest, you can come to a very accurate average which is useful when sizing a solar panel system.
Finally, determining how much sun and the strength of the sun that your area gets is important when sizing a solar panel system. The stronger and hotter the sun is in your particular area, the smaller the system can be. If comparing places such as Nevada to Alaska, it is easy to tell that Nevada gets stronger energy from the sun, leading to a smaller solar panel system. Being able to angle these solar panels at the right degree to maximize the sunshine and convert it into usable energy will also determine how people go about sizing a solar panel system.

The End Result

By utilizing these key points, it is simple going to about sizing a solar panel system. Small and simple steps combined with a little old fashioned research will lead anybody to great results when sizing a solar panel system.

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