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Sharp Solar Panel Prices

Who are Sharp?

Sharp as a company were founded way back in 1921 when they started to produce the revolutionary EverSharp mechanical pencil from which the company took its name. Since then, Sharp have been at the fore front of bringing new technologies to the UK market including retailing the first Japanese manufactured radios and bringing state of the art music systems to the UK. Ever the leader of the pack for innovative electronic products, Sharp can now offer superior solar panel systems to the UK market.

Solar Panels offered by Sharp Electronics

Sharp Electronics offer a range of solar panels which are suitable for use in places from the home to large businesses. Solar panels offered by Sharp include Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules with a module efficiency rate of up to 14%. These modules are recommended for use on buildings that have a roof with many angles and for organisations that require a high yield of power from their solar cells. Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module solar cells work well under adverse conditions such as over cast weather or partly shaded buildings. Polycrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules are again recommended for operations that have requirements for a lot of energy and have a module efficiency of up to 12.3%. Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules is the solar energy system that is most commonly used domestically, on homes and small businesses. The Thin-film system can achieve a module efficiency of up to 9% and works best when installed in a place that receives a lot of direct sunlight. Sharp Solar Panel Prices will vary depending on the size and model.

Why choose Sharp for Solar Products?

Sharp have been leading the way in the development of solar cells and solar energy products since research began in the late 1950's. With over 100'000 solar energy systems installed by Sharp Electronics in countries around the world, as well as over 200 satellites in space, Sharp are commonly regarded to be the worlds most advanced provider of solar panels.

How must does a Sharp solar energy system cost?

The price that you will pay for your solar modules from Sharp will vary greatly on what it is that you require. A single cell can cost from as little as £2000 to over £5000 depending on the performance that you need and the type of cells you have installed. For a viable quotation to be made on solar energy systems, an expert will need to visit the site that you have in mind and make a full assessment of what you need. A Sharp engineer will give you informed and impartial advice on solar energy systems for your home or business including which panels will work best for you and what components you need for the system to be most effective.

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