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Romag Solar Panels Review

Solar Panels in 2011

Solar panel technology has improved over recent years to provide durable and inexpensive solar panels from some of the worlds best solar technology companies. Solar energy and the need to find renewable energy sources has been taken very seriously in Europe for many years before the UK took notice and did something about it. Consequently, European manufacturers of solar panels are at the forefront of renewable technologies and manufacture some of the best and most reliable solar panels in the world. Only a few UK manufacturers have been able to match the Europeans expertise and quality of product in the photovoltaic PV solar panels market and one such company is Romag.

Romag PV Solar Panels

Romag solar panels UK manufacturing is performed with the very latest in photovoltaic technology and uses specially chosen semiconductors that display the photovoltaic effect, the phenomenon at the heart of the solar panel revolution. The photovoltaic effect occurs in semiconductors such as cadmium telluride and crystalline silicon. It is the response by photovoltaic semiconductors to the absorption of photons from the sun by emitting electrons or electricity. For this reason solar panels are also referred to as photovoltaic panels and Romag also manufacture the PowerGlaz range of solar PV panels. Romag was the first ever UK company to be awarded a licence under the Kitemark Scheme for Microgeneration run by the British Standards Institution or BSI.

Romag Warranty

Romag solar panels are supplied with a 5 year comprehensive build warranty and a 25 year warranty on power output or performance. Romag solar panels are extremely robust so long as they are not subject to careless abuse or vandalism and are able to resist heavy rain and hail. Solar panels, although guaranteed for 25 years, can easily last for up to 40 years if they are handled carefully and require virtually no maintenance apart from cleaning and inspection.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an industry led organization setting and regulating standards, quality of workmanship and products intended for use in renewable technologies. The UK government Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) only approve products and energy companies that are accredited by the MSC. This means that unless solar panels are approved by the MCS they will not be eligible to earn home owners cash for every kilowatt of electricity generated by renewable energy systems. The MCS has approved Romag solar panels for eligibility under the DECC Feed in Tariff for renewable energy.

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