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Paid Internet Researcher and Online Market Research Jobs from Home

Working as an internet researcher from home is a flexible way to earn extra income, it can fit around an existing job or be a full time career in it's own right. The job involves finding the answers to questions on a broad range of subjects and coming up with a speedy reply. For example, using a service on a mobile phone a member of the public texts a query to an information service website. The website relays the matter to the internet researcher who's task it is to find an answer to this little poser. It may be a general knowledge question or something more specific such as how to bake a cake or exercise a dog. The researcher must then identify the correct response either through an internet search engine or through their own knowledge and then reply to the information website. The answer is then passed onto the person with the enquiry. Providing the facts are correct and well presented the researcher is paid.

Job Requirements

Applicants for the position will need to meet a number of requirements. Firstly they will need to have their own computer with a broadband connection, dial up connections are not suitable since speed is of the essence! A good command of English is essential as is the ability to find answers and reply to questions quickly.


To check the suitability and ability of applicants they will be required to take an online test. Candidates will be tested on a whole range of subjects; being judged on accuracy of reply, use of good English and speediness. The length of the test will vary depending on individuals' ability and examination taken. However if as a guide it is stated the duration is about an hour then it should be expected that all tasks be completed in that time. Once complete the answers are scrutinised with the applicant being informed of the results via an email.

Online Market Researcher Jobs

In this day and age opinions count, as a result a whole industry has arisen to find out exactly what the 'man on the street' thinks on a variety of subjects. Its latest incarnation is online market research. There are a number of web based market research companies that will pay people for their opinions in the form of online surveys. Pay can vary depending on the company but some will offer up to £1 per completed survey; with the questionnaire taking between five and twenty minutes on average.