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One Stitch Face Lift Costs

One Stitch Facelift Costs in the UK

What is and how much does a one stitch facelift cost in the UK? For years the ever growing popularity and demand for cosmetic surgery has challenged doctors to find less invasive, faster healing, and less expensive procedures. This new and exciting option in the cosmetic surgery world is sweeping over the globe. Initially inspired by an actress who taped bits of her face pulled back for a more youthful look, a plastic surgeon took this idea and turned it into a quick procedure, shortened healing time, and less costly item on the surgical table.

What Exactly Is A One-Stitch Face Lift?

Throughout this procedure a patient is only required to undergo a local anesthesia and small incisions are made at the hairline. Sutures, also known as stitches used to hold tissues together, are then threaded and anchored as necessary in order to effectively and efficiently pull up the skin with there being absolutely no need to cut and remove any portion of the face. Swelling and bruising after such a procedure are so minimal that patients are able to return to work the next day. The total estimated recovery time for this procedure averages around four days total.

What Type of Patients Seek This Surgery?

According to recent studies, a vast majority of people who seek this particularly surgery are in their 30's and early 40's. The overall result of this surgery makes a patient look up to five years younger with a very natural appearance. There is relatively no noticeable sign that one has undergone such a procedure. The procedure itself intends to soften the nasal labia fold as well as tighten the jawline overall. This is by no means a replacement for endoscopic, vertical facelifts, but it can be used in combination with Botox and other fillers to achieve maximum results at a substantially minimal cost. Many of one stitch facelifts are done right before major events such as award ceremonies, class reunions, and even weddings.

The Overall Cost

Due to the factors involved, there is little to be weighed into the cost itself. When undergoing a one stitch face lift, the fees include surgeon fees, local anesthesia, and aftercare if necessary. While this is not an in depth procedure, many board certified surgeons believe the surgeon you choose could make or break this operation. An experienced and highly referenced surgeon would charge you anywhere from £2,500 - £3,500; substantially less than its full facelift counterpart. Be sure to check with numerous physicians and surgeons to find the best match for you, and the right price for your budget.

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