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Natural Breast Enlargement Techniques

Natural or Surgical

Many women want to increase their bust size. Some women never fully develop and many women find they lack confidence in smaller droopier breasts after having children. There are many answers out there that will help women to increase there bust size. Some women will choose a quick and more controversial answer of a breast uplift or implants. Some women will go for using gel implants, push up and padded bras. Other women are looking for a natural result that they can achieve on their own. There are several different natural methods of breast enlargement available, many of which we will discuss throughout this article as well as discussing their effectiveness.


Exercising to increase the size of your bust does help to a point. There are simple exercises that a woman can do on a daily basis that will help to develop the muscle underneath the breast. This will then help them to look bigger and firmer. The down side to doing this is the exercises cannot really make your breasts any bigger they simply work on the pectoral muscle. Most exercises routines designed to help the breast size involve push up's, chest presses with some basic stretches.

Herbal Pills

Women have been using herbal pills as a way to increase bust size for some time. The down side to these is they can be expensive if you have to take them constantly. The pills are made from herbal ingredients that work by gently regulating the hormones that are related to the product ion of breast tissuey claiming to stimulate estrogen production. The increase in estrogen can make the breast size swell by causing fluid retention in the breast tissue. They are generally safe to use but some women have reported an allergic reaction to some of the herbs in the pills. Like many natural solutions though the pills will not work for everyone.

Breast Creams

Breast enlargement creams are designed to be massaged directly into the breasts. Again this is something that will have to be done everyday to see any visible results. The creams usually contain plant extracts, herbs and moisturisers. The creams are supposed to stimulate new breast cell growth. These, like the pills, are designed to stimulate the production of estrogen which should result in slightly bigger breasts. They are very slow to work but offer a low risk, low cost solution. With these like all natural remedies patience is key when trying them out as most products will only start to work after a few months. Creams generally show half a cup size difference after six months. Also some claim that is the act of massaging the breast that prompts the growth and not the creams that are been used.

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