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Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Lightweight mobility scooters are great for light everyday use. The frames themselves can weight as little as 29lbs without a battery fitted for the lightest models. A basic model with a battery included can be as light as 50lbs. The low weight of the models mean that the very lightest can often be carried by hand and taken virtually anywhere they are needed. The lightest models are usually made from alloy aluminum.

Suitability of Use

Lightweight models are suitable for use around the home and on short journeys. They usually travel up to 4mph making them suitable for both pavement and occasional road use. The 8mph models generally tend to be heavier although high end models can encompass a light weight design at a higher price.

Three and Four Wheeled Mobility Scooters

Three wheeled mobility scooters are more maneuverable for the rider and often lighter due to less components. However, they tend to be less sturdy on rougher terrain than their four wheeled counterparts.

Weight Capacity

Front wheeled scooters can carry a maximum rider weight of up to 250lbs where as rear wheeled scooters have a capacity of 350lbs. Therefore, the lightweight scooter models tend to be more suitable to lighter users. Heavy duty scooters that have a high weight capacity nearly always tend to four wheeled models and have heavier frames to enable them take a greater weight. Adjustable and Portable Many lightweight mobility scooters are able to be purchased with folding capabilities. This can be very useful for placing them into the boot of a car when going to the shops or on holidays. The scooter can be taken apart into several different pieces, usually four or 5, and then easily reassembled in minutes as required. Many come with adjustable seats and arm rests with the ability to add extra pieces such as a basket if needed. Battery Range Lightweight mobility scooters usually have a distance range of around 10 to 12 miles before they need to be recharged. Larger batteries will allow a scooter to travel further although may add greater weight to the design. A good model will have the battery integrated into the chassis cover so the user will not need to reconnect any leads.


Lightweight mobility scooters can be purchased from around £400 up to several thousand pounds for a brand new model. A scooter with folding capabilities tends to cost around £500 upwards however, second hand versions of both models can often be found online or at in UK stores. The better quality second hand models tend to start at around £300 per scooter.

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