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Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

A Mobility Scooter can give a refreshing sense of independence and confidence to people who are suffering from increasing problems with mobility. A Mobility Scooter is also perfect for people who have injured or broken legs, or for those who are recovering from knee or hip surgery.

What types of Mobility Scooter are available?

There is a huge range of models of Mobility Scooters available and it is worth thinking about what you want from your scooter before buying. One of the major factors to consider is whether you want to use the scooter for indoor use, outdoor use or both. Also, will you want to transport the scooter anywhere, or will the scooter stay permanently at your home. The other major thing to consider is how far you will want and need to travel on your scooter. Answering these questions will give you a clear indication of what type and model of scooter is right for you.

What benefits would you get from a lightweight folding Mobility Scooter?

A lightweight folding mobility scooter is extremely versatile and easy to use. The turning should be very tight so perfect for indoor use. The fact that you can easily dismantle and fold the scooter allows you to easily transport the scooter in the back of the car, and it also makes storage very convenient. Some new models of folding scooters can apparently fold up as quickly and easily as an umbrella!

Are there any negative aspects of lightweight folding Mobility Scooters that you should consider?

A lightweight, folding scooter is an ideal option for people who are looking to travel over relatively short distances or who want to use their scooter primarily for indoor use. However, the light frame and small seating area found on most models means that the scooter may feel less stable than other models, and people who are not quite as confident with their balance may not feel as safe as with a larger, more sturdy model. If you are looking to travel over longer distances then the lightweight, folding models may not be right for you. If you wish to travel further then you may wish to travel on roads rather than pavements. If so, then you should consider a bigger model, and you should bear in mind that only scooters that can travel at least 8mph are allowed on the road.

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