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Kyocera Solar Panel Prices

Kyocera the Company

Kyocera has been excelling in the development of highly specialized electronics and ceramics for electronic circuits since their beginning in 1959. They now manufacture everything from printers, photocopiers to wind turbines and solar panels. Kyocera began solar research in 1975 and began solar panel production in 1978. Kyocera now produce polycrystalline solar panels with industry leading efficiency levels with efficiency of up to 16%. Kyocera solar panel prices in the UK vary widely between solar panel suppliers and the power rating of the solar panels.

Kyocera Solar Panel Pricing Examples

To get a good idea of Kyocera solar panel prices in the UK it is best to contact a few different solar panel suppliers, although this can be a time consuming process. As a guide you can expect to pay around £285 including VAT for a 50 watt solar panel (KD50SE-1P) from most reputable solar panel suppliers. A 185W Kyocera Solar Panel KD185 can cost £765 including VAT, and a 215W KD215-GH-2PU will cost in the region of £632. These are example prices which demonstrate that in some places a higher power Kyocera solar panel may cost less than a lower power output model from a different supplier. Be sure to use only the most reputable solar panel supplier with honest pricing and top installation services.

Kyocera Solar Panels for FITs

Looking for Kyocera suppliers/installers should be done carefully because the right supplier will be able to supply and install a Kyocera solar panel system that can earn you thousands of pounds a year from government Feed in Tariffs or FITs. The UK government solar incentive scheme (FITs) will pay up to 43.3p per kWh for all electricity generated from solar panels so long as they were supplied and installed by MCS accredited UK installers. Any solar electricity surplus to requirements will be automatically rerouted to the National Grid for an additional rate of 3.1p for every kilowatt. Feed in Tariffs pay out for 25 years from the date your solar panels become included in the scheme. As an example, a 2.2kW Kyocera solar panel system costing around £11,000 in the UK could earn you more than £39,000 over the Feed in Tariff term.

What is the MCS?

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is the body responsible for accrediting solar products and installers on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change or DECC. According to DECC directives, only those solar panel installers that have met the stringent demands set forth by the MCS, will be able to install Kyocera solar panels that can earn cash profits from FITs. To find the top MCS accredited Kyocera suppliers in the UK just fill out the simple form provided and start receiving the cheapest Kyocera prices, for free.

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