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How Much Roof Space Does a 4kW Solar Panel System Require?

Solar Panels

It is now not that uncommon to see solar panels fitted to buildings across the UK. Not only are they a fantastic source of renewable energy, a good system could save the property owner thousands of pounds on their electricity costs. Not only that the government is very keen to offer property owners bonuses for having sources of renewable energy installed which is done through the Feed-in Tariff scheme. This pays out an annual payment for any electricity that is produced and used and an additional annual payment for any electricity produced that is not used and is sold back to the annual grid. Many homeowners wonder what size system they will require and what it all entails, one such system is the 4KW system which can technically produce enough power to supply up to a third of an average UK households energy requirements.

4KW Solar Panel System

The 4kw system can be made up of the solar panels themselves, mounting rails, roof mounts, fixing clamps, panel fixing clamps, two dc isolators and a grid tie inverter. All this is included in the quote you can get from any company that installs solar panels. If the property cannot get a grid connection they can still have the 4KW system but it will require a set of batteries in which the produced energy can be stored which will then be fed into a different variety of inverter.

How much Space will the System need?

Solar panels require a good roof space and an initial survey from a reputable company can determine which size of system that best suits the needs of your property. The typical 4KW system requires about 350–400 square feet of roof space to be fitted. If you think that this is the right system for you it is still better to have the initial assessment done by a professional before deciding for certain which system is the right one.

Roof Suitability

There are other things that need to be looked at to make sure a solar PV system is suitable for your property. The intended site for the system should be south to south west facing and not be overshadowed by any other buildings or overhanging trees. The roof should be stable enough to hold the system in place. This will also be checked at an initial assessment. Asbestos roofs and lead roofs are unsuitable sites for solar panels. Also it must be checked whether the property has good access for fitting and maintenance purposes? If you have looked at all of this it is time to go ahead and get an initial assessment to make sure the 4KW system is right for you.

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