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How Much Does Pass Plus Reduce Insurance

Driving lessons instruct students on how to pass a driving test and have a basic understanding of the High Way Code and of driving principles. After passing a practical drivers test students should be able to drive a car under basic weather and traffic conditions in a safe and careful manner without supervision. These abilities will be assessed during a driving test and if the examiner believes that the driver will not be an immediate danger to the public and other road users, they will award them a pass mark. However, the high rate of newly qualified drivers that are involved in accidents during their first year suggests that this basic training may not be enough. It was recognized that newly qualified drivers are too inexperienced to be left alone in certain situations and could benefit from additional training on the likely situations that will confront a driver.

Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a course accredited by the Driving Standards Agency aimed at educating 17 to 25 year olds who have recently passed their test. It provides the new drivers with additional driving skills that are not taught in general driving instruction and covers all weather driving techniques. Night driving, motorway driving, driving on rural roads, in town and dual carriageway driving skills are amongst the things that are taught over six training modules. It follows the principle that passing a driving test alone does not make for a good driver and a newly qualified driver is still very inexperienced.

Car Insurance with Pass Plus Discount

Drivers who have just passed their test only understand driving up to a certain level and are not trained to expect the unexpected. The Pass Plus training course helps to do this and it is recognized by all insurance companies as proof of a driver?s enhanced driving skills and offer discounts to reflect this. Car insurers have welcomed the move as it is planned to help reduce accidents by educating new drivers on more of the potential dangers on the roads. This additional training can potentially save the insurance companies a lot of money and they are prepared to offer drivers who have taken the Pass Plus course up to 40% off of their insurance cost.

Pass Plus Cost

The cost of a Pass Plus course will depend upon the driving school used for the training, but in general Pass Plus courses are available for around £140. The courses are spread over 6 sessions so there is plenty of time for the principles covered in each section to be absorbed properly.

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