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How Much Does a House Extension Cost


What extension options do I have?

Many people need a larger property as their work and family commitments change. The costs involved in moving to a larger property can be daunting and therefore many feel it is an often cheaper and more sensible option to build an extension.

There are a number of options available depending on the amount of money you have to spend and the amount of land you have available.  These options range from building a simple conservatory, a single or double storey extension or if you have no outside land available converting a basement or loft into more accommodation.

Extensions can either appear to be integral to the house's original design therefore retaining the character of the building or it can be built as a contemporary annexe at the rear of the property and often consisting of more than one storey.

How Much Do They Cost?

An average single storey extension costs roughly £1000 per square metre with two storeys costing approximately the same with around 20 per cent extra added for the increase in labour and material costs.

Additional costs are also incurred as an architect is needed to draw up plans and with applying to the local council for planning permission and building regulations should they be needed.  The planning costs involved will vary with the size of the extension.  As the plans can sometimes need to be changed once building work has commenced this can also incur extra costs.

The average cost of a loft conversion varies depending on the size of the conversion and the location of the property.  Average costs for a brick dormer extension are around £150 per cubic metre reducing to around £85 if built in timber with a tile cladding.  There would be an additional charge of approximately £165 per cubic metre for a sloping roof with double glazed windows costing around £250 per square metre.

Converting a bungalow loft can often be more costly than that of a house as it can be necessary to underpin both internal and external walls so that they can support the weight of an additional floor.

If there is sufficient land available at the property the easiest option of extending is to have a conservatory added although this may not always be the cheapest option.  Basic conservatories cost around £500 per square metre to supply and fit with the price going up if the site is difficult and needs levelling first.   More luxurious conservatories can vary between £750 and £1000 a square metre.


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