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How Much Do Tracking Devices Cost

Types of Tracking Devices

A tracking device can be installed on almost anything that you want it to. They are usually used to track vehicles and are very often used in businesses with a large number of vehicles to their fleet. There are two different types of tracking device available, active devices and passive devices. Active devices use global positioning systems (GPS) in the same way as all satellite navigation systems do. An active GPS device shows the location of the vehicle in real time allowing you to know where the vehicle is twenty four hours a day. This type of device will show the vehicles location on a computer or via a mobile phone application and they will even work when the vehicle is switched off and parked. A passive device attached to a vehicle records the journeys the vehicle has taken. The data can be collected once the device is plugged into a computer via a USB cable.

How Much Do They Cost?

The exact price of a tracking device will vary greatly depending on which type of system you want. Generally if you need a device to work off batteries the longer you need the battery to last the more expensive the device will be. Active trackers are usually more money than passive trackers. A cheap device can be purchased for about £150-£400. The cheaper they are the less the guarantee usually is on it with some systems only offering a standard twelve month guarantee. They can also be leased or hired from a vast number of companies specialising in tracking devices. They can be leased for as little as 90p per day. Companies managing a large number of vehicles to their fleet will generally lease the machines whereas individuals looking for an anti theft device may buy the machine outright.

Benefits to Tracking

There are a large number of benefits to using a tracking device. They can work well as an anti theft device and if the vehicle should be stolen then the police can quickly recover it. Some insurance companies have special deals for customers who use these tracking devices on their vehicles. For a business with a fleet it means they will be able to track a vehicles location, routes can be planned out better with these machines meaning less fuel bills and it also adds to the safety of your vehicle, stock on board and more importantly your driver.

Rules of Use

There are some rules that have to be followed when using these devices. It is legal to fit a tracking device onto a vehicle that you own as long as you make sure that all drivers of that vehicle are aware that they are being tracked. This means all employees and individuals who have access to the vehicle should be made to understand that the device is present and in use.

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