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The Cost of Cladding

What is Cladding?

The term cladding refers to the covering of one material with another for protective or aesthetic purposes. It can be used on the walls and ceilings inside of a building or externally. In metallurgy cladding refers to the bonding together of two different materials without welding. This can be achieved by rolling two sheets of metal together under very high pressure. Optical fibre technology uses cladding which involves the covering of one refractive material with a material of a lower refractive index. This causes the effect of retaining light within the core material. By far the most popular use of cladding, so far as the average consumer is concerned, relates to the covering of the exterior walls of a building. Cladding prices vary considerably depending upon the quality and type of materials used to make the cladding and the company supplying it.

Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding is a good way to provide low maintenance protection for the exterior of homes and commercial premises. External cladding does not have to be waterproof but can be used to redirect rainwater flow away from the walls of a building to reduce the effects of rainfall. Exterior cladding can be made from various different types of material and be made to look attractive or just be functional with little aesthetic appeal. Exterior cladding prices are usually quoted per square metre and can start from as little as £2 per square metre.

PVCu Cladding

External cladding can be made from various materials but the cheapest exterior cladding tends to be made from PVCu and is available from most builders? merchants including high street DIY stores. It is lightweight and easy to handle with little chance of damage occurring due to its flexibility. In addition, storage is easy as plastics tend not to rot as easy as timber. The cost of PVCu cladding starts from just over £1 per metre or £2 per square metre.

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding generally has more character than PVCu cladding and is generally perceived as being more aesthetic than its PVCu alternative. In many cases, the decision can be based on preference as well as cost. Good quality timber cladding tends to cost more than PVCu and it is also perishable so storage can be an issue. However, there is a wide range of cladding options and designs available when using timber. The cost of timber cladding can start from between £6 and £7 per square metre.