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Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

What is a Personal Injury Cover

If one is unlucky enough to have a serious car crash, it could mean more than a brief stay in hospital. Some drivers may get permanently injured, and need professional help or equipment to readjust to life afterwards. Personal injury cover will pay compensation for permanent injuries sustained in a car crash. It typically covers the owner and all named drivers on their policy, whether the person injured was driving or a passenger got hurt. Insurance as such will most of the time cover accidents when travelling in the vehicle, or getting in or out of it.

What Can be Claimed

There will usually be up to 30,000GBP compensation for loss of sight in both eyes, loss of use of two or more limbs, or accidental death. Some plans will cover up to 15,000GBP for loss of sight in one eye, loss of one limb, loss of hearing in both ears or loss of speech. On a more general note personal injury cover insurance will protect drivers under the age of 75 with up to 30,000GBP for severe injury or death as a result of a car crash. The policyholder's benefit may also be extended to when travelling in any private insured vehicle within the UK. Moreover most covers will apply regardless of whether the accident was the drivers fault or not.

The Best Choice for a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury solicitors are accessible within the UK and are experienced in all areas of personal injury such as injury litigation, or whiplash injury, among other types. Drivers should trace the right solicitors who will offer help in claiming compensation following a car accident which was not their fault. If the accident compensation claim is successful the solicitors can recover their fees from the other party's insurance company in addition to accident compensation award. Even when a claim is unsuccessful, most solicitors will guarantee the full protection of their clients from all costs and legal fees.

Extra Cover

Depending on the service chosen, in addition to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the injury, some solicitors will make sure that their clients have access to the top medical experts in the country to ensure that they receive the best possible treatment and rehabilitation to help them with their recovery. Medical expenses that such an insurance will be most likely to cover include doctors visits; hospital expenses emergency room expenses; fees for chiropractic care; physical therapy; and any type of medical devices that may be needed for one’s recovery, such as neck braces or crutches. These expenses are recoverable if they result from one’s injury.

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