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The Best Solar Energy Companies in the UK

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest type of renewable energy and is set to become the most deployed alternative power source in the fight against global warming and the attempt to save the world's resources. The sun has so many benefits to humans and animals and is the reason why things and beings can grow and sustain healthy lives. It is perhaps because of the fact that the damage done to the earth's natural resources by the use of fossil fuels was not properly understood, that solar energy implementation has been so slow on the uptake. Or, as many suggest, the cost of buying solar panels and the associated components needed to run solar panel systems has been too costly, until now that is. The best solar energy companies in the UK are now able to provide clean solar power for a fraction of the price initially charged when solar panel technology was first introduced.

The Photovoltaic Effect

The photovoltaic effect is achieved by utilizing semiconductors such as monocrystalline silicon and cadmium telluride that display the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect displayed by these semiconductors absorbs the photons from the suns energy and emits electrons which can provide DC power. It is the photovoltaic effect that is at the heart of the solar energy movement and is enabling the world to affordably move away from the use of unsustainable fossil fuels which are also thought to contribute to global warming.

Solar Energy Companies

More and more companies in the UK are beginning to offer the complete design, supply and installation of solar energy systems for the home and business. Solar photovoltaic or PV panel systems are designed to harness the suns radiation and convert it into usable energy using materials that display the photovoltaic effect. Solar energy companies are able to install systems that not only harness the suns energy and convert it into DC power, but also convert the DC power into AC or alternating current for domestic use. It is essential that an experienced solar energy company is used to supply and install solar energy systems in order to take full advantage of the UK government feed-in tariff for renewable energy.

Feed In Tariff

In April 2010 the UK government introduced a feed-in tariff for renewable energy which will pay eligible homes and businesses for every kilowatt of power produced using solar panel systems or wind turbines. Eligibility for payment under the feed-in tariff is only granted if the photovoltaic solar panels are supplied and installed by certified solar energy companies. The best solar energy companies are accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and it is only these solar energy companies in the UK that can install eligible solar panel systems.

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